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The episode begins with Shivanya looking at the Kalash that contains the naagmani. Ritik touches her shoulder Says he had seen her real face. Shivu is scared , but is releived to hear that … She was that wife who gave matching colours to her pati. Ritik touches her caressingly Yamini comes there and i terripts them. Cuningly asks Shivu to hang the bel patra toran on the door so that naagin cant enter tonight
Shivu challenges that she will not let yamini win , she pretends to put the toran but drops the thaali purposely
Ritik is concerned and asks if she was OK ! shivu apologises. Ritik then puts up the abhimantrit bel patra toran on the main door, Yamini is furious that her plan had Naagin running for cover .
Yamini gloats to herself that the naagin

was already dancing to her tunes .
Shivu wonders how to escape from this naagmani poojan. As she enters the pooja venue with Ritik she prays to lord Shivji to show her the way to escape

Next moment shivanya faintz , the whole family is concerned , doc is summoned, doc declares she was tired, needed rest. Shivu apologises to yamu
Yamu says her health was more i portant
Ritik offers to sit besides Shivanya , she then thinks of ways to acquire the naagmani .
Shesha is seen slithering into the house in naagin form .
Rivanya romatic moments in their rom as he carries her to the washroom , shivu feels his closeness . Her MS gets entangled with his coat button , They have close moments trying to retrieve her MS
Yamu sends the servant to call Ritik for pooja .
Shesha is seen secretly watching Rivanya close moments , and feeling jealous.

Ritik then kisses his wife n leaves for the Pooja. The pooja begins and Shivu wonders this naagmani poojan could be conducted with out a naagin So who was the naagin at the pooja ?? Since she was in the bed !! Anky enters and is surprised to see Divya sitting at the pooja , he wonders why was Yamini getting this done thru Divya instead of Shivanya ??
Shivu too watches divya and gets surprised , she checks into divya’s room and finds her fast asleep , she realizes duvya had been given nidra vish , this could be work of only a naagin. Shivu realizes that some naagin had given divya sleep poison and was sitting at the poja in Divya’s form she decides to call shesha but shesha is unreachable .
Shivanya then Invites some aghories who are playing the been outside their house to reveal who was that naagin .
Shesha gets affected by that been sound and yamini is seen faking disturbance due to been sounds .next moment shivu and divya get affected
Ritik goes out to stop the baba playing the been but he says he was asked to p,ay the been since there was naagin in the house
Ritik decides to see for himself who was this naagin

As the been dounds become unbearable duvya comes into real shesha form and does a litle tandav She then turns i ti half human half snake , ritik touches shesha with his abhimantrit ring shesha is troubled. Shivu watches shesha and feels troubled
Ritik and shesha get into a wrestling match as ritik vows to kill this naagin tonight .
Soon shesha is over powered Next kpmoment shesha gets upper hand and she is about to bite ritik , but sheshanisnunable to bite ritik she failes to understand why
She remembers all her romantic moments with Ritik , she becomes motion less
Ritik then over powers her and touches her with his finger ring. Shesha turns i tj naagin form and slithers out briskly before any one can catch her .

Shivu wonders why did sehsha come i to this pooja in Divya’s form ??
Shivu goes back to her room and calls shesha angrily
She asks her why did she join that poja ?? If yamini would have finished this pooja then all powers of naagin would have gone to yamini. Why did shesha betray !! How could shesha her own sister betray her ??
Shesha says she went there to interrupt the pooja , she had planned to perform the pooja and make sure it was incomplete and escape with the naagmani. But shivu brought those baba and and revealed shesha. Shivu did not trust shesha , when shesha had given ehr entire life to her ?? Naagmani was not going to yamini now as she did not acquire any powers , shivu says wh did sue not tell her earlier ?? Shivu would have helped her !! Shesha says what happened if she did this with out informing her ??
Shivu regrets i terrupting shesha
Shesha says today the pooja was i complete but who knows how yamini will co plete this pooja with another naagin !!

Shesha then confronts yamini , she says shivu had interrupted today’s pooja or Yamini wouldnhave got her powers a d she would have got her love !!
Yamini the plays the emotional game with shesha and brain washes her that she loved ritik amd she wanted him for herself. Or she wil, be spending her whole life watching her sister romancing what she desired
Yamini tells shesha that once yamini gets the powers she will get ritik for shesha and she will make her the bahu , she she will get naagmani and get all powers she will make ritik hers
Yamini makes deal with shesha. Shesha then gives in to yamini’s offer , she says she was giving in to her love
Yamininasks her to complete the pooja and welcomes Shesha as bahu os raheja house

Shesha smiles and yamu says lets finish the thorn thats troubling both of them then Yamu will get naagmani and shesha will get ritik
But shesha in her mind thinks she will snatch that naagmani and use it to be ome the most powerful naagin in the universe She will get ritik for herself .
But she fakes she was in agreement with yamini .

