Ishqbaaz 11th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 11th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rudra’s friend coming to the ward. She calls Shivaye as Bade Bhaiya. She asks Shivaye who is he now. Rudra smiles seeing her. Shivaye says Bhaiya? She says I m so glad you are fine. Om asks Bhaiya? Rudra smiles. She says actually, I went to have sandwich and got black coffee for Rudra. Rudra takes the cup and smiles. She calls Om as Bhaiya, and asks Om will he have the sandwich. Om says I m good, thanks. She says I told you Rudra that when your brother gets fine, I will sing my brother’s fav song. She asks her friend Karan to come. Karan plays guitar. She gets the mic and sings Piya piya piya…… They get surprised and smile. She ends singing. They clap. She asks Rudra to call her if he needs help, and Bhaiya take care, get well soon, I m so glad you are fine. She leaves.


and Om ask Rudra about that girl. Rudra asks which girl. Shivaye says the one who just came and went. Rudra says she is not a girl. Om asks what, strange guy. Rudra says I mean, she is angel. Shivaye asks when did you start having black coffee. Rudra says because of you, you were in ICU and I was missing you. Shivaye says lift me up. The brothers hug. Guzre na…..plays…… Om and Shivaye tell Rudra that it was emotional before and its awkward now. They smile.

Bua asks Sahil where is he going and raises hand. Anika holds her hand. Bua scolds Anika and says leave my hand. Anika says if I leave your hand, my hand will get free, Sahil and I won’t stay here. Bua asks her to go, remember you are just sister, I m his Bua, his guardian, I will call Madhuri. Anika says call her, I will complain to police that I got kidnapped because of you. Sahil says I will say Bua kidnapped me. Bua says fine, go, you both will come back. Sahil jokes on Bua. Anika says I wish to leave a mark on your cheek, if you say any word, I will slap you. Bua holds her cheek. Anika and Sahil leave.

Rudra says I was at hospital all night and could not sleep, look at my dark circles. Shivaye says I was patient. Rudra says patient is at peace, the waiting person gets tired, I missed gym and two dates. Shivaye says really Om, Rudra was in problem, I just survived. Priyanka gets juice for Shivaye. Rudra says I need this, look at my skin. Shivaye gets a call. They all ask him not to answer any calls. Shivaye says its imp meeting. Om says you are just resting today. Shivaye asks did Om come back. He recalls the maha aarti incident, car blast and that lady poisoning him. He says something is fishy. Om asks what. Shivaye says I don’t find her timing right. Dadi comes and hugs Dadi. They ask Dadi to explain Shivaye to skip work today. Shivaye gets annoyed. Dadi tells about Anika, I got her freed.

Anika thanks canteen lady for getting us there. The lady asks Anika to stay here till she finds other place, once you get canteen contract in your hands, everything will get fine, what will you do. Anika says I have to legally adopt Sahil first. The lady says but that will charge a lot. Anika says I have some savings to approach court, I have to start new life with Sahil.

Shivaye says you got her out of jail. Dadi says yes. Shivaye says that girl is a problem, I was losing my life. Rudra and Om laugh. Rudra says you said that girl and life in one sentence. Shivaye says I hate her. Om says strong emotion for her. They laugh. Shivaye says I hate you guys, stop smiling, I don’t want to see her face. Dadi says this is your thought, maybe life has other thought. Shivaye says that girl will never come in my life, I just hate her. Rudra says shayari. Shivaye beats him.

Sahil tells Anika that he does not want to have food, he is in love with his classmate. She says fine, I m going to eat samosas. She opens the samosa pack and sees Shivaye’s pic in the paper. She says whose pic did I see and throws the paper.

Anika talks to lawyer. He asks her to consult his senior, as her case is complicated, he is in chamber for next two hours, meet him there. She thanks him. She asks Sahil not to go anywhere, I will come in some time. Sahil holds her hand and signs her not to go. She says nothing wrong will happen now. He asks promise. She says promise. He wishes her all the best. She hugs him.

Dadi asks maid to keep fresh flowers in her room. Pinky asks is any guest coming. Dadi’s daughter Roop comes there and hugs Dadi. Pinky says drama queen has come. Roop says I got this thread for Tej and Shakti, I used to tie them rakhi, then they will sing song for me, Phoolon ka taaron ka…. Pinky says this looks less for both brothers. Roop says I did not had money. Dadi asks her to come, your room is still same. Roop says I will hug my Bhabhis first. She hugs Pinky and says I m very glad, we will be together after many years. Pinky asks did you come for two days or a week. Roop says guests come for few days, I have come to my house. She goes.

