Naagin (Rivanya forever) season-2 epi-3


Ritik leaves from there.Tanvi comes there and Yamini sees her.

Yamini:What happened to him?

Tanvi:Nothing just work pressure

Yamini goes from there and Tanvi thinks

Tanvi:Ritik have to marry me.I have loved Ritik seen childhood then how can I let him go away from him.

She smiles evily.

Ritik is angry and goes out of the haveli.Ritik comes on main road and thinks

Ritik:I thought that Tanvi would be understanding but I was wrong.

He is walking when he gets hurt on his leg as there was a piece of glass on road.Ritik was in pain.He with difficulties reach the haveli and sits on sofa.

Shivanya sees that blood is coming out from his leg and immediately she takes first aid box and comes to him.

Shivanya:Sir give your leg.

Shivanya dresses his leg and says

Shivanya:Sir be careful

Shivanya is about to go when Ritik catches her hand and says

Ritik:Don’t call me sir,call me Ritik I don’t like if someone calls me sir.

Shivanya:Okay sir

Ritik:Again you said Sir.

Shivanya:Sorry Ritik

Shivanya smiles and leaves from there.

Ritik thinks

Ritik:How much sweet Shivanya is.

Ritik tries to walk but he feels extreme pain in his leg and Shivanya comes and support him to walk.She takes him to his room.

Shivanya:Ritik you take rest as you have got hurt.

She goes from there.Yamini comes to his room.

Yamini:Ritik beta what is happening with you and that girl?

Ritik:Ma her name is Shivanya.

Yamini:Anything but what is happening?

Ritik:Ma nothing is happening between us.

Yamini:Then why are you caring for her more then Tanvi.

Ritik:Ma Tanvi doesn’t understand me and never believe me.I don’t want to marry her.

Yamini:Ritik but

Ritik:No ma I will not marry her.

Yamini:Okay Ritik I will agree to you but you also have to agree what I tell.


Yamini:That at least forgive Tanvi.

Ritik:Okay I forgave her.

Yamini gets happy and leaves his room.

Ritik feels thirsty so he sees that the jug is empty so he goes to kitchen and drinks water.He is going when he listens some unusual noise and he turns.

A black snake comes to his back and bites him on his neck.He gets unconscious.The snake goes from there.

Shivanya comes in kitchen and sees Ritik is unconscious and she gets shocked.

Shivanya:Ritik get up.

Ritik doesn’t get up so she fastly.She makes a lape and applies it on his neck.This all is seen by Yamini.She is shocked and goes to Ritik.


Ritik gets up.

Yamini:Ritik beta

Shivanya and Yamini helps him to get up.

Yamini thinks

Yamini:Shivanya is perfect for my Ritik.

Precap:Yamini:Shivanya will you marry my son?As if you will not marry him then he will die.

Shivanya agrees.

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    Its very nice ! But it ended soon please make the episode longer …..???????

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      Ofcourse dear

  2. Very nice please update the next episode tomorrow

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      Thanks Sanika dear love u

  3. Outstandingly superb. Make the ff longer please. Can wait for the next episode

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      Ofcourse will make it longer and thanks for the comment

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