Naagin Season 3 22nd July 2018 Written Episode Update: Bela’s attempt to expose Jamini turn futile

Naagin Season 3 22nd July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jamini flying above the haldi which is on floor. Bela says she will bring another haldi. Jamini asks her to help her with the nail paint. Bela asks her to apply red. Jamini says blood color. Bela is going and checks the haldi, thinks Jamini stepped on the haldi, but there is no feet prints on it. She tells that she needs the list. She gets the papers and puts paper under Jamini’s feet. She takes back the paper. Jamini asks didn’t you get my foot. She stands in air and says my feet is always in air as I am chudail. Bela is shocked. Jamini asks what happened, and says those old chudails are gone, now it is my turn. She says you have caught me and asks shall I show more. She goes outside in the sky and comes near the window in chudail avatar. She says if you tell everyone

that I am chudail then I will tell them that you are Naagrani. Bela asks what do you want and why do you want to come. Jamini says you can’t find out about my intentions and challenges her that she will never find out about her. Bela tells that she will throw her out of the house. Sumitra comes and asks what is this? Jamini comes in her human avatar and says haldi fell. Sumitra asks her to be careful. Jamini asks her to come, and tells Bela that it will be fun now. Vish thinks to go to Jamini’s room in her real avatar. Mahir, Boltu and Daksh come there. Vish comes indisguise of Rehaan and tells that he needs some time. Daksh says if we give him time then he will elope like Yuvi. Boltu and Daksh ask Rehaan to be excited for marriage. Bela thinks to tell Vish and signs Rehaan, but Mahir sees her signing him.

Jamini tells Sumitra that she is missing her parents. Sumitra says she is there for her. Jamini asks shall I bend down infront of God. Sumitra says yes. Jamini calls ACP changing her voice from the landline phone and asks him to enquire about Raavi Saluja to know about Yuvi. Sumitra calls her. ACP thinks who called from Sehgal house. Shekhar and his wife apply haldi to Vish/Rehaan and Jamini/Chudail. Prarthana asks Boltu about Adi. Poulomi tells Suhani don’t know where is Adi? Suhani says may be there is no network there where he went. Jamini says may be you can’t see him from where he is. She says he might dislike me. Poulomi says he is popular with girls. Mahir applies haldi to Rehaan. Bela applies haldi to Jamini. Jamini asks if she lost anything. Bela says I never lose. Rehaan calls Bela. Mahir says he missed you. Bela asks Rehaan to come to room. Rehaan says how I will come? Bela applies haldi in his eyes accidently and asks him to come with her so that she can get his eyes washed. Mahir looks on doubtful.

In the room, Bela tells Vish that Jamini is a chudail. Vish says she is dangerous and tells that if I marry her, then I will lose all my strength. She asks if she knows that I am naagin. Bela says she doesn’t know and says don’t know why she came here. Vish tells that they shall stop her and says she must have come to take your powers. Bela says we have time to know about her and we can fight. Vish says your husband loves you and is jealous of Rehaan. Bela says their death will color her life and asks her to think about Jamini. Mahir comes there. Vish comes in Rehaan’s avatar. Bela becomes snake and goes out. Mahir asks where is Bela? Rehaan asks have you gone mad? I am changing the clothes. Bela comes in human form and calls Rehaan. Mahir says you were inside. Bela says no. Mahir goes. Bela and Rehaan come out of room. Jamini thinks both Naagins are playing game with me and sees the video in which Bela is becoming human from snake.

Anu comes to Police station and asks about Yuvi and Raavi. ACP asks about Raavi and Bela. Anu tells him that Yuvi was last seen with her. She says everyone assumed that Yuvi is fine with Raavi. ACP says Raavi was found by her father 2-3 days after Mahir and Bela’s wedding. He says she was in hospital. Anu says I told you. ACP thinks someone else called me and thinks what did Bela do? He says he will do the kand.

Daksh says it is weird, Anu is not here to attend her brother’s wedding. Andy says it is weird also that Shekhar’s son is getting married here and I have to spend so much without any advantage and suffer loss. Kuhu says Mahir takes strange decisions and asks for drink. Andy says you are pregnant. ACP comes there and says he is invited. Shekhar says I called him. Andy asks why did he call him. Shekhar says he called him as he is handling Rehaan’s case. ACP tells Jamini that he knows that she called him and tells that his men are keeping eye on Bela. Jamini says Bela is guilty. ACP says I will not agree without proofs. Vish hears them and becomes Rehaan. Suhani gives a plate to Bela. Bela says it is a surprise for Jamini. She determines to expose Jamini and thinks she has no proofs against her. Andy dances with Poulomi. Teri pappi lelo….Mahir takes Sumitra and dances with her. Suhani tells Bela that she is very happy as she got married to Mahir instead of Yuvi. Mahir thinks to call Jamini to dance floor to execute her plan. Bela takes Rehaan to dance floor while Jamini is also on the dance floor. Mahir asks Rehaan to join Jamini. He holds Bela closer and dances with her. Bela asks what are you doing? Mahir says you didn’t feel bad to dance with Rehaan and asks why this discomfort with me only. A song plays….while they dance. He asks what to do. Bela says one work, I don’t want to dance. He leaves her hand. Bela goes. Everyone claps.