Raheja family is scared n worried about the naagin , who was taki g up the form of any person in the house .
Divya is very scared about that naagin m yamini asks every o e to rest assuredhat naagin could not harm Ritik since he had special mark on his neck , he was the one who will kill the naagin when she comes.
Ritik agrees to kill that naagin ,

In their room anky yamu have their rajkumari maali nok jhok
Anky asks what was in the kalash yamu was holding

Yamu then remembers that she had told anky about this kalash earlier . That meant it was not anky then, it had to be shivanya in Anky form and she learnt the naagmani was hidden inside the kalash . .

Yamu Then lies to Anky that it contained the pooja ka jal
Yamu goes to guruma to find wa way out for the pooja , yamini thinks thatbit is better anky does not know shivanya was naagmani .
After Yamu leaves anky thinks that why should Panchner ki rajkumari place pooja ka jal inside the cupboard , he thinks it must be naagmani lhe opens the kalash and is disappointed to find a stone , he throws the stone angrily
She sha confronts yamini in naagin form and scares her
Yamini asks her to complete the pooja
Yamu and shesha go to GM’s cave
GM is shocked to see naagin inside her cave .GM refuses to believe naagin ould be their froend
GM insists naagin must be betraying her Or yamini was betraying the naagin
Yamu assures this was shesha and she had joined hands with them .
GM asks how did the naagin enter her cave ??
Yamini then produces the naagmani says naagin entered because of this naagmani .
Naagin Shesha will complete the naagmani poojan and get yamini the powers and in return shesha will be given ritik .
GM then says it was spl,pooja needing auspicious timings
Next day was naag panchami , and then they will do pooja
In their minds each one thinks that after pooja to orrow she will acquire that naagmNi and kill thenother two and become all powerful
Three of them secretly plant to finish off the other two .
She sha the tries to touch the naagmani but could not hold it .
GM says only the rightful owner could hold the naagmani and that person was SS
Since SS had given it to yamini only she could touch it .

Shesha then plots with Yamu to kill shivanya. She prepares poisoned milk
Yamu taunts her for killing that sister whom she loved dearly
Shesha tells Yamu that shivu will,not live with out Ritik , but since shesha was going to take ritik shivu will die as such , so she better die right away with this poisoned milk

At raheja house ritik is cursing that naagin for disguising and attacking innocent people he vouches to kill that hnaagin if he saw her .
Shivu wonders what would Ritik do if he came to know she was that naagin , she prays in her mind that he should know she would never harm any innocents

Yamini comes with that poisoned milk but shivanya makes out that the galss contained poison , she makes an excuse and says she would have it after her brat was over
Ritik comes there and says his mom must have got that milk for him
Shivanya stops him from drinking it
Shivanya then confesses she loved him shesha is secretly eaves dropping and watching Rivanya romance
Ritik makes Shivanya cnfrss several times and he is jubilant
He Takes Shivanya in his arms and dances merrily
The galss of milk spills accidentally shesha is watching angrily and furious that her poison was wasted
Ritik kisses her and asks her to confess again , shivu asks was he going to make her confess all the time ?? Ritik laughs and says he will make her say it all her life .
Shesha thinks this game of death had become game of romance

Shivanya thinks that tonight she had protected ritik from poison tonight how would she save him next time ?.
At shiva temple shivanya tells shesha that she had confessed to ritik now she was going to turn into human form and live all her life happily with Ritik
Shesha asks how could she give up her naagin form ?? Shivanya says her life will begins with Ritik and end with him

Shesha thinks she will,never let Rivanya unite .
She plots with yamini to separate Rivanya
Next day at breakfast table Shesha takes shivanya form and fakes fight with yamini and they clash angrily
The Family watches the saas bahu drama and turns against shivanya .
Yamini fakes concern about her bechari bahu .
Ritik returns home from jogging and is hurt to know Shivanya misbehaved with his mom .
Riti goes to his room and confronts real shivanya , he shouts at her and manhandles her and asks her to apologize to her mom,
Shivanya wonders whatbwas happening she never did anything !,
Shivanya then realizes thatbit must be shesha in her form , she was the one who lost her temper easily .
Shivanya apologises to yamini thinking she had to stay close to Ritik or yamini would kill him
Later Shivu wonders why did shesha come there and do this drama ?? Was it because shesha did not want her to give up naagin form ?? Was she trying to drive ehr away from Ritik ??

