Naagin Season 3 8th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Jhamini, a chudail covers Bela’s truth

Naagin Season 3 8th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bela moves back to get saved from the mongoose. She is about to fall down from the cliff. Mahir jumps and holds her hand. He holds her waist and they fall. Title Song plays….Mahir holds the tree branches and asks her why did she move back? Bela asks why did you come behind me? Mahir says how can I leave you alone? Bela says I don’t need you and can take care of myself. Tree branch breaks and they fall in the water.

Poulomi shouts seeing a hand. She sees Jhamini hurt and says she is dead. Pratham says she is alive. ACP asks them to get water and tells that he will inquire her. Mahir’s sister tells him that he can ask her Jhamini after she gets fine. Poulomi says Andy is not here. Anu says Bela shall be arrested. Suhani takes stand for Bela. Poulomi sends her with Pratham. Bela and Mahir

come out of the water. Dil diyan gallan plays. Bela asks him to leave her alone. Mahir asks her to lie down and keep quiet. He says this time is not suitable to fight. They get up. He removes his shirt and gives to Bela. Bela wears his shirt. They hear thunderstorm sound. Mahir tells that they shall go and tells that there is an old house nearby.

Anu and Mahir’s sister comes to RJ’s room. Anu tells that Bela is behind this conspiracy. RJ asks what happened? Anu says Bela is the main problem. Mahir’s sister asks Poulomi to go. Poulomi says she is worried about them and will be there. Boltu asks why she hates Bela so much? Anu says she hates her and will go and find proofs. Mahir and Bela come to an old vacant house. Mahir asks her to rest and says he will check their car. Bela stops him and says rain will start in some time. Mahir asks her not to be scared or worry about him. Bela says I am not scared, I am telling for you and says rain will start in some time. Just then the rain starts. Mahir asks if she is a weather woman and is surprised as her prediction came true. She says they come to know everything and feel the danger with someone steps and smell. She then tells that she knows as she is from a village and her baba also knows and he taught her.

Poulomi, RJ, Mahir’s sister, Anu, and Boltu come to Pandit’s house and asks her fake father. He says his Bela can’t do anything wrong. Poulomi sees the room door and asks what is it. Pandit says that is a storeroom. They manage to get the keys and open the door. Anu goes inside the room and locks it. She thinks she will not leave Bela. She sees painting kept in the room and thinks she makes painting also. She sees a big chart sheet. Pandit tells that it is Bela’s room. Poulomi asks why did you lie? He makes excuse. Anu opens the chart and sees everyone’s pic who was there. She is shocked. Mahir feels pain. Bela asks if he is feeling pain and asks him to apply haldi and says it is kept by Sumitra for puja. Mahir asks her to relax and tells that he doesn’t expect anything from anyone. Mahir tries to apply it with leaves, but Bela says she will do. She tells him that he also saved her even when she told him that she doesn’t expect anything from him. Mahir looks at her. Janam Janam plays…..She applies it on his wound.

Bela sneezes. He tries to light the fire. She says it can’t be lighted like this and set on the fire. She shouts. Mahir asks her to be careful and says fire can burn your hand. Bela says it is saving us now from cold. Mahir looks at her. Janam Janam plays again. Bela says thunderstorm is much. They rest there. Bela sees his wounds bleeding and uses her powers to heal them while he is sleeping. She keeps her hand on his wound and it vanishes. Mahir turns in sleep. Bela thinks to kill him. Anu comes out and tells everyone that she got the proofs. She asks Boltu to call ACP Ajitabh. Bela is about to bite him and go near him, but she moves away as he wakes up. Mahir asks her not to get scared seeing her close to him. Bela says we shall go now. Mahir says it is raining and a heavy storm is there. Bela says everything will stop. Mahir is surprised again to see it stopped. She opens the door. Mahir comes to her and says you asked me why did I save you? He says I know you don’t hope anything from me. Bela says you don’t have any expectations from me. Mahir takes sleeve from her hand and applies tulsi leaf on her hand and tells that you have all the rights to complain to me and have expectations from me. Bela looks at her. He makes her wear it again. Bela says she doesn’t need his shirt anymore and returns it to him. Mahir says let’s go.

Sumitra prays for Mahir and Bela. It seems she forgot Yuvi completely. Mahir and Bela return home. Sumitra runs to them and hugs them. She sees an injury on their bodies and asks what happened? Mahir says goons had attacked them. ACP comes there with Anu and Shekhar and tells that Mahir’s life is saved twice, once from goons and other from Bela. Sumitra says she wants to end the matter and made Anu understand. Mahir asks him to behave well with Bela. ACP shows the poster in which their pics are posted. Poulomi says Karan, Yuvi, Rehaan and Mahir’s pic is circled with red. ACP says it is circled and it means death. Anu says she got it from her house. Mahir asks Bela to tell the truth. Sumitra asks her to explain. ACP says your bahu is a serial killer. Mahir asks ACP to let her say. He tells her that he trusts her and says if you have an explanation then you can tell me. Jhamini comes there and says Adi told me everything about Rehaan’s voice note. Bela thinks to kill everyone. Jhamini says Adi said that Anu asked him to take her name. Anu says she is lying. ACP says we can’t arrest you now as lady constable is not with me.

