Naamkaran 29th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 29th June 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riya hitting Avni on her head. Avni sees her and faints. Ketan lifts Avni. Riya shuts the door. Neil thanks Mitali. Mitali asks him to come on double date, you and Avni, Ali and me. He asks do you like Ali. She asks do you like Avni. He says take care, bye. He sees the things fallen and calls out Ananya and Ali. He checks the room. He sees the video of Ashish’s death and gets shocked. He sees the servant hiding the letter and chip. Neil says how can Avni break the promise, she said she won’t go out. Shweta comes. He asks about Ananya. She says she will be in your bedroom with Ali. He goes.

Riya asks will anything happen to her, did I kill her. Dayaben says no, her death is written in my hands. Riya says if Amol comes, he does not know anything. Dayaben says you have to

become like me. Riya asks what was Avni saying, you killed Ashish. Dayaben says no, Avni has killed Ashish, she has hurt her. Ketan asks what to do now. Hetal asks them to spare Avni’s life, stop this death game. Ketan and Diksha scold her. Dayaben asks Ketan to get rope. Neela says its good Neil got confession, now Avni’s motives should get fulfilled soon. Ali looks on. Neela prays that Avni gets justice and Dayaben gets punished. She goes to apply tika. Neil comes and kumkum falls down. Neela worries. Neil asks where is Avni. Ali says she is at home. Neil says she is not there, I m afraid she can do anything in anger, Avni got to know Ashish Mehta died, he is no more. Neela and Ali get shocked.

Neela says Ashish and cries….. She recalls Ashish. She says save my daughter Neil, please. She takes the Mata chunri and ties to Neil’s arm. Diksha ties Avni’s hands. Avni gets conscious. Dayaben asks Riya to go to Neil, tell him Avni came to threaten me with a gun, you have run away by saving your life, tell him Avni can kill me anytime, Neil will come running and arrest her. Avni says Neil will never trust you. Dayaben says I want Neil to see you dying. Dayaben slaps Riya and makes her state bad. She says now it looks you got attacked, go to Neil and show this to him. Riya goes. Dayaben asks Ketan to call Amol.

She stops Diksha from picking the gun. She holds the gun with a cloth and says this has Avni’s fingerprints, we will first…. She signs to Hetal. Diksha and Ketan take Hetal and tie her in the dark room.

Dayaben looks out of window and sees the pandits keeping the wooden sticks for burning. Dayaben says I will give real chadava to Maa, Avni has to go to Aisha, I want to hear Avni shouting, I will see you dying, I will tell you Amol is like me, he will kill Neil in front of you, you will die as a widow, tell Aisha that I taught Amol to play with blood, you and Aisha are so unlucky, you both don’t have love and sindoor in fate, when bad intentions are strong, goodness also dies, I m Dayavanti Mehta. She laughs. They take Avni. Neil and DD look for Avni. Avni drops her jewelry.

Bebe and Prakash come home. Shweta asks for Maddy. Prakash says she did not come. Bebe says I m worried. Prakash says maybe she is in some other box. Bebe says I will make video call to her, I will feel good to talk to her once. Prakash says don’t worry. Bebe prays for her daughter. Neil and DD see the house messed up. DD picks the stick. Neil sees blood marks on the ground and shouts Avni. Ali and Neela come and ask about Avni. They hear Hetal screaming. They free Hetal and ask about Avni. Hetal says I m fine, save Avni, they will kill Avni. They get shocked.

Neil says Ali if anything happens to Avni….Ali says it happened because of me, her life is in danger. Neil goes out and sees the earring. He recalls Avni. He says its Avni’s earring, it means she should be around. They find more jewelry items. Neela says I think she is leaving this for us, like Sita left for Ram when Raavan kidnapped him. Neil recalls Bebe’s words. Neil says Ali, this is the only chance to rectify your mistake, will you come along. Ali nods. They leave.

