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Day 74
Bigg boss says sometime back Rohan locked himself in washroom, we called him to confession room and tried to make him understand but Rohan is stubborn and saying that we are unfair and wants to leave show and has locked himself in washroom again, we want to tell Rohan that if you want to leave show then as per contract you will have to bear punishment and it will tarnish his image too, so we suggest him not to take haste decision, we are giving you some more time to take decision, if Rohan doesnt come out of washroom then for his safety, Bigg boss will have to take strict decisions, we suggest him to not take haste decision. Lopa asks Rohan to come out. Niti says Rohan its not worth it, you will loose a lot. All ask Rohan to come out of washroom. Lopa says this is not

an option, guilty people hide like this, shout like lion, come out. Rohan says Gaurav is outside? Gaurav says yes i am here, Rohan asks him to come in, Gaurav takes off his mic, Bani says break more rules, Gaurav says doesnt matter. Gaurav goes in washroom without mic and locks. Bigg boss says we asked Rohan to wear mic but why Gaurav is breaking this rule now? Rohan and Gaurav comes out of washroom. Gaurav says sorry, Rohan leaves. Bani laughs.
Rohan gets in bed and covers himself with blanket.

Swami Om comes back in house. Manu asks Swami why you are holding hand? Swami says i have hurt my hand, Manveer says take rest now.

Day 75
Inmates wake up dancing to the tunes of ‘Raju Bani Gentleman’. Manveer, Mona, Swami, Manu and Niti dances.

Still upset and distressed about the previous night’s incident, Rohan remains secluded and burrows under his blanket and refuses to talk to anyone. Lopa tries to cheer him up and advises him to fight back and leave the house with dignity when the time is right. Rohan says i have this stand, i will leave with dignity, Lopa says this is not good to hide in places, dont play game. Rohan says they snatch things from me, took captaincy then nominated me, i dont care about nominations but do same with all.
Manu says to Manveer that Rohan is giving footage. Manveer says i dont understand his anger, if he wants to remain silent then dont shout from washroom too. Manveer says to Mona that celebs have all become captain.
Rohan says its clear that indians are being favored, they played Raju bangya gentleman, he is going to win.

Lopa lifts Rohan’s blanket and says leave everything aside, if you leave then i will leave too, Rohan says i know you are with me but understand that i dont want to look more bad, i will get physical if other is physical, Om Swami once again interferes in their conversation, Rohan says listen to me Swami, i am leaving on weekend, dont irritate me, Swami says you dont have guts to leave, Lopa says dont interfere, Swami says all are Bigg boss’s servants, Lopa shouts that no one is talking to you, Swami says i can talk to anyone. Manu says who is shouting like Priyanka Jagga? Swami says you have got guts, Lopa says to Rohan that why you are talking to person like ********, he cant shut his mouth then why dont you shut. Swami says to Lopa that dont know what kind of girl are you, Lopa shouts that i will cut you if you say this, Swami says attack me, Lopa says who the hell are you to say that? i will distort your face. Manveer tries to calm Swami and Lopa. Rohan throws his blanket away. Rohan charges at Swami, Lopa stops him, Rohan says i want to leave show, i will hit him and leave then, it doesnt matter. Bani and Lopa grabs Rohan, Bani holds Rohan’s waist to keep him in place, Manveer makes Rohan sit on bed again. Lopa says this man is saying filth.
Manveer says to Swami that why you cant be silent? Swami says i was in my bed, they were saying rubbish about me. Lopa says this man has no class, the way he dresses up, the way he speaks, he has no standard, he must beg in local train. Manveer asks Lopa to ignore him. Lopa says this game has made me helpless. Lopa says you are forcing me, people like Swami cant even stand beside me, Swami says you cant stand infront of me, Lopa says i am helpless that i cant punch you, you have no standard. Rohan pulls Lopa away from him.

Manveer asks Bani what is solution of Rohan’s problem? Bani says its similar to situation when all asked me and Gaurav to boycott Priyanka. Manveer says what if Swami starts hurling at us too? he is intimated by us rightnow but he will be more filth if he is not, Bani says dont talk to him at all. Manveer is applying face while talking to her. Manu comes there, Manveer says if Bigg boss giveme order then i have to follow it. Manu says Rohan is saying that Bani and us have pushed earlier too. Manu says Swami instigate people to do that, Niti says just ignore him totally, Bani says i think you people sometimes support him, we have to do something, Manu says starting boycott, we will not give him food but then he will destroy kitchen, he will keep eating eggs, he will steal chicken, he will make kitchen dirty, you cant do anything with him, we are lost to him, Manveer says calm him with love, Manu says he just give reaction to action, he is clever, we can boycott him today and then see what he does.