Jhamini tells that Anu wanted to get Mahir and that’s why tried to trap Bela and attempts to kill me. Anu is shocked and tells Shekhar that she is lying. ACP asks Jhamini if she saw attacker’s face. Jhamini says no. He asks who saw Jhamini injured first. Poulomi says she saw first. ACP asks if she liked Mahir. Poulomo says Anu likes Mahir and tells about Vish also. Anu says this is nonsense, I like him, but it doesn’t matter. ACP asks who got these pics? Poulomi says Anu was in the room and got these pics, and then tells that she must have pasted the pics when she was in the room. Anu asks why I will do? Shekhar says why will she harm Rehaan? ACP says she must have planned with Rehaan, to get Mahir and then Rehaan will come in front of all. Anu says it is an utter nonsense. Jhamini says Adi told her. Anu says Adi has lost it. Sumitra says when we told not to believe on him then you believed him. Jhamini says you did wrong with your brother. Poulomi asks ACP to arrest Anu. Mahir says we don’t want any arrest. Anu tells Shekhar that she is not lying. They leave. Poulomi taunts Anu. Sumitra asks Jhamini to rest. Jhamini smiles looking at Bela. Bela thinks if Adi lied or she is lying. She asks Mahir why did he trust her and not on Anu. Mahir says I have promised to trust and protect you. He asks her to rest.

Sumitra, Bela, and Mahir come to Jhamini’s room to give her food. Jhamini says it is not needed. Bela gives her water. Sumitra thanks her for telling truth and protecting Bela. Jhamini says Adi told her truth. Mahir says Rehaan will be found soon. Sumitra asks her to feel at home. They leave.

Sumitra asks where is Adi and tells that all guys are becoming like Yuvi. She tells that she will call Poulomi and ask if he reached home. Jhamini goes to Adi and says you must be hungry. She made Adi tiny and is hanging him to the dressing table. Adi asks her to leave him alone and asks why she is doing this with him. Jhamini says she made him tiny, and tells that she came for Bela, and will show him who is she? She asks him not to get scared. She shows her chudail avatar and scares him. She flies in air outside the room and laughs aloud. She tells that she came here for Bela. Adi is shocked. Jhamini says I am chudail and did this so that you don’t open your mouth. She says you will be toy in my hands. Bela thinks it is good that she killed Rehaan and feels pity on Jhamini. She then thinks she doesn’t trust her. Adi shouts for help. Jhamini tells Adi that she will punish him and takes him out of the room and tries to make him fall in the pool water. Adi shouts and asks her to stop. He shouts for help. Bela knocks on the door and comes inside. Anu comes to ACP and asks him to believe that she is not lying. She tells him that she believes that she is a Naagin. ACP laughs and says thinks she is his die-hard lover. He asks her to go from his house. Anu tells him that Bela is an Icchadhari Naagin and came to take revenge for her Naag’s death.

Vish asks Bela where did Anu get the pic. Mahir says she showed it to everyone. Vish says where did she meet Rehaan? Mahir opens the door. Someone comes.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Waiting for complete update…thank u h hasan today’s episode was awesome with more BeHir scenes
    Maahir is too protective…saw some spoilers in which they have written vish and vikrant are in love and maahir is reincarnated version of vikranth
    So many doubts and twists

    1. Sreenandana.suresh

      Even i read that spoilers…but it cant b true since mahir was there during vikrant’s death…
      there r some other spilers which reveals that mahi is nagraj and vish and vikrant were in love and was after naagmani….
      There is a chance for that 2 b true….i really feel suspicious about sumitra….she z over caring just like yamini….

      1. but she looks innocent and mahir cant be naagin but i love BEHIR scenes

      2. Mona146

        mahir should not nagin like naagin2 series. thats irritating. dont want to see him with tail like karanvir bohra.

      3. Mona146

        even i feel sumitra(rakshananda khan ) is over sweet. i doubt she will turn out to be negative as the story unravels in future just like in brahmarakshas.

    2. Sreenandana.suresh

      Yeah….even i want mahir to be normal human…

  2. ShraddhaSharma392

    My day is bad… I missed episode again?????????
    Anyway I am sure show must have been interesting as it look from update… Waiting for next week, and this time, i shall not miss…

    1. You can still watch it on voot and various other platforms. If you want to watch now then You can watch it on

  3. Sagarika Ganguly

    I think Ruhi’s lover sheshnag Vikrant got killed by Vish and takshak nag who is in disguise of Vikrant and her real lover reincarnated in the form of maahir

    1. Ooshi

      Nice guess
      Let’s see what will happen

  4. Amazing episode with more behir scene love it
    Mera dushman hi mera sanam bn gya usse maro ya phir jaan m de do love this song behir scene was amazing maahir is so nice when ever I see him i remind ritik from naagin 1 there is lots of similarities between them
    1)Ritik and maahir both are workholic
    2)Both support their wives
    3)Both are understanding and caring for everyone.

