Naagin Season 2 26th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Naagin Season 2 26th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Yamini with her puppets runs behind Rudra to catch hm and he falls down. Yamini shouts to stop, she has seen his real face under moon. He gets up and shouts he is icchahdari nag and came to take revenge from them, they all will die. He escapes. Avantika says it is proved he was behind all the wrong happenings and Shivangi is not icchadhari nagin an dis innocent.

Kapalika tries to revive Sesha from scorpion bite and says Sesha is sinking, so she has to chant reverse matras and provoke scorpion to suck back poison. Scoprion does same and Sesha gets up and becomes half nagin and half human.

Yamini with her puppets yell why did this new icchadhari nag try to attack her, what did she do. Avantika says now it is proved their nagmani key Shivangi is not icchadhari nagin and they

can use her to et nagmani. She says she is bee queen and can kill or revive anyone, she will not spare new icchadhari nag. On other side, Shivangi meets Rudra and scolds for showing his true identity to Yamini and her puppets. Rudra says he did right as Yamini’s will doubt him and stop doubting Shivangi. They both go to guruji and inform him everything. Guruji says Shivji has sent Rudra to help Shivangi and their motto is same. Shivangi says how to kill Avantika. Guruji says only honey can kill her, she is a honey bee and loves honey. He gives poison from shivji’s snakes and asks to mix this in honey and there is a honey mountain near Mumbai. Shiivangi returns home and keeps poison in her room

Rocky lights candles and holding flowers thinks of romancing Shivangi. His cousins enter and taunt now a days girl won’t fall for flowers and all, they need something different. He asks like. They say he should remind bhabhi about thier romantic moments. One says bhai lost in boxing match, garaget, snow…Rocky says Shivangi likes snow, she fell for him duriing a snowy evening. Cousins say in mahararastra, no snow even in winter. Rocky says he will plan something. Shivangi enters room next and sees Rocky trying to apply poison thinking it as perfume. She rushes and pushes him. Poison falls down and Rocky falls on sofa. Shivangi gets cocerned and asks if he fine. He pulls her towards him. Yamini enters with Sesha and acts as shy and says she will knock door next and enter. Shivangi says there is nothing ike she is thinking, perfume fell on sofa and even Rocky, so she was just checking him. Yamini says they are married and everything should happen between them. She asks them to get ready soon as they are going back to Mumbai.

Whole family plans to return back to mumbai. Rudra changes as Sesha and provokes him Vikram against Avantika and hits his head from behind. Vikram falls down unconscious. Rudra takes Vikram’s form next and gets into Avantika’s car. Rocky takes Shivangi in his car. Rudra as Vikram takes Avantika to honey moutain and says he wanted to give her a surprise. She says let us become bees and enjoy it. He says she should enjoy first, he will watch herfirst. She turns into bee and fies towards honey and then returns and attacks him repeately. Rocky takes different route than Mumbai. Shivangi asks why did he take different route. He acts as confused and takes her to a cottage and acts as knowing nothing. She gets in and he goes out. She goes out to check. He sprinkes snow on her. She is surprised to see snow. He says it is surprise for her and he brought her to revive their memories. She thinks he knew about her and Rudra’s plans and is saving Avantika, Rudra is in trouble then and she needs to go. She goes to room as going to washroom, locks room and escapes.

On the other side, Avantika tells Rudra that she realized he is imposter icchahdari nag, so she messaged Yamini and called her here. Yamini comes with Sesha and real Vikram and in her witty dialogues shouts she came back from her death and is yamini, gajagamini, he cannot kill her and her friends and they will kill him now. Sesha turns into snake and Avantiak as honey bee and they both attack Rudra. Rudra gets severely injured and falls down from cliff. Shivangi reaches and reaizes that she came late. As soon as Rudra falls down. She hides him, takes his snake form and goes to fight with Avantika and Sesha. Yamini shouts that Kapalika told if they drop snake in honey, it cannot come out. Sesha and Avantika drop Shivangi in honey. Yamini yells how will they know if snake is killed or not, who willl bring it. Shivangi tries to free herself from honey unsuccessfully. Avantika says she will suck whole honey and will bring snake out. Yamini says honey mountin. Vikram says she is mahishmati’s queen bee. Avantika goes and sucks honey. Honey turns blue. Yamini says it looks like poison. Avantika falls down blue after sucking poisonous honey.

Precap Vikram worriedly tells her partners that his life is in danger. He is shown floating on water injured.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. arjun bijlani

    Hella friends! I am your favourite arjun bijlani. Are you seeing my show pardes mein hain mera dil? Please watch it. I liked naagin 2 like naagin 1 so also watch it. Austria is beautiful.

    • Maanu

      Yes ofcourse…I’m a mad fan of yours…..meri aashqui tum se hi is the 1 St show I saw Ur performance…then nagin and then jalak dikla jaa…..I was crazy for Ur performance….now pardes I never miss a single episode….with lots of love…😍😍😍😍😍

    • Eliza

      Are u really arjun???dont try to jole and play with others emotion by telling a lie and if u are not arjun then also we watch pardes mein hain mera dil and love drashthi and arjun’s chemistry

    • jeenu

      i am ur big fan& love u very much.i am a viewer of ur new serial.ur acting is super continue upto end of pardes mein haim mera dil like naagin.

