Nach Baliye 5 9th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Nach Baliye 5 9th February 2013 Written Episode, Nach Baliye 5 9th February 2013 Written Update

It starts with host announcing top 6 jodis will be selected today and for the remaining spot, there will be a wild card special.

Akshay Kumar, Kajal Agarwal then joins them for today’s episode. They then show Akshya’s Special 26 movie trailer.

Judges are not going to give marks today but Terrence says they have brought lots of gifts which they will distribute to everyone.

Kunar & Charlie give their performance on “Lift Kara De” song.
Shilpa says mind-blowing to them and give them “super se upar”.
Sajid & Terrence also liked their performance.
They say they would give 11 points if they were to give marks today.
Akshay’s comments: Charli you always stay Amar.
Everyone then does Akshay’s

style of “Ehhh”. (Funny)

Hosts then announce Amar and Charlie are safe and in top 7. They get gift voucher for giving a cool performance.

Next is Neelu & Arvind.
They give their performance on a marathi song “Gondhai style”.
Sajid says who can tell you are an old couple.. you’re dancing like a young couple. Keep it up.
Shilpa says they brought life in this song and it was over powering performance. She got goosebumps.
Akshay also says he got goosebumps and hats off to them to give such performance.
Sajid gives Arvind’s posts to them as gift.

Hosts then announce Neelu and Arvind are also in top 7.

Next up is Jay & Mahii.
They dance on “Pungi” song from movie Vinod Agent putting masks and heavy costume on them.
Judges are just shocked seeing this performance.
They seem not to be impressed with their performance. However, Shilpa appreciates their effort.
Akshay says I am not a good dancer, and therefore, I loved your performance.
Akshay gives them churan.

Hosts then announce Jay and Mahii are also safe and are in top 7.

Next is Ravi and Sargun who give their performance on a sad song called “Jeeyen Kyun”.
Judges like their performance because of their emotions and feelings. Terrence also likes their concept.

Hosts announce Ravi and Sargun are also in top 7.
They get KitKat break banta hai.
We then see Ravi asking Sargun’s hand from her father. Sargun is surprised to see all this. Gets even more surprised when her family comes on the stage.
Ravi proposes her in front of everyone, and puts an ring in her finger. Sargun has no words to express how she’s feeling. They hug.

Next couple of Suhashi & Jaysheel give performance on “Paisa Paisa” song from movie De dana dan.
Sajid tells Jaysheel has officially became a dancer today and says Suhashi was terrific because the way she used the treadmill. He tells audience not to try this at home.
Shilpa likes it despite some errors in there. Terrence is also not too impressed.
Akshay says the way you performed I can tell how much you love each other.

Hosts declare Suhashi and Jaysheel are in top 7 as well.
Akshay and Kajal then go on the stage and they sing song (mostly Akshay).

Next Karan & Nisha dance on “Kambakht ishq .. Yeh ishq takat hai.. Yeh ishq na mit payega” song.
Terrence loved the concept and says Nisha was brilliant. However, he’s upset with Karan. He had expected more from Karan.
Sajid found their performance good and bad as well.
Shilpa says Karan didn’t support Nisha fully. This was an unacceptable performance if they want to see themselves in top 7.

Hosts declare they are one of two bottom jods and other jodi in bottom 2 is Rahul and Dimpy.

Rahul and Dimpy come on the stage.

Whoever gets eliminated will get chance tomorrow in wild card special.

Rahul and Dimpy are the one who gets eliminated today.

Tomorrow wild card special episode and Ajay Devgan will join them.

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