IB & Naamkaran FF-Hatred Love-Chapter 22



IshRu are shocked to see Priyanka who is looking at him with shocked expression.

Rudra: Prinku…..

Prinku: (walks towards him) Bhaiya, you didn’t tell me that you are married and having a baby??

Rudra: Woh…. Prinku….. Actually…… (Ishana feels bad to see Rudra’s helpless state.)

Ishu: You are mistaken, Priyanka. This baby is not Rudra’s. Actually, he brought the baby with him. It’s actually his friend’s baby. (Priyanka sighs in relief.)

Prinku: Oh!! Sorry, bhaiya. I misunderstood that you have married Soumya without informing me.

IshRu: (shocked) Soumya??

Rudra: From where Soumya came now??

Prinku: From your heart, bhaiya.

IshRu: (shocked) What??

Prinku: What what?? I’m saying the truth.

Rudra: What truth, Prinku??

Prinku: About you and Soumya. Don’t deny that there is nothing between you both.

Rudra: What is there between me and Soumya?? I don’t understand.

Prinku: You don’t understand?? Should I tell clearly??

Rudra: Fine. Tell me what is there between us.

Prinku: Bhaiya, if you are provoking me like this, then I will tell everyone.

Rudra: What is there that you will tell everyone??

Ishu: Stop it, both of you!! (RuPri stop and look at her.) What is going on here?? (Looks at Rudra) Is whatever Priyanka said is true?? Is there anything between you and Soumya??

Rudra: Bhabhi, you too?? She is blabbering anything. Me and Soumya?? (Shrugs his shoulders) No chance.

Prinku: Really?? Then why did you always write about Soumya whenever you send email to me??

Ishu: Really, Priyanka?? He always wrote about Soumya??

Prinku: (pushes Rudra aside) Yes, bhabhi. If he wrote hundred lines to me. 10 lines he will ask about you and 10 lines he will ask about me. But the rest 80 lines he will write about Soumya only. Soumya is the only one I will talk with, I shared everything with her, she too shared everything with me, I won’t go outside my room if Soumya is not there, Soumya so cute, Soumya so beautiful, she is my life, I can’t live without her…… blah….. blah…. (Rudra widened his eyes in shock looking at Priyanka and cups his mouth. Ishana looks at him raising her eyebrows while others chuckle seeing the trio.)

Neil: I think this is more than 80 lines. (Avni nods)

Ishu: Rudra, what are you saying about this??

Rudra: Prinku, you liar!!! I didn’t say like that about Soumya.

Prinku: (crosses her arms) Really?? You didn’t say like that??

Rudra: I agreed that I wrote about Soumya to you but I didn’t write that Soumya is cute, beautiful, she is my life, I love her, all that. Ok??

Ishu: Rudra, Priyanka didn’t say that you wrote that you love Soumya. (Rudra cursed his fate while others laugh.)

Prinku: Bhaiya, whatever came in our mouths are from our hearts only.

Rudra: Prinku, you are so naughty now. See what I’m going to do to you now. (Towards Avni) Didi, please hold her for a while. (Hands over Mishti towards Avni and chases Priyanka who already ran escaping from him. All laugh seeing them. Ishana’s heart feeling light to see RuPri together. Ranveer who didn’t see this side of Priyanka before this just looks at her in amazed. This is first time he is seeing her laughing wholeheartedly. Neil looks at Mishti who is in Avni’s arm.)

Neil: So cute. (Caresses Mishti’s hair while Mishti just looks at him and smiles cutely. Neil lifts her from Avni.) Hi, baby. (Towards Avni) Girl or boy??

Avni: Girl. Mishti.

Neil: Mishti?? Such a lovely name. You are really a sweetheart. (Kisses her cheek while Mishti laughs. Mishti plays with his stubble. Avni just looks at them with tear filled eyes. IshJa see her and hug her arms.)

Gau: Neil, she get attached to you like you are her father. (Strokes Mishti’s cheek.)

Avni: (whispers to IshJa) She too aware that he is her father. (IshJa nod their heads. RuPri come after a while with Rudra twisting Priyanka’s ear.)

Pooja: Enough of your cat fight. Let’s have our lunch first. You can continue your fight later.

Dining Room

All of them are having their food. NeilGau are feeding Ishana as they told her. RuPri just look at them lovingly.

Rudra: Bhabhi, you have told us that you are having friends. We thought they just like a normal friends. But, by seeing your bonding, I can sure it’s more than friendship. In simple word, a true family.

Ishu: You are right. This is my family. (Hugs NeilGau’s shoulder) These two are my fathers and brothers while they (towards AvJa) are my mothers and sisters after my bhabhi. (NeilGau pat her cheek lovingly.)

Neil: And you are our mother too.

Gau: Correct. If anyone asked what is your mother’s name, I will proudly say Ishana.

Ishu: (grins) If they asked my father’s name, I will tell Neil Gautham. (Excitingly)

Prinku: (who sits beside Rudra whispers to Rudra) So sweet. Right, bhaiya??