    • Janani

      Omg…I don’t think so u r really arjun bijlani….but I Love anything….like crazy on him…love uu loads arjun

    • unknown

      HI siddhi…….. i know u r siddhi…….. dont try to fool us……last season also u did the same thing….. shame on u

  2. arjit

    Hi! I have a doubt in this. shivangi is a naagin but when rocky produced snow, she should feel weird. Beause snakes can’t bear cold.Another one. Rudra died or just got hurt ?

  3. suhani

    Hi sir …I love ur acting so much in naagin 1…but why don’t u enter in naagin 2…I’m really upset….today epi is awesome…but feeling sad for rudra…I hope rudra will get fine soon..rovangi scenes are nice…

  4. Awatif

    Good joke .after 25 years it’s is to kill icchadari nag and nagin like seriously just with a car accident rudra’s wife died

    • alia khan

      @moni roy:: you aren’t mouni roy. If you are pretending at least write the spelling correctly.πŸ˜‚
      @sasha:: no I think its not rudra. According to the latest update,I came to know that the man behind the veil is none other than ankit raheja. He is the twin brother of ankush raheja(also played by manish khanna). He has come to avenge his brother’s death.
      Hi nandhini & shraddha!!!☺

  5. alia khan

    Hi everyone! Episode was good. Excited for tomorrow’s episode. Interesting episode. To see avantika and vikram dying together will be quite interesting.

    I am thinking to write an ff for naagin 2. Two couples are needed. One will be shivanya-rithik. But the other? Plz suggest me. Everyone. Plz plz plz suggest me.
    Hi nandhini and shraddha!!!!☺

  6. dera

    I really love rudra he is a awesome actor as well as shivangi both are so cute ….. Please update the upcoming episodes fast … I am waiting…………..

  7. sweety

    hello arjun bijlani,are u real arjun bijlani?I don’t think so.because actors don’t have much time even to give comments to the fans.anyways,if u r arjun bijlani than I am deepika padukone.

  8. Maanu

    Today’s episode was too good…fight between sesha and rudra is superb…shivangi also too good today… romance of rocky and shivangi is nice…snow fall sequence is 😍😍😍….
    Waiting for tomorrow episode..

  9. sweety

    If u r arjun bijlani,then I am deepika padukone hahahahahaha.I know u r not arjun bijlani.u r just another person.

  10. Sasha

    Hey Guys some are saying Rudra is the 8th killer and He is acting like innocent toto sivangi.. Is it true??? Is he a villian o.O πŸ™

  11. sweety

    arijit,shivangi is a mixture of human rithik and naagin shivanya,that’s why she didn’t feel weird and she didn’t shiver.and rudra was hidden and saved by shivangi,he was not died.he was just hurt and injured and will be treated by shivangi.

    • Nandhini


      |Registered Member

      Hi sweety! Even i had the same doubt as arjit..thanks a lot for clearing it!πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ we must accept the fact that the naagin makers are also thinking logically!
      Hii arjun bijlani! By the way i am jennifer winget! I am commenting here in the name of nandhini to hide my popularity… And i dont watch ur pardes show as i am very angry on you for you didnt appear in naagin season 2.😠😠

    • Safi

      Haha kufa avantika
      This season 2 doesn’t have charm like season 1, rocky is ugly no match for shivangi, this season is boring not that interesting as season 1.

  12. Firdaus πŸ‘Έ

    Arjun and moni my foot.. Pls don’t hurt others emotions by mouni and arjun sir’s name.. I m a silent reader here. I just wanted to say there is less rovangi scenes.. I know its mostly abt shivangis revenge, but in the first season also they have shown rivanya romance very nicely along with shivanyas revenge.. I can’t see that in this season.. Apart from that I love everything else.. Love mouni Roy.. 😘😘😘

  13. nishu gowda

    I dont like shivangi costume.. it not as like in the promo.. she us looking wierd in episodic gold nagin dress. In poster she is so pretty with tht dress. And still so many elements are missing. Karan veer is so much hot and good actor but he need to match up for shivangi character. Lets wait

    • Safi

      So true , I don’t like shesa dressing ,she was much better dressed in season 1
      And shivangi doesn’t look nice in her naagin costume either , I’m not enjoying naagin 2 it’s boring
      Ritik and shivanya’s chemistry was awesome , that was the reason the show was so hit.

    • Nandhini


      |Registered Member

      Tia, some guy named arjun bijlani commented here in the actor’s name as himself…so i replied his comment sarcastically…everyone knows dat actors and actresses dont take time out of their busy schedules to come to TU and comment here…its not necessary for us to take comments like dis so seriously lol…

  14. sahana

    I really like rudra ……i really love this episode and really the first comment was posted by arjun reply

  15. arjun bijlani

    Hi guys! I have time to read your comments of my serials. I can comment in it. And sweety don’t think we are fooling you. If you don’t believe, it’s your wish. But Pardes serial is having new twists now see it. I also love naagin. And in these comments, moni roy name is there. Mujhko iss comment name mein doubt hain. Someone thought I am not arjun and they kept mouni’s name. Reply for mine.

    • Maanu

      If u r really arjun means we r soo happy to have u here….I madly love Ur performance arjun…we want u back in nagin…now I’m watching nagin every languages they telecast bcoz of u only…I love Ur smile a lot…and Ur cute son……❀❀😍😍😍

  16. snows

    Karan looks very smart in this episode rather than last episode , new look very fantastic Luv u so much karan & mouni .

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