Gaurav says to Rohan that they wont allow you to talk to lawyer or dad, you are tied down, think what you want to do, he hugs Rohan and says its difficult but be clear, rohan says i am following all rules but they are unfair with me, what wrong did i do? he cries, Gaurav hugs him, Rohan says how would i know whats wrong? they blame me, nobody is doing anything when its happening with me, Swami comes there and sees Rohan crying. Gaurav says to Rohan that i am with you, dont cry. Swami says in camera that he is crying for footage, both Gaurav and Rohan are criminal and drama queens.

Bigg Boss asks the new captain of the house, Manveer, to choose two contestants whom he wants to lock inside the jail as punishment. Making one obvious and one tough choice, Manveer chooses Swami Om for destroying igloo task and Rohan got hurt, Swami says i didnt try to hurt Rohan, i was dizzy and fell on him, Manveer says you involve in everything, Swami says Manver is scared of Rohan and cant put him in jail. Manveer says we had task for Bani and Gaurav, Gaurav doesnt take stand which is needed in house, he takes Gaurav’s name for the punishment. Bigg boss asks Manveer to put Gaurav and Swami in jail soon. Gaurav says people should understand reality of such things. Manveer says to Bani that you are always alone so its not expected from you to fight for others but Gaurav should do it.
Swami comes in jail and says to Manveer that you did wrong, you are betrayer, you have destroyed your image, you are scared of Rohan, Manveer says yes i am scared of Rohan. Gaurav comes in jail too. Swami says it would have been fun if someone else was in jail with someone else, Lopa says what could you have done? Manu says Lopa dont give him reaction. Gaurav says grace lesson one that dont give answer of foolish things and just smile, i will show you people lesson how to live with people like him, anyone can learn. Swami says be in limits and let me be in limits.

Bigg Boss introduces a new task ‘Manveer Ki Adalat’(Manveer’s court) wherein Manveer is made the judge and Rohan and Manu are made the advocates of Gaurav and Swami Om respectively. By the end of the task, the one who wins it will be released from the jail and the decision lies entirely with judge Manveer to see if which lawyer was able to free his client from allegations put on that convict. Two witness boxes are put up in the garden area where the courtroom session will be conducted. Manveer says i am neutral now. Swami says to Manu that i have to talk to you. Swami says to Manu that we won yesterday by breaking rule of Bigg boss, Manu says you put points that you had been beaten and mentally not fine, i will make you free, when you are given chance then cry and tell your pain.
Bani says to Gaurav that you will win case, Gaurav says Manveer said he doesnt know anything about house and neutral.
Buzzer plays.

