love after marriage season 2 (part 21)

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I know I didn’t complete season1 I thought to update missing parts of season 1.. If this is fine let me know.. This season more 60parts are remaining.. Here ill update them without backing off..

Arvi texts aishu come near terrace.. She goes to terrace.. Arvi smiles seeing her.. She asks what happened? He smiles and says I wanted to say you that … She asks what happened? He says tapu and Manu married got postponed bcz of manu’s uncle’s health issue.. She asks when it might take place? He says mostly after our.. She says after our marriage na.. He nods yes.. She asks then what about our plan for today? He says can we postpone it also.. She says Manu.. He says ill call him here wait.. Manu comes there .. Aishu asks him will he do that work today? Manu says I think after some days ill do that.. Arvi says ok then..leave it.. Aishu asks did you inform tapu regarding it.. Manu says no.. Tapu come there and ask them to come down.. Arshu leave from there..signing Manu to tell.. Tapu turns to go.. Manu holds her hand.. She asks what happened? He says I want to say you something.. She says yea tell.. He says our marriage got postponed.. She says ok why are you tensed for it… He replies you are not feeling bad about it.. She replies Manu we both will get time to spend with each other then.. He asks what? She says I always wanted my marriage to be love marriage.. He says so.. She smiles and hugs him..say shall we fall in love.. He hugs her and say thank you.. She says I love you..and goes from there.. He smiles and say I love you too.. She replies I know that..come down.. She says this standing near terrace entry door.. Both smile..come down..

Arvi see Manu coming down.. Signs aishu.. She goes to see musical system.. Manu and Arvi come to stage.. Welcome everyone.. Tapu and Madhu are sitting..aishu comes there and calls tapu.. They both go inside.. Manu says let start function with.. Arvi interrupts and say I think let us start with guy’s side performance.. Manu says yea..lets start.. Arvi announces Arjun and suji..will start… Sujun comes and perform on.. I just love you baby song.. Manu thanks lets see performance from girl’s side.. Tapu and aishu come..they both perform on Student of the Year – Radha..then after that Arvi and Manu join them for Delhi Wali girlfriend.. Then Aishu perform on..Chammak Challo.. Then Bindu comes there for performance..she dance on Gore Gore Se Chore.. Then tapu comes to perform on..London Thumakda.. Aishu and Bindu join her.. All start clapping.. Then Manu come and say now only Madhu should perform.. I think Surya will join her.. Iski Uski.. All start clapping as performance come to end.. Arvi comes on stage on say till now person who irritated you by interfering in between by talk will dance.. Manu come and perform on..Senti Wali Mental..tapu join him in middle.. After that arshu perform on ..Main Ghani Bawri Ho Gayi.. At last girls come on stage on perform on wedding season song.. Then guys join them.. They pull there family members for..Mahi Ve.. At last sangeet finishes.. Then all go for having dinner..
Aishu and tapu run to room.. Aishu says im really gone mad da… Tapu says now we are changing na . Aishu says yea.. They get ready in blue and red colour long gown..come down.. Aishu and tapu keep talking.. Arvi see them..say both are looking like twins.. Aishu hear him and say yea so what ? Manu comes there.. Tapu signs Aishu.. They both leave.. Manu say arvi they might be hungry..from afternoon they didn’t have anything.. Arvi says shall we take them out.. Manu says ok… Arvi texts Aishu to come out..with tapu.. After 10min.. Aishu and tapu come out.. Manu says sit inside.. They all sit.. Arvi starts car.. Aishu says dinner.. Manu says lets have out na.. Arvi drives fast and they reach hotel.. Tapu says we could have have at home only na.. Arvi replies will you both wait for 2hrs..above that you should serve guests also.. Manu says then when you both will apply mehandi.. Aishu says ok..lets go and have something feeling hungry.. Arshu go..then Tanu follow them.. All have dinner and enjoy.. After 1hr they go back.. Surya see’s them coming.. Show Madhu.. She says they went to have dinner… Arshu and Tanu join them.. Surya ask why you didn’t call me? Arvi replies you should have your dinner at your in law’s place so.. Aishu gives Surya dry Gulab jamun.. Tapu gives Madhu belpuri.. Arvi says have this now ?.. Manu says sorry we were hungry so we went out.. Surya says I know who were hungry don’t worry.. Arvi and Manu smile.. Then girls leave for mehandi.. Aishu texts arvi ill msg you tomorrow.. Arvi replies ok… Surya and Manu smile seeing Arvi.. He asks what happened? They nod nothing..

Next day…
Madhu is getting ready..for bath.. Aishu and tapu keep smiling.. Madhu asks what happened? Aishu replies tomorrow you will be Mrs Madhu Surya na.. Madhu says yea.. Tapu asks you won’t miss us? Madhu says I wont.. Aishu says yea ..leave.. Madhu replies you both are my best friends how can I forget.. Trio hug.. Aishu says Madhu you want any gift from us.. Madhu nods no.. Tapu smiles and say after marriage we will give you ok.. Madhu ask them to get ready.. Tapu says we are ready.. Madhu asks them to wear saree or half saree.. Aishu says Madhu please.. Madhu give them saree and say go get ready.. Aishu says I don’t want to wear saree for my marriage..why are you asking to wear now.. Tapu and Madhu smile say together..yea don’t wear saree for your marriage.. Aishu says yea good idea.. Tapu says we meant to say that .. Madhu starts laughing.. Aishu asks what? Tapu says for wedding night who will wear saree.. Aishu asks what does it mean? Madhu falls on bed bcz of laughing… Tapu says for first night don’t wear anything ??.. Aishu says dirty mind girl..goes to hit tapu.. Madhu and tapu keep laughing.. Aishu runs behind tapu.. They both reach till parking lot.. Tapu says aishu im feeling tried..please enough of this da.. Aishu says also won’t say such things.. Tapu says it’s reality da..don’t bother about it..when time everything will happen according it.. Aishu says yea..but also.. Tapu says as a a sister I can irritate you na.. Aishu says ya..lets go in’s Madhu’s our work is.. Tapu says to irritate Madhu.. They both go inside..
After a while.. Madhu is made as a bride.. Aishu and tapu are irritating her.. Madhu’s mom come there..and smiles seeing them.. Madhu hugs them and say enough of teasing me.. Aishu says lets have dinner.. Madhu says yea..lets have.. They all go for having dinner.. Aishu receive arvi’s text..”aishu please come out..i wanna give you something” Aishu replies ok..

Precap: 1yr leap.. Aishu’s shopping..

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  1. Shruthis

    super epi di 🙂
    yeayy 1 season i would love to read more 🙂

  2. nice episode..

  3. Like it,poojapu..U know,before u starting d season 2,i was thinking to request u to continue that.Bt i wasn’t able to.Now when u thinking that plz do that.i like season more&most.i’ll b so happy.

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