Tia says I m doing meditation all night to send you positive vibes, look at the dark circles, can we postpone engagement. Shivaye asks can I borrow your phone. Om and Rudra come and stop Shivaye. They have a talk. Shivaye recalls taking that chip, and checks his trouser. Om stops Shivaye and asks are you trying to find car keys and go. Shivaye says give it, something imp is there. Om checks it and says there is nothing in it. Tia says Shivaye won’t go anywhere today. Shivaye thinks where did the chip go.

Bua and Anika argue on call over Sahil’s custody. Anika asks her to do anything, but I will take Sahil’s custody. She sees a boy crying and asks where is your mumma. She gives him a chocolate. A lady cries and tells inspector that she lost her son, that’s my child. Anika sees police and says Bua has sent police. She runs. Inspector says catch that girl. Anika hides in some chamber.

Shivaye thinks where did he lose the chip, and recalls …. He says chip would have fallen there, and calls inspector. The inspector says your Dadi got that girl freed, its not my mistake. Shivaye says I did not call for her, my chip fell there. Inspector says I got that chip, I thought it belongs to that girl and gave it to her. Shivaye ends call and that girl again.

Anika gets shut in some huge carton and men get that carton to Shivaye’s room. Shivaye is worried for that chip. Suddenly, she comes out of that carton and shouts no one dare to come close to me, look at my red slipper, I will just hit under the ear….. Shivaye looks at her shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. what a beautiful smile rudra

  2. Precap ?????

  3. LOL, Shivaye can’t seem to get away from Anika! ?? Nice episode as usual!

  4. I luv this serial….bt cant see this…pls change the timing…

  5. OMG.. Precap is very interesting.. Waiting for tommorows episode. Omkara & rudra so cuteeee……

  6. Superb episode I loved it

  7. Thanks amena di

  8. AWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rudra looks like a really adorable puppy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and the pre cap looks just superb. Now both of them will again start fighting. Now it’s Anika’s turn. She should use that chip to make Shivaye apologize to her. It will be fun to watch. So excited for tomorrow’s epi!!!!!!!!! Fingers crossed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Amrita

    Too good episode and too good precap

  10. wooooowww. . now im big fan offff ishabaaz:-)
    #Anika and shivaay 🙂 <3
    sOoprb prcap!!!!!!
    wats rudra s angle name???-
    any way…. awzm…… serial…..

    1. Khushi

      It’s leenesh matto….I hope I have spelled it right???

  11. *ishqbaaz

  12. RANdomfANCreationz

    Today rudra nailed the show omkara as always awesome n this bus is so irritating poor sahil I think sahil will be the one who will bring anika shivaye closer, and the precap is funny oops shivaye

  13. Loved today’s episode…. Om is just amazing… Thanks amena di for the update

  14. Om ur amazing and Rudra ur rocking where is oms angel??? We r waiting for here plz show here as early as possible…..its is one of best serial for after an dehleez…..I love there brotherhood bonding its nice and lovable finally very emotional too

  15. Monarlly Dayanite

    Amazing! precap….
    Would love to see it….

  16. This serial is just awesome! !!!!
    In luv with this show since episode 1 ^_^
    Precap luks superb!!!
    So jealous if their bro bonding! !!! ♡♥♡

  17. Khushi

    Haha what an episode u loved it througly….rudra is so funny… But I just can’t take my eyes off om….don’t know why….he is the height of cuteness…
    Precap was hilarious the way anika burst out of the box with a slipper in her hand and just the right dailouges it just cracked me…..can’t stop laughing?????

    1. Priya15

      Hi -fi khushi.. Even i cant take my eyes from om whenever he is present in any scene…when he doesnt have dialogues in any scene too i used to watch him just for his expression..that too when rudras frnd entered…u saw his expressions especially his eyes.. Omg..i cant get over him..jaisa mujhe namik ko dekh khar hota tha.. Vaisa kunal ko bhi dekh khar ho raha hai????..omg..these two expression kings..will make us mad am i ryt???

  18. I LOVE OM❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️??

  19. Guys!! Vrunshika Mehta is going to be opposite Omkara??

    1. Priya15

      R u sure… Where did u saw this news dear.. I seriously want to know.. And does she done any Serials before???

      1. Yes Priya15…I’ve also seen d news on …..And Vrushika Mehta had played d role of Kaira in Satrangi Sasuraal and Shiron in Dil Dosti Dance…..She is very beautiful….. and better than Twinkle Patel….

      2. Khushi

        R u sure it’s gonna be vrushika….she was good in D3 but the other serial I didn’t watch….. Don’t know how she will look with him….but I wanted the old pair of buddy project….that is Palak who played panchi… Their chemistry was phenomenal…..anyways let’s c what happens

      3. There was a news in Times of India regarding this. Hence it’s confirm priya (:

      4. Priya15

        Oh.. OK sis.. Let’s see how is her pair with our awesome hero… But I really want to see om’s romantic look..

