Nadaan Parindey 11th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Nadaan Parindey 11th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sameer seeing Purab and making him hear his and Meher’s conversation. She tells him that Purab is asking her not to marry him. Sameer says maybe he is joking. Meher says no, he was serious. She asks him to meet her at the Dargah in morning. He says fine, I will come. He sees Purab hiding and says promise me, you will come to wake me up. She smiles and ends the call. Sameer locks the cupboard. Purab looks on getting suspicious. Its morning, Meher waits for Sameer at the Dargah and is happy to see him. She hugs him smiling.

She says we met after 24 hours. He says 24 hours, 20mins and secs. She says lets tie a thread now, I had a mannat here. He is stunned and she takes him. She ties a thread and he looks at her. She prays that Sameer always love her and with her for

seven births. She asks him to pray. He ties the thread and he prays that Meher is a nice girl, I can’t see her sad, give her happiness and not let her marry me, I won’t be able to give her happiness, as I have to go back after my mission, if her heart breaks, then you are responsible. She asks what did he ask. He says mannat can’t be said else it won’t be fulfilled. She says but I said.

She asks him to say. He says I asked that you are a nice girl and you always stay happy. She says great, my happiness is with you. She hugs him. Purab looks at them. Sameer sees Purab and asks Meher to wait as he has to make a call. He makes Purab hear the talk as its tough to find about Sartaj, no one knows where he is kept, I can’t take this risk, if he identifies me then, fine, don’t call me now. Purab is shocked and thinks my doubt was clear, he is not Sameer. He calls the boss and says I have to meet you now, its about Sartaj.

Purab says he will come soon. Meher asks Sameer to be with her. He says I have work at Dhaba. H says if I don’t work you will ask me to work. She asks him is he happy with this marriage. He says how many times should I answer. She says I feel afraid if everything gets fine. She says I don’t trust my fate. He says remember I will not let anything wrong happen with you, at any cost. She smiles and says when you talk like this, I think are you Sameer or not. He says time made me like this, time changes a man.

She says then promise me that you will always be like this, my dream prince. He promises her. She holds his hand. Purab tells his plan to his boss. The boss says Sameer should not be doubted, he is national hero, don’t doubt on him stop this. Purab says he knows about Sartaj, if we tell Sartaj that we caught his friend and we got all info, he will tell all mission plan to us seeing Sameer. The boss says how did you know this. Purab says I m sure, Sameer has killed Baba’s attacker. We would have got him alive.

He says I have to wrap up this case in two days. The boss asks why, fine, you know my orders, this doubt is kiddish, don’t take any action in this. He says bring proof and take permission. He leaves. He gets a call and smiles asking is this sure, wait for my orders. Purab stops the boss and says the man who attacked Baba was Maseeta then the question is who is this Iqbal. The boss says yes, we have to find it out, I will give you permission, we can’t take him in any controversy, don’t do anything without my permission.

Meher comes and Bebe scolds her acting like a typical saas. Meher says you are my mum and my best friend. Bebe smiles teasing her. Meher gets tensed and says this can’t happen. Bebe laughs and says she was joking. She says you promised me you will take me with you on honeymoon. Meher smiles. Bebe asks shall I get three tickets. Meher says what will Sameer think. Bebe pulsl her leg and Sameer looks at them. Meher says don’t call him pyjama singh. She shows him to Bebe. Bebe asks him to come and he smiles. She makes them stand together and is happy seeing them. She blesses them to be happy always, and not get sad, all their dreams to be fulfilled. She hugs them. Malik comes and sees Sameer. Sameer is shocked seeing him.

Mangal is happy seeing Meher and Bebe hugging. He says cards are printed and I came here to give you the first shagun one. Bebe sees it and is happy. Sameer is upset. Malik asks him why is he quiet, does he not like the cards. Sameer says it will be good. Malik asks him to see. Sameer is shocked and says its first class like Meher. She smiles. Sameer calls Mangal as Master ji. Mangal says tell me something else. Sameer says Bau ji. Mangal smiles. Malik says I will talk to Sameer till you all have a talk here.

Sameer asks Purab what did he do. Purab beats Sameer and asks what does he know about Sartaj.

Update Credit to: Amena

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