Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 25th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 25th February 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 25th February 2013 Written Update

Everyone in Awaz India congratulates on a successful sting. An employee remarks that a wonderful reporter like Navika should be a part of Talaash project as she is alone capable of shouldering all the responsibilities. Navika smiles a bit and accepts the compliment. Anu congratulates Navika and asks that why is she not smiling. Navika replies that her Mother taught her not to be happy at other’s misery.

Outside, everyone is chanting Dadda’s name and protesting against him. Beera now guiltridden and angry gets into a fight with the crowd which further agitates Dadda as he pulls Beera out of the fight. Dadda shows his anger on his face and sits in his jeep and leaves the places leaving Beera distraught. Anu tells Navika that

the Sting is not only a personal achievement of the highest order but also a big achievement for Awaz India as Dadda’s ticket has been taken back but he is also ousted from the political party. Anu remarks that this will definitely get Navika into project Talaash as she knows Mohan too well. Navika thinks that she also knows Mohan and he will be a tough nut to crack.

The scene shifts to Rimjhim’s room where Mohan is worried and caressing Rimjhim’s forehead as she is sleeping. Guru looks on worried at them. Rimjhim wakes up and Mohan is relieved. Mohan hugs Rimjhim and tells that she should not remain unwell as it worries him to no extent. Rimjhim cries and hugs Mohan. Rimjhim cries and pleads Mohan to take her back to Bhopal, she doesn’t want to go to this school nor does she want to learn any dance. Mohan is hurt seeing Rimjhim’s condition. Meanwhile Megha in her room gets emotional remembering Addu. Jiji comes and asks Megha what made her rememeber the past injuries. Megha tells Jiji about Rimjhim lying about having a Mother when she has been raised without a Mother. Megha tells that Rimjhim has missed her Mother just like Addu has been all these years. Megha cries asking that how is it possible for someone to be raised without a Mother. Jiji remarks that whatever happens is for a reason and maybe God wants Megha’s affections as a mother to reach Rimjhim. Megha opens a trunk and takes out Addu’s picture and caresses it singing a lullaby which she used to sing fro Addu. Meanwhile Mohan tries to cheer Rimjhim by dancing for her wearing the ghungroos but Rimjhim goes away from there. Megha takes out the ball that she had gifted Addu on his birthday. Mohan puts in all the efforts to cheer Rimjhim up. Finally, Rimjhim beckons Mohan to join him in her tent. Rimjhim feeds a spoon of noodles to Mohan and Mohan feeds some to her. Mohan kisses Rimjhim’s cheeks and gestures Rimjhim to kiss him back on his cheeks and Rimjhim does so. Mohan is relieved that Rimjhim is atleast better than before. Meanwhile, Navika comes and hugs an emotional Megha who is holding the ball. Nanhi remembers the ball which was given as a gift to Addu on his birthday. Navika assures Megha that she will definitely get into Project Talaash after this and find Addu.Megha is touched and hugs Navika thinking that she is proud of Navika as she took on such a big risk just to be part of Mission Talaash to find out her missing brother.

Meanwhile, Dadda canes Beera while others are requesting Dadda to let him go. Beera unflinchingly endures the beating having flashbacks of how he had blindly trusted Rabdi. Dadda’s cane breaks into 2 pieces. Beera picks up the broken piece and hands it to Dadda to cane him again. Dadda tells Beera that even he feels pained to punish him but how could his own grandson be so foolish? Dadda and others leave from there. Beera’s sister comes running with turmeric paste to apply on Beera’s wounds and chides im for blindly believing in ‘Rabdi’ when she, Dadda and everyone had doubts on ‘Rabdi’. Beera tells his sister not to apply the paste to his wounds as he wants them to be fresh. Beera tells that he has a meeting at 7pm and goes away. Beera’s sister calls up Navika and blasts her for betraying Beera’s trust. She tells Navika that even after all this Beera has gone to the Rabdi shop expecting to meet her at 7pm as promised and tells her not to go there as Beera will shred her into pieces. Navika is worried and takes some decision.

Meanwhile in Rimjhim’s room, Mohan is combing Rimjhim’s hair. Mohan tells Rimjhim that he also cannot stay in a place where she is not comfortable so, its ultimately her decision but she must keep in mind that Mohan had come here in search of some missing people and he is very close to finding some of them. Rimjhim tells that she dislikes her school as everyone there takes a dig at her. Rimjhim tells that if missing people are more important to Mohan than her then she will adjust and live here. Rimjhim goes off to sleep but Mohan’s inner turmoils are awaken. Mohan is reminded of the promises he made to Nanhi and Megha to find Addu and what Rimjhim had said just now. Guru comes there with a medicine for Rimjhim. Mohan tells Guru to pack their bags as they will be leaving. Guru is in disbelief and asks ‘Really’. Mohan tells that he has already lost one of his children and he can’t bear to lose another.

Precap: Beera is sitting at the ‘Rabdi’ shop when Navika arrives there in her scooty. Beera is shocked to know that Rabdi is the same girl who sent him to jail.

Update Credit to: prachurya

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