      5. Priya15

        Ok shalaka di..but i m waiting for her entry i seriously want to see om in a romantic way.. And his unique love story too.. As i think he is a unique character ever i watched..i didnt saw any shilpi’s love story eager to see it..that too om’s romantic phase.. He l kill with his expressions voh toh pakka hai..but just waiting… Hope they show her soon….

    2. Nishu

      Seriously vrushika……… No I mean she nice, very pretty but did she match with om…. Let’s c

    3. Are you serious… !!!
      It would be damn interesting…!!
      I like Om too..!!
      Waiting fr the new interant.. ???

  20. Priya15

    Oh my god.. Rudra was too cute in today epi.. But i don’t know y.. I can’t take my eyes from om… I love his expressions.. Especially his eyes.. When he is in the scene I can’t see anybody else…

  21. And thank god at least Shivaye is suspicious about that dadi’s daughter rather than welcoming her with open arms!!!!!!! Now she’ll try to creat problems between the family members!!!!!

  22. loving this serial…..great fan of it

  23. Haha,,Can’t watch ishqbaaz without smiling,,,,this epi was superb and Rudru was tooooo cute,,…I just love Rudra,,,,3 brothers are awesome,,,,expression kings,,..even Sahil is a big him too
    Thank god shivaaye is suspicious about bua,,,,hope he will take care…and eventhough I didn’t lyk Anika in the begining,,,,Now I started liking Shivaaye-Anika pair….
    Rudra got his angel and now waiting for Om’s heroine…

  24. The hospital scene was perfect! Each of them gave their 100%. I actually wen back and watched it 3 times lol. … it was soon adorable. … rudra was soo cutewee and shiv and om had the cutest confused look yet they were enjoying the moment. Lol

    And our rudra has prayred to an angel and it came down to the earth for him lolzzzzzz soo adorable. ?????

    And the precap sense funny. … I too didn’t like Anika and her buaji part, but I think it’s the way the writers r telling us that both shiv and anika has a Strong bond with their siblings and is able o fight the world for them….and when such people fall in love with each other there will be magic ❤❤❤❤❤
    I think Anika will ask shiv to help her with the custody of her brother in return for the chip. … and maybe that will be away of.bonding with each other since rudra and his friend bonded over their love for their elder brother so I’m guessing Anika and shiv will bond over their love of their younger siblings.

    I can’t wait till tomorrow ?????


    1. You can watch this on hotstar…

  26. Stupid serial who said it is nice according to me this is the worst serial ever made and yeah this serial is worst then dehleez no no no they are equal………
    I don’t like any character of this serial and this stupid rudra I hate him…..
    I want this serial to be a big flop

    1. Khushi

      Haha it do not depend on ur wanting dude….???? the show is already a hit … it’s better u don’t say anything… If u don’t like it just ignore no need to come here and bash…..

    2. Nishu

      Kushi is ryt….. It won’t depend only on what u want, the show is already hit….. If u dnt like it thn don’t cm here with such cmnt

    3. Priya15

      I think Khushi gave an awesome reply. Even I feel the same.. Haha actually it’s an hit already.. Sry to say but I think u didn’t watch the epi… If so then u can’t hate our om.. And all characters r nyc only dear.. But it’s OK.. It can’t be a flop show is u didn’t like it.. No worries dear..

  27. Kunal….u are soo cute…ans if not panchi…vrushika too is good…she did her best in dil dosti dance and she completely suits for d role of a modern girl…hers and shantanus pair in D3 was a treat in V….lets see if u two suit too….and rudra too cute ur acts are…waitng for more omkaras scenes…love kunal aka omkara..!!

    1. I totally agree with uh vishista..!!
      Whenever I see the show, Om reminds me of old dashing Ranveer (Te Buddy Project) and it would be fun to watch Vrushika,the D3 champ (Sharon) along with him..!!
      Eager to watch upcoming epi.. ??

      1. Ha suhana….:-)

  28. I liked kunal(om) in Buddy Project but here he is in a totally different avtar.. and i think he nd Vrushika will look great together…

  29. hi …..this is nice serial .. fine some scenes r too much which we cannot expect …

    which hospital allow .. the attender to sing a with guitar .. she closed the door but this is not normal …… they pray for speedy recovery …… .

    i think anika will help shiva to find the lady …… she saw the scar in her hand clue ….. . current cut …… car blast …. poison injection will come by one by one ….

    all r doing their part well .. art director … super …..

  30. Om is just awesome. .. and I hope it’s vrushika. She is very pretty and perfect for om. . Rudra looked so cute. Even shivay was good but I can’t take my eyes off om.

  31. priyanka Hemnani

    just a amazing serial. can’t wait for.10.00 pm

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