    Alot of similarities between them.

    I just missed last part I hope jamini doesn’t kill adi because bela has right to kill adi he kill vikrant

  5. Mona146

    sseriously dissapointed with chudail track. it was pathetic.

    1. I also didn’t like Jamini’s chudail avatar. Better she had been an ichchadhari eagle.

      1. Mona146

        eagle uh oh

  6. Pavani pearl

    I love mahir sooo cute….nice episode

  7. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update H Hasan

  8. Agree with u mona146…if jhamini was an icchadhaari naagin then it would be better
    Yes as maahir was there during that vikrants death it can’t be possible …bela have to know these truths
    1)maahir is not the real culprit
    2)vikrant faked his love for naagmani and killed his mother
    3)jhamini is helping her for some reason
    4)maahir loves her unconditionally
    And zain arora u are right bela must kill adi ..I think that’s y that jamini made him tiny without killing him
    Jhamini will help bela and vish will join hands with shalaka maybe this will be possible
    Shraddha sharma u can watch repeat telecast on Mon and Tue if possible

    1. Mona146

      may be jamini is helping bela for mani. but chudail is sth damn irritating in naagin series.

      even i felt vikrant gave wrong kada to silence ruhi’s mother as she was about to reveal how to know who is who when it comes to her journey for mani. may he belongs to sheshnag clan and doesnt want her to realise that.

      im bored with age old music in background plz dont mind if others feel bad about my a comment.

      its ironic how mahir overpowered that male assistant nagin. lol. nags must b more powerful right??

  9. Vishakha’s roles have been minimises like anything though she was amazing even better than Bela.

    1. Everytime the same happens. Shesha was seen as the main Naagin but after Shivanya waa revealed to be it, Shesha’s role was minimized. Vish isn’t in this episode alike Shesha. At least Jhamini’s role should have been something else. I should have understood by her clothes. Waiting for Amrapali Gupta’s entry. If Jhamini is working for Shalaka, then it would be fine. Maybe her role is less.

    2. Mona146

      she was damn horrible in chudail avatar.

    3. I agree with u

  10. I agree that vishakahas role has been minimised. I thought that after thr gang left from bela’s house the pundit (bela’s fake father) would contact vish to save bela’s truth. I even guessed that jhamini might be vush in disguise because of the way she was smiling at bela like the hawaldar on road…. But then they turned jhamini into an old chudail and i dont knw what to say…. Behir chemistry was amazing… I also like the fact that this time there is an actual police officer investigating. Although i feel he will have some connection too. This is new angle and i am waiting to see how it unfolds… My only complain is that the naagins are taking too long for revenge without any apparent reason. If bela wanted to kill mahir she could have done it numerous times even before marriage. The others are also mere humans… In the first season the villains knew everything about naagins and wore magical rings that protected them from naagin’s touch. So the delay then was justified… Here it feels just dragging to hear vish/bela saying they want yo kill so many people but dont actually do it

  11. Anyone else missing Sesha….

  12. Guys, ye naagin wale serial mein Churail kaha se aagayi. I know ki supernatural show hai Lakin kuch bhi?. Plus Vikram aur Bela’s relationship seems very shallow and cardboard ish

  13. Dhara,,even i felt it so many times that the Naagins ,looking more like huge Anacondas have to do si much planning and taking so much time to kill mere humans …Actually they need not wait to be alone with their intended prey….they can as well kill openly…Ofcourse ,in a supernatural fiction ,many such loopholes will be there. A Churail coming to Naagrani’s rescue is interesting….And I agree that there is something deceptive about Sumitra’s sweet talk….she is still not bothered about Yuvi….for that matter Mahir also…strange that such a caring elder brother doesn’t even talk about his younger brother….Vish is also very sparingly seen..May be she is not liking Bela’s soft corner for Mahir and turn against her ..

  14. Mahir or vishaka k couple best lagiga …

    1. Bela is the best

  15. Vikranth is positive he was not a culprit of ruhis mother.jhamini is positive or negative.mahir was too nice.caring loving husband may bela soon realise her fault of thinking mahir as vikrants between them was awesome.vikrant is takshak clan and ruhi/bela is from seshnag clan.I think there is a big secret with mahir as in season 1 rithik was protector of naagmani and was a survanshi so sesha and shivanya was attracted towards him. season 2 rocky was a naag so sesha and shivangi are attracted. season 3. Bela and vish are attracting to mahir so i think there is a big secret in mahirs life. Todays epi was are you all shrradha di,tania di,arjit,mona and many of ur watching qayamat ki raat in star plus on sat,sun 7:00pm.its interesting.and arjit our fav show ipkknd is retelecasting in star utsav as rabba ve 7:00pm everyday

  16. Don’t want Mahir to be a naag

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