Laal Ishq 8th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Jahnvi’s True Friendship Saves Rohan From Witch Kajal

Laal Ishq 8th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rohan knocks door and pleads his mom Sarita to open door. Sarita pleads her husband she cannot see Rohan’s condition. Husband asks if she forgot Babaji forecast that Rohini’s life is in danger till he turns 25 years old as he has kaal sarp yog. She asks who will harm an 8-year-old child. Husband says he does not know all that and leaves for office. After sometime, Rohan peeps form window. His friend asks if he will play football with him and then taunts his father has locked him in jail. Rohan’s best friend Jahnvi comes and warns boy not to trouble his best friend, punctures football. She then plays wiht Rohan on paper from other side of window. Jahnvi’s mother calls her and she leaves. Next day, Jahnvi gives gift and locket to Rohan. Rohan says even he got a gift for her. Someone invisible grips him from behind. He shivers and asks Jahnvi to pleads to save him from whoever is behind. Jahnvi sees someone wearing black gown walking towards Rohan and runs away in fear. After 15 yars, Rohan is grown up young man. He speaks to someone over phone and goes to washroom. He then comes out and senses someone present. He then sees black gown wearing old woman in mirror and gets afraid. Woman disappears and mirror breaks. Rohani panics in fear. His aunt rushes in and asks what happened to him, how did this mirror break. Rohan continues panicking.

A girl hires detective who gives Rohan’s details where he studied after 18, where he works now, he stays in his relative/chacha’s house, has a girlfriend, etc. Girl asks what is Rohan’s girlfriend’s name He says Kajal. She looks at Kajal’s pic. On the other side, Kajal meets Rohan and cheers him up. Aunt says good she came, she was worried for Rohan as she don’t know how mirror broke and what if he would have hurt himself. She goes to get something for them from kitchen. Kajal suggests Rohan to speak to his parents, things would get well. Rohan says nothing will get well, if he would have stayed there, don’t know what would have happened to him. He goes into flashback where he sees black gown old woman while lying on bed. He panics. His mother comes opening door and speaks to him. He says he feels claustrophobic in this room and wants to go out. She says Babaji’s forecast always comes true and he cannot go out of room till he is 25 years old. Rohan locks her in room and runs away to his uncle/aunt’s house. His parents come to his Chacha’s house. Chacha asks parents not to confine Rohan in a room. Father says they cannot forgo Babaji’s forcast, these can’t risk his life. Chachi says whatever is happening in his life is also not good, let him stay here instead of him running away. Sarita says Bhabhi is telling right. They call Rohan to speak once before they leave. Out of flashback, Kajal asks Rohan if does not want to meet his parents, he should once. Rohan goes into flashback where he goes to met his parents and peeps into his room’s window and is shocked to see his parents feeding laddoos to his doppelganger. Doppelganger smirks at him. He runs form there and clashes with a girl who says he cannot die without meeting her. Rohan gets out of flashback and from sleep. Chachi and Kajal ask if he is fine. Chachi then asks Rohan to enjoy Kajal’s prepared sandwiches, they can even marry today as he will turn 25 in a few days. Kajal says she wants to meet his parents. He asks why. She says they are her would be inlaws, so meeting is necessary. Rohan drops Kajal out and senses someone around.

Rohan then draws Kajal’s sketch and while sharpening his pencil with blade reminisces girl telling he cannot die without meeting her. He cuts his finger and shouts in pain. Blood falls on floor. He sprinkles blood on sketch and runs out calling Chachi. Chachi asks what happened. He shows finger, but it is intact. He says nothing and walks in seeing no blood on floor and sketch. Chachi says they got a new tenant and asks him to go and give keys to her. He walks out to taxi and sees a girl picking her lugguage. Girl excitedly says she is Jahnvi, his childhood friend. Rohan realizes she is the same girl who told he cannot die without meeting her. He gives her keys and says he will keep her box in front of her room door. Jhanvi grins.

Rohan with Kajal goes to meet his parents. His parents happily meet Jahnvi, and mother says bhabhi/chachi told about her. Rohan walks into his room and reminisces his childhood, seeing some old woman’s portrait, etc.. On the other side, Chachi informs Jahnvi that Rohan has kaal sarp yog till 25 years and his life is in danger till then. Jahnvi says that is the reason Rohan’s parents protected him so much. Jahnvi rushes saying she will be back and instead of going to her room silently walks into Rohan’s room and smells his T-shirt, looks at her given gifts in drawer, etc. She returns. Rohan and Kajal return. Jahnvi says she is going to work. Rohan asks to have his prepared coffee and then go. She says she is in a hurry, but wants to speak to him a lot, when can they meet. He says anytime. Jahnvi tells Kajal nice to meet you and leaves. Kajal feels jealous. At night Kajal expresses her concern that she feels Jahnvi is not right and maybe a fraud and not his friend Jahnvi. Rohan promises he will not meet Jahnvi again. She says he should also meet his parents and they will celebrate his 25th birthday at his farmhouse. Next say, Kajal comes to meet Rohan. Chachi says he is in Kajal’s room as she is unwell. Kajal enters Jahnvi’s room and gets jealous seeing Rohan hugging Jhanvi and consoling her. Rohan asks Jahnvi’s prescription slip. She goes in to get it. Kajal searches cupboard and finds Rohan’s T-shirt and diary and says she told Jahnvi is not a good girl and not to meet him. Jahnvi comes out with prescription. Rohan angrily looks at her.

Jahnvi’s detective walks into Kajal’s farm house hiding and is shocked to see Kajal’s very old, 100 year old, pics with her husband. He clicks pics on mobile and sends them to Jahnvi. He turns and sees black gown wearing old woman and dies with heart attack. Jahnvi looks at pic and thinks how did he get Kajal’s pics. She calls back detective, but he is dead already. On his 25th birthday, Rohan packs his bags to go to Kajal’s farm house. Rohan warns her to stay away from him. She pleads not to go out today and never meet Kajal and she is not a good girl. Rohan ignores her and leaves in Kajal’s car. Kajal angrily looks at Jahnvi and drives car while Jahnvi pleads at Rohan not to go. Kajal takes Rohan to her farm house and looking at her pics says she is infusing her husband’s soul into different bodies since 100 years, now it is Rohan’s turn. She mixes medicine Rohan’s drink and gives him. Rohan drinks it and feels drowsy. He sees Kajal turning into Black gown wearing old woman and collapses. He opens eyes after sometime and gasps for air. Old lady says she is his Kajal itself and wants his body for her husband’s soul as he is born on Amavasya, just bear the pain for some time till he dies. Jahnvi rushes in there. Old woman turns into Kajal and tries to push Jahnvi. Jahnvi pushes her and she falls on table and her forehead bleeds. She looks at her old pic, her injury heals and it gets transferred to old pic. Jahnvi tries to revive Rohan and asks him to open eyes. Kajal says it is of no use as Rohan will die soon. She touches Rohan’s forehead. He turns maniac and strangulates Jahnvi. Kajal says Jahnvi is going where Rohan will go in sometime. Jahnvi shows her childhood gifted locked. Rohan gets back into his senses and sees Kajal as old woman. They both run into a room where old pic is kept. Jahnvi sees Kajal’s injury on pic and realizes Kajal’s soul is in pic. Old woman walks in. Jahnvi throws fire on pic and burns it. Kajal also burns into ashes.

Precap: Next week’s new story is shown.

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