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Naagarjun 30th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maskini tries to seduce Arjun looking at elixir sprinkled fruit. Aditya and Tian walk into Maskini lok thinking finally they reached Maskini lok. Aditya asks if he is really awake of asleep. Tina pinches him and says let us move. Aditya sees snake and panics. Tina says what else he willl find in Maskini lok than snakes, let us find Arjun and save him.

Shankchrun walks with guard and thinks Arjun seems to be in trouble, Arjun pawned his life to Maskini to free them all, he cannot trust Maskini and has to help Arjun.

Gaurds catchTina and Adity and ask who are they. Tina realizes they are Maskini’s guards and asks them to give her message to Maskini. Guards throw them in jail. Yashoda and family see her and ask how did she come here. Tina asks where is Arjun and introduces

them to Adity as Arjun’s family. Aditya says wow, he is surprised to meet Arjun’s family. Tina asks where is Arjun. Yashoda says he will return soon. Noorie says Arjun is with Maskini. Tina says why did he go there, she will go and bring him. Noorie says it is Arjun’s fight and he will fight alone, so she should walk along them. Aditya hears guards talking about black jungle. They all continue walking in jungle. Aditya says Tina he feels these guards will kill them. Tina asks him to relax, nothign will happpen.

Maskini shows elixir sprinkled fruit to Arjun and tells this is Maskini lok’s special fruit and they eat it during these moments. Arjuns says on earth, they don’t eat anything. Maskini says it is her ritual and she will feel good if he eats it.

While continuing to walk, Shankchurn sees Tina and thinks how did she come here, who brought her here, he senses something is wrong here, all soldiers disappeared. They kept him behind so that he does not notice this. They all continue walking nd get afraid seeing darkness. Tina asks why did it become dark suddenly. Shankchurn says this is Maskini’s trick. Maheshwar says smething bad will happen, they have walk together. They continue walking nervously.

Maskini insists Arjun to have have fruit and thinks once he eats it, he will become her servant. Arjun thnks what to do now. He takes fruit near his mouth, but keeps it back and says this is Maskini look which Maskini herself created and no rule is bigger than her. She is so beautiful and he wants to make her his, nobody in this world can match her. Maskini falls for his buttery talks and asks is it true. Arjun says he is forgetting even his family and wants to gets engrasped in her love. Maskini says she was eager to hear these words, he should continue speaking.

Arjun’s family panic seeing darkness. Shankchurn ask them not to worry, he will guide them till earth. He uses his super power and brightens surrounding.

Precap: Maskini tells Arjun that he is trying to fool her with his sweet talks. Arjun says he is just praising her beauty. She asks to prove then. He leans to kiss her. Yashoda finds Noorie missing and panics.

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