Naagin Love OS (3)

Guys I would like to request to Siddhi and RS or anyone on TU to write Rivanya OS’s as there are not many OS’s for Rivanya and can all FF writers update their FF’s As soon as possible specially Tere sang pyaar mein, Naagin season 2 please please please….. And most people wanted me to write a OS everyday tell me if I should write an OS every day or not in the comments and do tell me if you want me to write an OS on anything else thanx….

•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• The sun was begging to set and the Raheja family was on the dining table having there Afternoon meal. Ritik and Shivanya were seated next to each other. Ritik finished his food and went to wash his hands. He came back and again sat on his seat. Just then a cheeky smirke landed on his face. He then grabbed Shivanya’s Hand from under the table. She kept giving him sad and puppy faced looks signalling him to stop. But he didn’t He still holder her hand. Finally Shivanya gave in and let Ritik hold her hand they changed the hand position a few times but in the end their hands were in contact.

A few minutes had passed Shivanya released her hands from Ritiks grip and got up from her chair. She stood up and announced to everyone

Shivanya: I am going up does anyone need anything….

Angad: Some more roti please

Shiavnya: Okay….

Shivanya left for the Kitchen and ritik filled her. Shivanya went tio the Kitchen and saw there were no servants in the Kitchen so she decided to make the roti herself. She took the flour out and placed it in the tray. Ritik came and back hugged Shivanya.

Shivanya: Ritik …..choro koi dekh le ga…..

Ritik: To dekh ne do…….

Ritik: you always work so today I will l……come on move I will make the roti….

Shivanya: its okay I can make it…..

Ritik: No only I will make it…now move

Shivanya moved and ritik started adding water to the flour mixture. He then started to knead it. Shivanya said

Shivanya: Aisa….nahi large

Ritik: to kese large hain …..

Ritik moved back and let shivanya. Shivanya came and started kneading the dough ritik came from behind her and went around her and started also kneading the dough. Ritik then brought his face down and passionately started kissing Shivanyas neck. Shiavnya was enjoying very much when suddenly both Rutik and Shivanya heard Angads voice. Angad shouted from dining table

Angad: Babhi………meri roti…..

Shiavnya: bas aayi…….

Shiavnya and ritik washed her hands l. Shivanya quickly made the roti and served it to Angad. Shivanya after serving then went back to the kitchen and Ritik said

Ritik: let’s go to our room…

Shivanya: Why

Ritik: To end what we started here…..

Shivanya: What do you mean I don’t understand…..

Ritik then grabbed Shivanyas hand and went to their room………That night they became one…..

Sorry for boring OS but next one will be longer. AND please do update your FF’s regularly and tell me if I should write a OS daily or not which ever gets the most comments I will do…………so comment now…..

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  1. Siddhi

    It was nice

  2. Superb

  3. You should write your is daily please please because it is very nice

  4. Yeah you should write your is daily and can you make an is about shivanyas pregnancy and update them both daily please

  5. Or make shivanya pregnant in this is then it would be very nice

  6. Update it everyday. Show more of rivanya romance. Its very nice.make shivanya pregnant

  7. Yeah I think you are right shreyaa and rivanya you should make shivanya pregnant

  8. Can you please upload your is today

  9. Can you please upload your os today

  10. Updating now

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