Manu and Rohan meets each other like lawyrs. Case starts, Rohan says my client Gaurav is innocent, you can see face difference of both, Gaurav is clean and innocent, he takes stand where he should be, where he didnt take stand, it was not needed there. Manu says lets start with face as Rohan said, my client Swami has been praying for 30years, he has been alleged that he fights and yells, let me tell you about yesterday, two people were doing task, Swami tried to help person he wanted to win, Rohan says he broke rules of bigg boss, Manveer says i am blind rightnow. Rohan says judge seems bribed. Manu says let me tell you again, he asks Swami to show bruise marks, Rohan says these marks are of earlier. Swami takes off his shirt and shows bruise marks, Rohan says this didnt happen last night. Rohan asks Lopa to come in witness box. Rohan asks Lopa to say something about allegations. Lopa says his bruises dont seem like done by Rohan or Gaurav’s hands, it seems like it was done by something edgy, it was possible in igloo task only, Swami always lie and i dont think that we can believe his bruises. Manu says to Lopa that what happened yesterday, did Swami was pushed? Lopa says yes, Lopa leaves. Manu says to Gaurav that what you do in house daily? Gaurav says i wake up then sit in sunlight and eat apple then i do yoga then i make my breakfast. Swami says then he plan to kill me. Manveer says i will put him in jail, Manu asks Swami to not speak again. Manu says yesterday you were in task? Gaurav says we were observer of task. Manu says if someone twist words like this then innocent Swami will be caught, Manu asks Swami what happened in last task? Swami says Bigg boss made me participant of task, Rohan says i didnt ask anything to Swami because he always, Manveer says order..order. Rohan says to Swami that only Manveer and Rohan would take part in task, didnt you read it? Swami says you didnt let me read it, Rohan says this man is liar, he calls Bani in witness box, Bani says i have listened praise for Manveer’s justice. Bani stands in witness box, Bani says that since she was the sanchalak(referee) of the task, she was mindful of the rules and Swami Om’s behavior during the task was completely unjustified, only Rohan and Manveer could touch flowers, i told everything to everyone, Rohan says then why did Swami pluck flowers? Manu asks her if she has ever pushed anyone during a task, what you did in reaction? Bani says i dont remember, Manu says she is not mentally fit and cant even remember thing she did somedays ago, her statement is not valid. Bani says what are you saying? Manu says what was you reaction? Bani says he said such filthy and succumbed thing and i might have pushed him because he provoked me, Manu says i am done. Bani says i just want to say that if donkey comes in wrapping of Swami and tell you that i hope your mother die, its about his character, Rohan says he deserves to be pushed away. Manu says to Bani that just say statement as much is asked to you, if you can not be moved about someone else mother then dont expect others to be, Bani says what did you say? Manu shouts on Bani that you were sleeping when it was about my mother, he hints about her ignoring Priyanka’s comments about his late mother, Bani says what did you just say? you are turning this to me? she throws things away and gets angry, she says what are you even saying? Manu says you are overreacting. Lopa tries to calm Bani, Bani says you think i am doing this on purpose? Manu where are you going? Manu says dont create scene deliberately. Gaurav asks Bani to leave it, Bani says why you are bringing that back again. Manveer screams and asks everyone to sit down, all sit down.
Bani comes in restroom and says mom stay strong, i am sorry that Manu has no mind to create all this for task, i dont understand that he can remind me of such bad incident for just a task.
Rohan says i know Manveer will take right decision and put Swami mad man in jail. Manu shows Swami’s medicines and says maybe Swami will be fine out of jail, he if does wrong then put him in jail again and i wont fight his case. Manu says Gaurav is clever, manipulative and thinks before taking action so its crime to calculate his attacks which he did yesterday. Manveer says law is blind, case works on proofs, no one talked about how Gaurav should take stand and Swami is unfit and needs treatment so Swami will not go to jail. Rohan didnt clear things. Rohan says its clear that you people are not boycotting, dont do drama of boycotting him, Lopa says it was clear decision. Bani says disgusting.

Manu says to Manveer put Swami in jail on his one mistake, it was our work and we did.

Manu says to Lopa that we will put Swami in jail on his first mistake, it was case and we had to fight it, Rohan says i wouldnt have fought his case in first place, Bani says exactly, Lopa says Manu didnt have choice, he had to do task. Manu says i didnt see anyone with choice here before, Lopa says it was not your mistake. Bani says i got punishment to go to jail with Swami and i didnt take it, i boycotted it, Manveer says you take everything differently, Bani says why did he bring my mother’s incident, Niti says his intention was not to hurt you. Manu says she is forcefully taking things to her way, Lopa says it was fair court and fair judge. Bani says talk to me Manu, what trip are you on man? Manu says you wanted footage? you turned everything to you, Bani says people are crazy to thing that i would use my mother to get footage, Manveer says you brought your mother again. Bani leaves from there.
Bani comes in garden and says weeps to Gaurav, Gaurav says to Rohan that i felt bad when Manu brought her mother’s incident, i felt really bad. Bani cries and says he was bringing that up again and again just for task and then saying that i was reacting just to get footage, she cries being pained, Gaurav says dont do it, he gets agitated seeing her cry and tries to break bars of jail, Bani says all were shouting on me, Gaurav says the expect us to fight for them but do this, Bani says Mona and Niti are silently listening to them.

Niti says to Manveer that as a captain, you should think about house’s peace, you might have taken fair decision but who is creating problems in task and house? you should have not forgotten about being captain.
Swami thanks Manu for making veggies dish for him, and for task. Manu says i took my task gracefully, now go back to jail, Swami says i wont go there, i would fight with Gaurav, Manu says i wont talk to you now throughout season, Swami says i will pacify you, i wont go to jail just to make Niti happy. Manu says its me and Manveer who is asking you to go to jail, Swami says Niti is in Gaurav’s favor and wants me to go to jail, Manu says she is on our side, Swami says i wont listen to Niti, Manveer is influenced by her, Manu says i wont be soft on this man anymore, Manveer remind me if i get emotional , this is last food with Swami, you disloyal man, Swami says fine.

Bigg boss says Gaurav can be released from jail now. Manveer frees Gaurav from jail.

PRECAP- There will celebrities of Jhalak Dikhlaja show and comedy nights bachao team to celebrate newyears. Bharti and Krishna joke about outdated 1000rupee note. Salman tell inmates that Lokesh have worked in remix of old song with Shahrukh Khan, inmates are stunned and surprised. Salman Khan will enter house, he hugs all inmates.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Salman breaks his silence over Rohan Mehra incident.According to a report in an entertainment portal, Salman Khan was very calm and composed when he spoke about this.
    Salman Khan in a polite manner made Rohan understand that Swami Om tries to provoke each contestant in the house, so it is always better not to react on it.

