Naamkaran 19th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Neela sends a message for Avni

Naamkaran 19th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Avni cutting tomatoes. She thinks if anything happened to Neela. Her finger gets hurt. Tara worries for her. Avni says I m fine. She says I have complete trust on Neil, nothing will happen to Neela. Neela says Neil…. Ballu says you took Neil’s name. Neela gets tensed. Neil says she is threatening me about Neil. He says you are kidnapped, Neil won’t come to save you, if Vidyut is captain, Ballu is vice captain, don’t waste time, let us record the video. Ballu laughs and says did you see this guy, he is new but smart, we want loyal people like him.

Neil says just smile now, your daughter won’t like your gloomy face. Neela asks Avni how is she, don’t worry for her, she is fine. She says I just have one scratch on my wrist, its because of you, you remember

when you went for swimming for the first time, you were scared and held me. She says I wish I had my phone, it had our memories, since you went to jail, I was living with those memories, I wish you were here. Ballu says enough, you have to make a small video, not a film. He calls jailer and asks shall I send video on pandit ji or your phone. Jailer scolds him. She says you come to the visitor’s room with the video, I will do something. Ballu goes. Neil thinks he can’t talk to Neela in front of guards. Avni sweeps the ground. Jailer asks who asked you to clean the guard. Avni says Tara and Sitara looked after Sunehri all night, they are sleeping now, so I thought to do their work. Jailer dumps the garbage again and asks Avni to clean it. Constable says Avni made the breakfast and now she is cleaning the ground.

Jailer comes to Gurumaa and says Avni is fooling me, she is just talking nonsense, she has no plans to escape. Constable comes and says commissioner called Gurumaa for inquiry, we have to take her to police station. Jailer asks Gurumaa not to get her name in between, she has two kids. Gurumaa says I know, Vidyut will manage everything, he is her pride, he won’t let anything happen to her, he can go to any extent for her, if you stay loyal, you will be in profit. Neil and Ballu ask guards to get Neela downstairs. Ballu says I m going to show this video to Avni. Neil asks will you go, most of the people know you, it will be a problem, you shouldn’t go, its matter of reputation. Ballu gets jailer’s call. Jailer says commissioner called Gurumaa for questioning. Ballu asks what, why, if Vidyut knows this. Neil thanks DD and commissioner for planning this. Jailer asks Ballu not to blame her, just get the video. He says I will send my man there.

He asks Neil to take the video and show Avni, nobody can enter the jail without security checking, if you do this, you will be with us forever. Neil sees Neela. She signs him. He goes. Gurumaa is interrogated. Commissioner asks DD to call Neil, he should know Gurumaa’s plans. DD calls Neil and asks him to come to police station, commissioner wants him here. Neil says I m going jail to show the video to Avni, I will come soon. He thinks I have to know Gurumaa’s plannings. Neil comes to meet Avni. Jailer says I have shut the CCTV cameras, you won’t be audible outside, just do the work fast. Avni asks who are you. Neil says when will you get sense, this isn’t right, we had promised to live and die together, did you forget. He winks. She smiles and hugs him. He says I had to do all this to get you back. She hugs him.

She asks why did you leave me. She beats him. He jokes. She says husband sends me away and policeman locks me in jail, they both should be beaten up, if anything happened to you. He asks why did you run away and took risk. She says I wanted to save you, else Vidyut….He says fine, sorry, I may trouble you again. She says I will teach you a lesson. He says we don’t have time, Neela is safe, I will rescue her soon. She says I didn’t make any escape plane. He says you won’t, you don’t need to escape, I will take you. She says I trust you, don’t cheat me this time. He says never. She says we have to make some plan. He says Vidyut is not in the city, he had to go for some surgery, Neela went to Mexico and visited that hospital, before she could knew anything, his men kidnapped him, I became Onkar Singh and joined his men to know his plan and save Neela, Neela has sent this video.

She sees the video. She says Neela is trying to do say something, I don’t understand, please this video again. She says Neela is making gestures with hand, she has learnt this sign language, open ASL finger chart in mobile. Neil says Neela is forming an alphabet after every sentence. They say Mishti….

Jailer says Avni has tried to escape from the prison again. Gurumaa threatens to kill Avni, Neil and Neela.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hello … i m new here. ……. but i m watching nk from starting .. loving it

    1. We welcome sarparshmi. From which state you are? Keep on commenting in this site.

  2. What the hell is going on? All the time evil overpowers goodness. Avneil scenes are awesome and gave me some relief but the precap is too much annoying. Can’t tolerate that pumpkin jailer and rotten tomato ragini pandit anymore. Neil KO accident bhi Ho jayeha and avni will also be punished . Totally nonsense. Nothing worth to watch?

  3. Interesting episode. Precap confusing…… Hard to wait for two days

  4. Wat now I think she should follow gurumaa n see wat she hears or happen

  5. Finally we got some avniel scenes ….and that hug was awesome..aah having some relief
    Now end this track soon and show us more avniel scenes..

  6. Hello I am new but watching nk from the very first and am a very big fan of naamkaran and avneil♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ I am from West Bengal

    1. We welcome you alisha

  7. yahhhh mishti zinda hai

  8. Khalida hassan

    The precap is confusing….

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