Yamini comes to meet shivanya and touches shivanya with her ring , enjoys causing her burning pain and tortures her n taunts her. And says she knew she was naagin . Yamini gloats she had everything in her hand. She could kill Shivanya in a jiffy hut she would have some saas bahu fun before that .
Shivanya is forced to turn into naagin form , scales begin to appear on shivanya .

Shivanya then tells yamini that she would expose Yamini in presence of ritik .

Ritik would be shocked to see your real face yamini !!

Yamini then challenges her to tell ritik that yamininwas the one who killed her parents !! Then she wil see how ritik will keep her here !! She could tell ritik that she kiled all those people ! She killed viren, shailesh , Suri and the others .. Then it will be seen whom ritik supports , this killer naagin or his mother. ,
Yamini challenges that if she thought this naagmani poojan could be stopped by her then she was wrong. She would complete this incomplete pooja next day , she would acquire that naagmani and all thenpowers that come with it , amd make sure shivanya was got rid of
She challenges Shivanya to try and stop her .
Shivanya in her mind thi ks she will stop her amd will never let her take naagmani

In the cave of GM next day. It is time for naagmani poojan .Shesha thinks she will take NM and get all the powers as well as Ritik
GM thinks she will not give it to any one but will take it herself .
Shivanya is outside the cabe and wonders how to stop that pooja
Yamini gets impatient and asks GM to get over with the pooja as soon as possible Inside the cave the pooja is almost over and GM asks naagin shesha to take three parikrama of the havan kund. Shivanya unable to enter that cave as it has been blocked by GM’s mantra tantra .
Shivu prays earnestly to lord shiva for help in protecting the naagmani that was his , it was HIS third eye, it could not go to undeserving people
Shivanya is blessed by lord and she breathes fire into the cave and disrupts the poooja.
GM hears the call of her hawk
She calls that baaz inside. shivanya enters the cave

She gets into argument with shesha for helping GM and Yamini for acquiring the naagmani . Shivanya and shesha have emotional argument. Being sisters, betraying eachother. Shivanya Is upset snd regretful
Shesha asks Shivanya if she cared for her sister would she give her that she wanted ?? Shivanya asks what did she desire ?? Shesha says would she give her Ritik ??
Shivanyanis shocked and heart broken !! Lshesha then describes her feelings to shivanya, how she felt when he touched her, when he held her in his arms !! Shivanya says that he loved shivanya and he behaved with her thinking it was shivanya anot shesha. Shesha asks would he stil love her when he knew she was naagin ?? That she killed so many of his family members ?? Shivanya Is shocked , shesha says she got nothing from shivanya after serving her all her life , shivanya considered her as her right , but Yamini was going to give her her love Ritik .
Shivanya then remembers how in childhood shesha had bitten her, her mother had given her antidote to shesha’s poison
Shivanya thinks that probably her mother foresaw shesha could repeat performance
Shesha and shivanya get into ferocious fight , yamini think this is what she always wanted !! The should fight and kill eachother , suddenly she remembers if shesha died then how would her get naagmani !,
GM thinks that as soon as this fight was over she would escape with mani
Shivanya tries to escape by turning i to snake GM sengs hawk to get her back The hawk carries suneheri naagin into the cave .
GM sprinkles sindoor around her. Yamini n Shesha smile .as numerous poisonous spiders appear and create a web around Shivanya and she is trapped .
Yamininasks GM to kill this naagin, GM says since tonight was naagpanchami naag naagins could not be killed tonight But the momentnit was past 12 PM she would kill her .

GM then traps shivanya in a maya jaal trap and shivanya is unable to escape .
Shesha turns into shivanya form and tells her that tonight she would have suhaag raat with ritik , something shivanya could never do
Shivanya is heart broken .

Shivanya tries to escape but fails , sheshe asks shivu not to try to escape or she would die , shivu tells sheshe that she was on the wrong path
Yamini reminds shesha that tonight was hers She could have Ritik to herself

Precap for next saturday
Shesha having suhaag raat with ritik (unwatchable hot scenes )
Shivanya reveals to ritik that anky and Yamini are the killers of ehr parents and they stole the naagmani and kiled his father .
Ritik slaps her hard and she is unable to prove herself
Shivanya threatens to kill Anky unless he promised he would reveal everything to Ritik
, anky agrees but before she could release him Anky is killed by a sharp log of wood leaving shivanya shocked

Update Credit to: Sutapasima

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