    Not just this, Swami Om was reprimanded by Salman for his behavior during the captaincy task and questioned the housemates that why they didn’t put Swami Om in jail when the toofan task was going on.

  2. hi simran kp ditya shriya goodgirl hkf preeti and aakashi88

    aaj toh mujhe itna ghussa aaya ki agar woh ghatiya aadmi mere samne hota na toh mei uski face pe itna marti ki woh khud ko pechan bhi nai sakta

    favortism ki bhi hadh hoti hai yaar ye bb ye commoners ko kitna favour karega sirf celebs ko hi target kiya jaa raha hai.

    ae manu aur manveer khud ko kya samajte hai sabse ghatiya hai. dusro ke baare mei itna backbite karte hain ki sahi kya hai galat kya hai ye sochne ka time hi nahi hai.”sorry” ye toh sochte hi nahi kyun ki sochne ke liye dimaag chaiye hota hai jo inn dono ke pass nahi hai.

    aur jo log yeha per bani ne stand nahi liya tha ye boll rahe for them jabb uski ki baat hoyi thi tab sirf ussne hi stand liya tha aur baki logg usse support karr rahe the aur jabb ye ghatiya manu ki maa ke baare me baat hua tha toh sabse pehele issne khud hi stand nahi liya tha toh aur logg iske liye kyun stand lenge.

    jo aadmi apne hi dost ko jhut bolta hai backbite karta hai muh pe kuch aur pith peeche kuch aur bolta hai usse umeed bhi kya ki jaa sakti hai.

    bani ko boll raha hai footage kha rahi ho kya jo aadmi apni maa ke death ke baad imediately game ke liye wapas aata hai jo apni sorrow ko sympathy ke liye use karta hai usse bada footage koun le sakta hai bhai. aur banao iss ghatiya ko man of the week my foot.kisi aur ka toh kya ye logg toh salman ki bhi baat karte the. gaurav ko clever satir boll raha hai kabhi apni sakal deki hai mirror pe

    love the way bani control her anger.

    sabne sahi bola hai manveer dil se khelta dimaag se khelne ke liye dimaag bhi hona chaiye na jiske pass jo hai ussi se khelega na jabb deko tabb manu ke peeche manu ka chamcha

    agar aaj bhi salman ne inn commoners ko lesson nahi di na toh bb dekhna band kardongi mei toh. kitna baised ho sakte hai ye yaar.

    bani and rohan- stay strong guys
    gaurav and lopa- bani aur rohan ka saath dena
    manu and manveer-sahi kya hai galat kya hai ye jaane ke liye thodi dimaag use karo
    mona and nitibha-nachte hi raho aur manu tum logo ko nachata hi rahega
    swmai-dhakke marke nikalo issko

  3. Bani play fair game if bani do wrong with lopa she does same with bani manu and mona are boring plz throw out the show.Salman favours manu and he do wrong with bani its shameless

  4. Aray kuch v kehlo manveer Ko Salman khan ne guod lelia ha

    full support ha Salman ki manveer Ko aor use he jetaega, is show boycott kro
    Bb b unfair aor Salman b unfair ha bout jyada
    ye dono Baba ko v support Kr rhe Han
    aor ghtya commoner ko kaha se pakr lye
    Ye am admi aesa hota ha kya

    Sare gunda mawali lye manveer Manu Baba pakhandi pagal

    Nitiba Mona ko v rakhawa ha
    Kya ho rha ha mere smaj nahi araha

    Ye kese aam admi hai yeh aese log bb ko represent Krenge
    Nichle drje ka show bana dia ha

    Salman khan b ab such nahi bolta hr waqt manveer Salman khan se ye umeed nahi thi bhai

    Manveer Manu aor Baba ko ghndagi krna hindsa krna allow ha

    Bani ko push krna allow ha

    Rohan ko punish Kia to swami ko punish kyu nahi Kia

    Igloo task Mai bb rohan k sir fatne ka intezar tha kya apko

    Show ka kuch standard hota ha sara level he gir gya

  5. Prettypreeti

    Priye sathiyon,
    Bigg boss dekhne me bhut a and aa rha haii…
    Aapki preeti

    1. mujhe mja nhi aaya….Vo bachao team pasand he nhi h mujhe…..comedy k naam pe insult krte h….unki vajah se mera mood kharab ho jata h

  6. Guys according to TheKhabri on twitter Gaurav is evicted mid week

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