Young love epi-42

The episode starts with Ishaani and ranveer have a talk.. Akshara again aims gun from other house.. But it shoots all pots. They both gets alert and leaves and calls police. Akshara escapes from there.. Apu gets irked after this failure.

Apu calls akshara. But she does not take the call and books flight ticket. She gets her dress pack. Apu comes there.. Akshara gets shocked. Akshara shouts some men to come in. They comes in and fights with apu with magical sticks.. Akshara leaves and gets into flight.. She gets relived and takes naitik pic and tells I will not leave Ishaani and ranveer so easily. I will kill them.

Apu kills goons and comes there and sees akshara flight left and gets irked. Apu tells I won’t spare u. I will kill u..Akshara comes to Haryana and gets into her room. She smiles seeing naitik and her pic and gets teary eyed. AFB is shown.. Naitik was driving car. Ishaani also drives car while she is 3months pregnant and she practices with Ritvik. That time he hits naitik car.. He died. FB ends…

Akshara tells Ishaani only killed u and I will spare her.. Apu gets a call from someone. She gets shocked. Apu tells I will come there within some time.

Apu comes to house and police and people standing and signs Ishaani and tells I am leaving to Haryana for some work and tells I will come soon.. Ishaani does not hear and tells OK.. Apu leaves from there with her bag. She gets into train.. Many boys sits near her and drinks beer and teases her.. Apu sleeps on upper seat.. Boys takes her bag and plays with it. Apu warns them not to do this. One of the boy tells will u kill me? He smiles at her. He comes close and tries to kiss her. But she pushes him.. He gets injured. His body changes into blue. Train stops at station..his friends tries to stop here but she shows her weapon.. She leaves from there and comes to Haryana. She asks her friend where is akshara house? She tells the address.. Apu tells today u are finished. Today is u r death day akshara.

Precap:Apu knocks the door. Akshara does not heard it becoz she is playing with some kids. Apu gets angry and breaks the door with her power. Akshara gets shocked.. Ishaani and ranveer have some intimate moments?????????????????????????????

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Amazing! I cant wait

  2. eager to see apu & akshara’s death

  3. Please ranaji make that old ishveer love story instead of including alk these extra people their romance is missing now i want their romance not sasural simar ka hope you will understand me

  4. I am confused sbout their real and reel names

  5. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Nice but I thought akshara will die in this waiting to see her death.

  6. Nixxxxxe ???

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