Rudra: (feeds Priyanka) Right. Bhabhi is very lucky to have them as her friends.

Ishu: Rudra, when are you leaving to Mumbai??

Rudra: My flight is tomorrow evening, bhabhi.

Ishu: Why don’t you and Priyanka stay here with us?? (RuPri look at each other.)

Neil: In fact, I wanted to say the same too. You both stay here tonight. You three have meet after a long time and you must have many things to share. Stay here.

RuPri: (smile nodding their heads) Ok.

Avni: Ranveer, you too stay here. We all can spend our time together.

Ranveer: What am I going to do here??

Gau: Stay, yaar. It’s been long time we spend our time together. We always busy with our work. At least, let’s enjoy today. (Gestures him to agree.)

Ranveer: Ok.

Neil: Rudra, how about this baby?? You have to send her to her parents, right?? (Rudra thinks what to answer and looks at Ishana.)

Ishu: Actually, her parents went to visit their relative who is ill and the climate is not good there. Mishti can fall sick if she goes there. That’s why Rudra took her with him. If they are visiting normally, then it’s fine if one of them to go, but they are are visiting a sick person, right?? It won’t be good if either one of them only go.

Gau: You are explaining when Rudra is the one is been questioned.

Pooja: Gautham, Rudra is still in the shock that you all are cops. That’s why Ishu answering for him.

Rudra: Yes, bha….. (stops and looks at them) Can I call you ‘bhaiya’?? It’s been long time I never addressed anyone as ‘bhaiya’. So, can I?? (NeilGau smile looking at each other.)

Neil: (pats his cheek) Sure. You can call us ‘bhaiya’. In fact, no one has called us ‘bhaiya’ too except these two. (Pointing at AvJa. Rudra grins happily.)

Gau: But, one condition. Don’t be scared of us. We are human too.

Rudra: (smiles) Ok. Thank you, bhaiya. (They continue eating. AvJa look at Ranveer who is stealing glances at Priyanka. Avni winks at Pooja.)

Avni: How is it, Ranveer??

Ranveer: (still looking at Priyanka) Beautiful.

Pooja: Strange answer. I only know the food can taste delicious. First time I’m hearing the answer ‘beautiful’. Is ‘beautiful’ is the other meaning of ‘delicious’?? I never knew that. (Ranveer realised they are pulling his legs.)

Ranveer: Arrey, can’t you see how your husbands have made these beautiful dishes?? They have decorated the food too. Just see how beautiful are them. (NeilGau chuckle at each other while IshRu looking each other in confused. Priyanka just looks at Ranveer realising what he meant by beautiful but she doesn’t react anything.)

The girl are washing the vessels at the kitchen while the guys are playing with Mishti at living room.

Ishu: Avni, I think you should tell Neil about it. We should not hide it anymore.

Avni: (shocked) What?? How, Ishu?? I have no guts to tell him.

Ishu: Really?? You should not done like that if you are not dare enough to tell him. Sorry, darling but you don’t have any option than this..

Pooja: I think Ishu is right. You must tell Neil bhaiya. I think he will understand your decision if you explain him properly.

Avni: But, how if he get angry with me??

Ishu: (pulls her cheek) Anyone will get angry with my cute angel?? If he get angry, you are the one should calm him with your love. I mean romantically. (Winks at her. Avni slaps her arm while Pooja chuckles at them. Priyanka doesn’t understand what they are talking about and she continues with her work.)

Avni: Don’t tease me, Ishu. Ok. I will tell him. But, if he gets angry, you both have to help me.

Ishu: Ok, baba. We will help you. Pooja, you too tell this to Gautham. (Pooja nods) So, tonight you both stay with your husbands. Priyanka will be staying with me as well as Mishti.

Living Room

Rudra: Bhaiya, I want to take Ishana bhabhi with me to Mumbai. Can I take her??

Neil: To take revenge on your family?? (Rudra nods) Do you think she will agree??

Rudra: (shakes his head) She definitely won’t agree, bhaiya. Bhabhi is not a revengeful person. She is very soft hearted and that makes everyone to think that she is weak. I don’t want that, bhaiya. I want who else thought that she is weak, must know that she is not weak and she is strong enough to give back to them. Bhaiya, you know whatever my family did to her, right?? Please convince her to follow me to Mumbai. My family need to regret for their deeds, bhaiyas.

Gau: Do you realise what you are saying?? You want her to take revenge on your family. Your family!!

Rudra: I know, bhaiya. But they did wrong to her. Bhabhi is suffering now because of them only. Both of you know right how she is suffering since she left Mumbai?? She has landed in depression, bhaiya. Please convince her, bhaiya. (NeilGau look at each other in dilemma.)

Neil: We will try, Rudra. We can’t promise you.