Dayaben shows the woods and says I will sacrifice you there, your game is over now. They hide Avni. Neil asks inspector to monitor aarti, nothing should happen to Avni. He asks Neela not to worry, he won’t let anything happen to Avni. Neela asks him to wait, I will go with Ali. Neil says where are you Avni.

Avni pushes Dayaben and says evil will end today, my revenge will get fulfilled. Neil shouts Avni.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Fenil

    Marvellous Episode.

    Great performance by everyone.

    Now time to get justice for Aisha and Ashish. Pay Back time. Dayawanti your time finished now.Neela’s tandav dance:*:*:*waiting.

    Fabulous yrrrr…loved today episode can’t wait for next.

  2. Naamkaran is rocking.I hope Neil will realize his love for Avni.Zain imam is really acting nice.

  3. Hi Alia and Naz. Hey I love both zain and aditi but they do not give any pics of their off-screen.Did aditi break up with his boyfriend.Can anyone tell about it.

  4. Antara

    FINALLY DAYAVANTI WILL BE BEHIND BARS kisi naagin se kam nahi hai itna zahar hai uski Andar
    not only dayavanti her all family members except hetal should be punished
    she is a leech & evil minded woman wat will be nxt track after dayaben gets arrested don’t show AVNI & NEIL’S separation anyways waiting 4 2mmorrow’s epi 2 see AVNI’S MAHA KAALI AVATAR

  5. Sanaya Sheikh

    It will be very intresting..if Ali paired up with Mitali instead of Riya..Sana and Gautam looks goid together..!! love the episode..waiting for Neela’s tandav .!! Luv AvNeil n AliTali?

    1. Sanaya Sheikh


  6. todays episode was just rocking yaar.

  7. Ram & Sita reloaded with AVNEIL.How cruel this Dayabeen was?She killed her own blood.How one can be cruel like this?Naamkaran is super & duper.Everyone playing their own role awsome.The leap helped Naamkaran from off.But miss u little Avni.LOVE U ZAIN A LOT.AS USUAL U ROCK MY JAANU.

  8. Samm

    i’m so glad there’s this show with properly defined and sketched characters. i miss Reema ji as dayawanti, but this new actress is also playing her role so well. hats off to the entire team for pulling this off so awesomely!! can’t wait for the next. 🙂 hope they show some light and fluffy after this high voltage drama, although it’s a fair guess that we’ll get to see a jealous ali, because no show can be complete without a jealous best friend trying to break up the girl’s marriage based on stupid excuses! fingers crossed for naamkarann to do something different and show something nice with a character like ali 🙂

  9. Fabulous episode and awesome serial after leap all roles are playing their characters very well avneil very cuteee,cruel dayawanti ..awesome

  10. Someone please welcome me to be part of this fan club

    1. Yes u r welcomed , ✋✋

  11. Amazing…love it ?

  12. Superb episode!!! How did Hetal live with this dysfunctional and psychotic family for so long, is amazing!!! Samm…. I agree with you that this new actress in Dayawanti’s shoes is doing a splendid job of the character. I was skeptical in the beginning because I knew anyone doing Reema’s role will have to come good, her performance being the epitome of pure evil in a logical way, but this actress has definitely surpassed my expectations.. It was wonderful to see Ashish after so much time has passed… I’ll see episode tonight but update is exciting… Good job, Creative team, you have given us believable characters. Yesterday’s confrontation between Avni and the hornet nest was riveting. Aditi Rathore is super duper in that scene, no fault, just perfect!!! When she was in KKB, I just never knew she was such a talented actress because she was regaled with a side role, her talent was not seen. It’s great that she left that crap of a serial… Wise decision…. Great chemistry with Zain…….

  13. Welcome Ayesha. Please feel free to comment, you are most welcome dear….

  14. Nice episode

  15. nice episode,

  16. Hi salsa
    Yesterday I did not comment actually I was busy with my work well leaving that I want to see that yesterday’s episode was just awesome I say it is full Ramayan well I don’t like this Riya and Sanaya sheikh u are right Mitali and Ali are good pairs. She said that she like ali’s company so I think they will suit well

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