Shani 19th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Devraj comes to Dhamini’s room in Shani’s disguise

Shani 19th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

|| Shani teaches that one should stands firm in the face of problems just like a tree stands firm in every season and protects people under its shade. ||

Mahadev explains that it would be wrong if you will look at anyone after this curse! You will not be able to use your Drishti in a limited / right manner.

Devraj witnesses the exchange between Shani and Mahadev with the help of his Sahastra-netra and laughs. No one can save Shani now. His life will become worse than death now. Dhamini’s curse did what I couldn’t do since years! Mangal asks him about the curse. Devraj tells him that Dhamini cursed Shani. It makes Mangal happy. We should celebrate. Let’s go to Indra Loka. Devraj advises him to go. I will come in a while. Mangal looks content.

Shani says whenever I tried bringing the situation at the right path I was pushed away by challenges. Mahadev says I understand your pain. Can I help you in some way? Shani asks him to leave. Just go away. Mahadev leaves sadly.

Brahma Dev says the effect of Dhamini’s curse is intensifying. Indra Dev is planning to attack Dhamini yet again. Mahadev says a woman can bear immeasurable pain when she gives birth to a kid but you cannot avoid her wrath when it her patience breaks. Condition is such that there is no way out of it. Narayan remarks that a wife’s curse cannot go in vain. Mahadev says Dhamini cursed Shani but without any motive. Only she can find a solution to it.

Dhamini cries thinking about what happened a while ago. I clearly asked you before wedding if you have any second thoughts about the wedding. You said you have no problem. You left me alone without looking at me or without saying anything to me. Why Shani? Shani enters. She senses his presence and turns. A smile spreads on her face. Shani quietly walks up to the bed. Dhamini asks him if he will still not look at her. It is ok if you don’t wish to. I will not force you but I wish to say something. You cannot start a married life by hiding facts or lying. Will you not even give me one chance to share the happy / sad moments of our life? She folds her hands requesting for one chance. I want to make it so strong that no problem can make it weak. He is holding flowers as he turns. Maybe I dint behave in the right manner. I know I did wrong by leaving you alone on our first night. The night is still not over. We can still begin a new journey as husband and wife. She smiles through her tears. Look at me if you mean it. I want to start this journey by looking into your eyes. Shani looks at her and smiles. Flashback shows Devraj telling Mangal that Shani left Dhamini alone. It is my duty to support her now. He takes Shani’s avatar. Flashback ends. Devraj says we married after so much difficulty. I hope tonight will be unforgettable for us. Seeing you today before me, I feel it was worth the wait. She smiles. He inches closer but she takes a step back asking him to stop. I will have to do something before we start our new life. Devraj looks miffed.

Dhamini pours some water in her hands and offers it to Mahadev. I vow that I will dedicate myself to my husband Shani. I vow that my purity and love will be the base of our life. In coming times, we will become each other’s shields. Devraj looks on.

Shani is walking in the jungle when he hears some commotion. Some Asuras are torturing Gandharva’s. Shani stops in his tracks recalling Mahadev telling him about the effect of his curse.

Mahadev says situation has turned worse for Shani now. This world expects him to do justice. Because of this curse, he cannot look at situations / people the way he wish to. It will be difficult for him to stick to his path. Gandharva’s notice Shani there and request him to help them.

Devraj asks Dhamini what happened. She says nothing. It was a prayer between me and Mahadev. Devraj says I know how much this wedding matter to us. I want to assure you that you will look at this wedding and at yourself differently after today. She smiles. I was wondering what I did wrong that you weren’t even looking at me in the eye but I am relieved to see you before me now. He says your adornments are out of place. You should go and get ready again. I want to see you in that same avatar once again. She nods and goes. He remembers how Shani forced him to bless Dhamini. Look how I will turn her luck into bad luck! He throws the flowers angrily.

Brahma Dev asks Mahadev if it isn’t his duty to make Dhamini realise that it isn’t Shani but Devraj Indra. Mahadev tells him he is equally angry. Indra Dev is crossing his limits. Maybe he forgot the power of a woman’s satitava. He will get a good example of it at the right time!

That guy’s daughter is caught by Asura. He rushes to protect her but the Asura pushes her. Shani holds the Asura by his neck and finally looks at him. The Gandharva’s witness it in shock. Mangal is also scared to see the heightened effect of Dhamini’s curse.

The Asura turns into ash in seconds. Shani looks at all the other Asuras too who burn and turn to ash in no time. That girl holds Shani’s hand and thanks him for helping her. Gandharva’s stand there with folded hands. Shani suddenly looks up and notices Indra Dev’s Sahastra-netra. Mangal is scared to notice it.

Shani wonders where Indra Dev is if his Drishti is here.

Indra Dev says now I will get the karamfal of what you did to me over all the past years. He caresses the bed and flowers petals. Dhamini refused to become the apsara of Indra Loka. Now I will take my revenge by maligning your dignity! He sits down happily. He eyes Dhamini in awe as she enters. Till date, the Shani who protected your dignity will malign your dignity today!

Shani is on his way back to Surya Loka.

Dhamini smiles shyly as she sits next to Devraj.

Precap: Dhamini notices Shani entering in the room and looks at both of them in shock. Devraj keeps a condition before Shani to confirm his identity. He should look into your eyes and say that he loves you. Shani looks down. Dhamini looks at both of them.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Hi miss pooja how are u ??I want the same help from u..In hiru TV it telecast a drama name “Sadata dura kiyanam” where majicam prince name Wiru come to a kingdom to find a key to some secret place .on that kingdom a princess from other kingdom come to marriage with that kingdom uvaraj..where as with & that princess are husband & wife in previous life …where as wiru save princess from a tiger attack..where uvaraj of that kingdom disrespect that prince.but virus think all of the problems are due to that princess.can u please tell me the Indian name ..all the best miss pooja..

    1. Hello sir, sorry for interfere but I think it’s chandrakanta prem ya paheli. I am not sure.

    2. Pooja

      Hi Dhananjaya.. I also think you are referring to Chandrakanta Prem Ya Paheli.

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