Night at NeilGau’s House

The youngsters chat with each other having small party at the terrace. Ranveer is secretly glancing at Priyanka which didn’t go unnoticed by Ishana. Ishana looks at AvNeil and PoojAm and gestures them towards Ranveer. She raises her eyebrows at them while they just nod their heads at her. She goes closer to them.

Ishu: (whispers) Since when??

Avni: (whispers) It’s been more than a year but only from his side.

Ishu: You all knew it earlier but never tell me. Too bad. (Sulks)

Pooja: (whispers) Don’t sulk, my dear. Actually, we are not sure either he is serious or not. Moreover, you introduced her as your friend. Who knows you might hit him if you got to know that he is having an eye on your friend??

Ishu: (chuckles) I don’t know much about him. As I know, he doesn’t like me very much. So, I don’t know what to say. If she is happy, then it’s fine for me.

Neil: It’s getting late now. I think we should go and sleep now. (All get up from their places. AvJa go to NeilGau making them confuse.)

Avni: Tonight, we will sleep with our husbands. Let’s go. (AvJa drag NeilGau before they could ask something. Ishana just chuckles seeing them.)

Rudra: Why they gave that reaction to their wives??

Ishu: Actually, they haven’t stayed together at night since I came here. So, they are surprised when AvJa said that they will stay with them tonight. (RuPriVeer are shocked learning about this.)

Prinku: Why they didn’t stay together??

Ishu: Because of me only, Priyanka. You know about my health condition, right?? They are worried about me till they didn’t spend time with their partners.

Ranveer: That’s why you sent them for dinner date last night?? (Ishana looks at him in suprise.)

Ishu: Yes. That is one of the reason.

Rudra: I just adore your friendship, bhabhi. (Ishana smiles at him. She remembers something.)

Ishu: Rudra, I’m so sorry for this afternoon.

Rudra: Sorry?? For what??

Ishu: About Mishti.

Rudra: That’s ok, bhabhi.

Prinku: Wait a minute. Bhabhi, why are you saying sorry for Mishti?? She is Rudra bhaiya’s friend’s baby, right??

Ishu: No, Priyanka. Mishti is not his friend’s baby.

Rudra: Prinku, actually they have adopted the baby. (Thinks something and looks at Ishana) Bhabhi, why they didn’t know that you have adopted the baby?? And why Avni di said that Mishti is my baby?? (Ishana realised that she can’t hide the truth anymore.)

AvNeil’s Room

Neil has freshened himself and about to go to the bed but stops seeing Ishana’s frame on the table. He takes the frame and caresses her smiling face. His eyes are filled with tears recalling about her past.

Neil: How much you have suffered, Ishu?? How much you must have cried?? You must have missed us very much, right?? You must have wanted our support that time, right?? We are so sorry, my dear. We were not there when you needed us the most. I wished that I could rewind those days and give back to all of them for torturing you. How dare they to torture you?? (Kisses the picture)

Avni just came from washroom and hears Neil. She feels bad seeing her husband like this. She goes and hugs him from behind.

Avni: Please don’t cry like this, Neil. I can’t see you broken like this.

Neil: (breaks the hug and turns towards her) I feel guilty, Avni that I was not there during her tough time.

Avni: I can understand, Neil. In fact, I and Pooja too felt the same. She would not have faced those situation if one of us with her. I regretted why I listened to Ishu and followed you to Bangalore that time. (Neil is surprised that Avni is having the same guilt as well.)

Neil: (cups her face) Don’t blame yourself. No one has thought these all will happen to her. Luckily, Rudra, Priyanka and Soumya were there for her support. They have filled our place that time.

Avni: Yeah. At least she was not alone. (Neil smiles nodding his head. Avni is glad to see him smiling.) This is my darling husband. (Grasps his chin lovingly) You look good when you smile like this. I love your smile.

Neil: (holds her waist and pulls her closer) So, you love my smile only, not me??

Avni: Of course I love you. Do you have any doubt??

Neil: Really?? (Avni nods) Prove it to me. ( Looks at her with desire filled eyes making her to blush hard.)

Avni: (pushes him) Neil… (moves backwards)

Neil: That’s my name, Avni. I knew it. (Walks towards her while Avni continue walks behind till she hit the wall. Neil smirks at her. Avni tries to escape but he blocks her by placing his both hands on the wall.) How will you escape now, wifey?? (He looks at her eyes and kisses her forehead. Avni closes her eyes feeling this proximity which they didn’t have for a long time. He kisses her both eyes and cheeks deeply. Avni opens her eyes and looks at him who is gazing at her lovingly. She feels shy and about to move from him but he smacks his lips with her’s. Avni is stunned but she doesn’t push him. She too responds to the kiss and they kiss each other passionately. They break the kiss due to lack of breath and place their foreheads on each other.)

Avni: I love you, Neil. (Neil smiles and lifts her in his arms. He walks towards the bed and places her on the bed.)

Neil: (pecks her lips again) I love you too, Avni. (Switches off the lights.)

To be continued…..

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