Pratham asks Rehaan and Jamini to take the center stage. They dance. Suhani puts flash light on them. Tu mileyaa toh jaane dunga na main…plays….Bela looks at the rose and thinks one thorn shall hit Jamini and her truth will be out. Jamini hugs Rehaan. Bela thinks to expose her using 7 mirrors and thinks its light will fall make her real face comes out. ACP tells his man that he understand what is happening. Vish thinks about the 7 mirrors and thinks to make her turn 7 times. Bela moves second, third, forth, fifth, sixth and seventh mirror. Jamini’s face comes in her avatar and gets shocked. Bela sees Mahir shaking hand with ACP’s man. Jamini shows the video to Vish in which bela is becoming snake. She asks her to stop Bela, else she will kill her and then will expose Bela. Bela switches on the lights. Vish as Rehaan destroys the chandelier lights and blows heavy air. She destroys the seven mirrors. Everyone is shocked. Later electricity comes back, Bela looks at Jamini who have come back in human form. Jamini says you have taken a right decision. Poulomi says it is an abshagun.

Rehaan’s mum asks not to tell this. Jamini acts and says she wants to go out and feeling tensed. Bela looks angrily at Rehaan. Vish comes to Bela and tells that Jamini has the proof in which you are becoming human. She says that’s why she has saved Jamini to save her. Bela says she is always two steps ahead of us and says don’t know what we shall do. Jamini hears them and thinks they both will lose, first Vish will lose her strength. Pandit ji asks Jamini to rest and says mahurat have much time. Jamini controls Pandit ji’s mind and says marriage mahurat is after 20 mins. Sumitra says you said 3 hours. She tells to Shekhar’s wife. Bela hears about the mahurat. ACP stops her and tells that he saw how she switched on and off the lights and how it blasted. Bela says I didn’t do and tells that it was short circuit. ACP says your husband loves you a lot and his love was unique. Bela comes to Jamini’s room. Jamini is dressed as bride and asks her to come.

Bela asks Mahir to stop being nice to her and says she don’t want any help from him. Mahir says when I asked you to break this marriage, you didn’t and tells that it is not like we don’t have anything between us.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    This chudail drama is becoming boring and irritating me tooo much… Naag naagin or human ke bich chudail ka kya drama hai… Writers either end this drama or people will quit show, atleast I will quite… Itsss toooooo bakwas and draggging…

    1. Maybe Chudail will be killed this weekend. Only Behir rocks!

  2. Don’t want chudail ? story want to c naagin story? .

  3. Amazing episode I love jamini and bela scene. Maahir is so jealous but he look cute. Behir dance on dadhak was the best part of the episode

  4. Naagin Viewer

    I agree with you ShraddhaSharma392. Here we go around in a merry go ride again like Naagin 2. Why can’t we just have a simple story of focusing on the Naagin’s revenge and Vish supporting the Naag Rani and flash backs of their Naag Rani’s love story and her past life which would make it so interesting. New characters such as this chudail drama is not needed. Dead people keep coming back all the time and making it such a drag. Changing faces in an instance and re-changing to Naagins is so irritating as well.
    Uff… same old boring story.

    1. You’re right. They could simply made it a revenge story and people would still watch it. Now they’re dragging the show like every Ekta Kapoor shows. Things I feel about in this season
      Bela forgetting that she lost the love of her life (girl you spent, waited a whole century for him, you never seem to remember him)
      The whole Churail drama
      Upcoming Naagin/Churail wedding
      Mahir and Vish should be a couple

      1. Naagin Viewer

        Hi Pari. Thank you for agreeing with me. I was so scared if someone would come and abuse me for sharing my views but I could not stop myself. It is nice to see like minded people like yourself and ShraddhaSharma392 agreeing to our views.
        I just wish the writers would read our comments and understand what the viewers would like to watch but alas like always our comments fall on deaf ears.
        Nice to have like minded friends here. GOD BLESS!!

  5. Yes,the story has lost track,, I don’t understand what Bela is after…she neither remembers her revenge nor Vikrant…or understands Mahir’s feelings.Surely she can not be that naive to not understand that she is making him jealous by being close to Rehaan/Vish. Either that o sher doesn’t care about his feelings……Felt bad for Mahir…he is running around Bela and she doesn’t seem even to notice him..
    This proposed marriage between a Naagin and a Dayan is really irritating… is obvious that this track is created just to drag the story…there is no value addition of this track to the main theme…and the number of comments shows the viewers are losing interest…

  6. I will never lose interest to watch naagin if it will be repeat telecast of 100 times also i will watch it

  7. i love these naagin serial..but why two naagin cant be friends …..bela and vish be a friend together till the end will be good too…..dont want the friend break up for love…..cant they create a new love for our vish…..she deserve someone ..bec she did a lot for her friend…….hope they dont bring old drama…(Love Triangle)

  8. Y is der so much of deviation… Just naag nagin story would be great.. chudail and all is nothing like naagin… I hoped there will be more twists as in concern of naag or naagin and expected some validation for mouni Roy death. And the haveli is not even being touched… some story from that might when be better than the chudail concept itself.The story seem to go far off and is not like watching naagin …

  9. Chudalj concept us there to postpone be a revenge on Mahir and also Mahir realisation of his love how can Mahir realise his love if some one is not after bela as theirs is kind of forced marriage

    Now bela will first give priority to get rid of chudalj and then she will think of Mahir revenge the mean time she will get some time break and in that time she might start realising Mahir is good guy and will start introspe tion and will have benefit of doubt those who telling chudalj track not necessary don’t know how scripts and story building done

  10. Certainly ,no one on this forum is claiming to be a script writer but viewers are the best judges in deciding what is relevant to the main theme….and if majority of us feel that this chudail track looks out of place in a Naagin story and rather awkward and boring ,there is definitely something wrong or irrelevant in this whole drama.. stories can be built up in many ways…. it depends on the writers’ imagination,there are no hard and fast rules to build a story ….Ofcourse if our script writer has thought that this chudail concept is a good idea ,nothing wrong….but if it is not going well with many viewers,they should introspect and do amends…

  11. Can anyone tell me which song was played on which rehan nd jamini were dancing…… I just love dis music….. Plz if anyone knws tell me!!
    Thnx you???

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