Nadaan Parindey 18th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Nadaan Parindey 18th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Meher trying to call Sameer and Malik sees her. Malik comes and asks what happened. She says nothing. He says you called me chacha, tell me what happened. She smiles and says Sameer…. I wanted to call him, but mahendi is on my hands. He laughs and says just this, I will help you. She says no I will talk later. He says don’t worry, I will call him and go out. He says it does not have Sameer’s name. She says its named Jaan. He says oho, great, yes everyone call him Sameer. He asks does he know this name of him. She nods no. He calls Sameer and says its ringing. Bebe comes to Sameer and asks him to get ready for haldi.

Sameer says whats the use to do all this. Bebe says you have to get ready. Sameer answers the call and hears Malik and Meher talking. Meher thanks

Malik for being so good. Malik asks for tea. Meher says I will make it as my mahendi goes. Malik leaves. Meher talks to Sameer and says Malik chacha helped her. Sameer asks is he with you. Meher says no, he went out. Malik hears them talking. Sameer ashs why did you take his favor. She asks what happened there, why is he angry. He says don’t let strangers come in our personal matters. Meher says tomorrow is our marriage, just 24 hours now.

She asks did Purab say anything. He says no, I don’t need to tell you, stay away from Malik. Meher says but why are you blaming him. Malik is shocked. Meher says I won’t talk, go to hell and ends the call. Sameer says what did I say now. She got angry, but why did I say this, maybe she is right. Malik takes out the bullet and says he is not in his senses, I will be proud to use this bullet Iqbal. Purab and his staff looks for the key on the border. They don’t get anything.

Purab thinks Sameer already took the file, I will have to welcome him and catch red handed. Sameer says its my last night here, why did I shout on Meher. He says she might be crying. He hears Bebe talks to Channi. He thinks to run away. He thinks what will Meher do after I leave, she will be ruined, and I will be the reason, what will she do after I go, and prays to Allah. Purab comes to Sameer and asks what happened, why are you worried. He asks did you do any crime, do you think love is wrong and marriage is punishment.

He says love becomes a crime sometimes. He says what you are hiding in your heart, I can see everything. He taunts Sameer and Sameer answers him that I know you are not happy, as you love Meher. Purab is shocked and says who told you. Sameer says you told me. Puab thinks he told this to Sameer. Sameer taunts Purab his same words back to him. Purab says you are lying, I did not tell you I love Meher. Sameer says you told me and smiles. Sameer says your eyes told me, when I m with Meher, you get angry seeing me.

Purab smiles and says great if you can see everything. Purab says I won’t let you ruin Meher’s life. Sameer says this is not love for her, not selfishness, you don’t love her, you just want to get her. Purab says does it matter, ok I agree I want to get Meher, so whats wrong in this, but there is difference between me and others, that I will get her at any cost. Purab says Meher will be mine. Sameer smiles. Purab leaves. Sameer thinks if I go from here, Purab will accept Meher and maybe she settles with him.

Sameer calls Meher and says I m sorry. She says you have hurt my heart, why so much anger, I felt very bad, don’t talk to me like this, else I will commit suicide. He says what are you saying. She says if you hurt me, I will really die, as I can’t bear this if you go far from me. She says this is my promise and he is shocked. Meher is happy as he apologizes. She says she has written his name in the mahendi. He asks did she write Sameer. She says see it later. Bebe calls Sameer to come for haldi. He says Bebe is calling, I will call later. He says you are going to be mine and she smiles. He gets sad thinking he is cheating her. She ends the call. He says what am I doing, what did I say her.

He says I m playing false games with her. Purab comes to meet Meher and she says Purab…… Did Sameer send you here. Purab asks Minty to leave. Minty jokes and he gets annoyed. She leaves. Meher asks what happened. Purab says you are doing a big mistake, I told you many times and you did not listen to me, don’t you understand. Meher asks why did you come here. He says think well again, you have a mind, you can break this relation, else this marriage will ruin you. She scolds him and asks why is he Sameer’s enemy. Purab says no, I love you. Meher is shocked.

He says yes, I love you Meher. She says you got mad, don’t know what are you saying, I m marrying Sameer tomorrow, we were friends. Purab says if you love that fool, why not me. He holds her and asks did she not see love in his eyes. Whats less in me. She says leave my hand Purab, its aching. He leaves her. She says I don’t love you, I love Sameer and he loves me. Purab is stunned.

Sameer sees the time and Malik calls him to his men, to fire on the border and he and Iqbal will run away. Purab keeps an eye on Sameer. Bebe stops Sameer.

Update Credit to: Amena

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