Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 11th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 11th February 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 11th February 2013 Written Update

Rimjhim shakes the ghungroo in front of Mohan’s face. Mohan snaps out of his thoughts. Rimjhim tells that the Kathak teacher is trying to get into her good books and that is why she gave the bouquet of yellow roses. Mohan exclaims that her Kathak teacher gave the flowers. Rimjhim tells that the Teacher is just buttering her. Mohan asks how the Teacher is nature-wise. Rimjhim replies that the Teacher knows how to get her way. Mohan utters under his breath that the Teacher is same as Rimjhim. Rimjhim hears that and exclaims “What”. Mohan tells that its nothing and asks how is the Teacher teaching. Rimjhim ties the Ghungroo and tells that she doesn’t need the Teacher, she can learn without her too. Rimjhim tries to practise but

loses balance. Mohan just cannot supress his laugh. Rimjhim tells that her Mother would never have laughed at her. Mohan is hurt a bit. Mohan apologizes and asks that why is she talking about her Mother all of a sudden. Rimhjhim has flashback of Megha giving her the bouquet and telling her to tell her Mom that Rimjhim is very sweet. Rimjhim defends herself saying that she loves her Mother and therefore can take her name when she wants to. Mohan tells that she is right but her father loves her no less and gives her the love of both father and mother. Rimjhim agrees and hugs Mohan and goes off to practice. Mohan looks at the bouquet and thanks the Teacher and tells that Rimjhim might not notice but he can see that she is already helping his daughter.

Beera is waiting at his favorite Rabdi shop when two other people come and ask him what is he doing there. Beera tells that a girl is coming to take his interview. The two guys tease Beera about the girl and then Beera tells them to leave and they do so. Just then, Navika walks in. Beera is mesmerized to see her and walks towards her inebriated. Navika tells herself that the fool has arrived and turns on her charm. A beggar begs for money and Beera hands him his wallet, unknowingly. He then unknowingly collides with a bicycle rider and doesn’t care. He reaches Navika and continues staring. Navika pinches him to wake him up from his dream world but Beera slaps her hand in turn. Beera then regains his senses and apologizes as he thought it was some mosquito biting him. Navika then reaches out her hand and introduces herself as Rabdi. Beera is ecstatic and gets busy in thanking the heavens and kissing his locket. Navika is about to take her hand back when Beera grabs her hand with his both hands. Beera tells that he is extremely happy to see her. And then, Navika tells that they should get started and forcefully takes her hand back.

Aarti is at Jiji’s shop and getting her measurements done and Tanu hiding behind the curtains tells her how deep or short she should keep. Jiji sees Tanu. At first Tanu gestures that Aarti should wear sleeveless but when Jiji tactfully says that it will be exposing Aart’s arms, Tanu immediately gestures for sleeves. Jiji asks Aarti for advance. Aarti looks at Tanu who is holding a 1,000 rupees note and tells that she will give a thousand rupees in advance. Jiji notices it and tells that the salwar would take 1 month. Aarti exclaims that it will be too late. Tanu jumps into the conversation and pleads Jiji to do it fast. Jiji tells Tanu not to interfere in her business. Just then, Renu comes complaining about how her notes are disappearing frequently now and she thinks she might have to sign her notes now. Jiji agrees with the idea. Tanu then pleads jiji to return the note but Jiji refuses telling that she doesn’t return her advance.

Beera is gulping down Rabdi after Rabdi. Navik tells him that they should get to work. Beera tells that he will make her meet Dadaji but she will have to paint a good image of Dadaji in the mind of her readers. Navika sheepishly smiles and agrees to do so. Beera tells that he will fix the meeting tomorrow and Navika bids bye telling that she will meet him tomorrow.

Megha and Nanhi are sleeping on their bed in the night when both of them get a message. Navika gets a message from Beera saying good night. Megha gets a message from Rimjhim’s father(Mohan) saying Thank you. Navika hides her mobile from Megha but sees that Megha is also smiling. Navika hugs Megha and they both drift off to sleep.

Next day,

Megha is shown drawing rectangles used to play Hopscotch. The person who gives the music using the Tabla tells that Megha should not go to these extent to teach just one student who doesn’t even have the sense of beats or music. Megha tells that she needs to and that is why she is doing this and he shouldn’t say that about Rimjhim. Just then, Rimjhim comes running and collides with the Tabla master. The master tells sarcastically that Rimjhim will definitely be a good football player as being a good dancer is just off-limits for her and then leaves. Rimjhim asks Megha as to why she asked her specially to meet her alone. Megha tells Rimjhim that they will now play Hopscotch. Rimjhim is excited and jumps in first but Megha tells her that she has to do it with the ghungroo on. Rimjhim does that and asks Megha but Megha tells that she will do later. After six times, Rimjhim thinks that Megha is making a fool of her while she is jumping and she dances her feet as she says that and realises that she has learnt to move with the beats and rhythm. Rimjhim practices all day long, be it in her class, or while reciting a poem or while coming down the stairs. The Tabla master also notices the improvement and Megha gave a winning smile to him. As the school is nearing its end for the day, Guru arrives at the school and asks around for dance classes. Rimjhim notices that the dance class is locked and hence disappointed. Guru notices Rimjhim in the hallway and waves to her. Rimjhim is happy and starts running but just then, a voice says, “Don’t run so fast”. Guru thinks that the voice is similar to that of Megha. Just then, Rimjhim gestures that its her Kathak teacher. Rimjhim goes towards another door from where Megha comes out and starts talking with Rimjhim. Guru sees Megha and is surprised. Guru breaks into smiles with tears in his eyes but just then he remembers how Mohan had suffered and has flashbacks of a drunk and desperate Mohan. Guru’s smile fades away as he tells that he cannot forgive Megha for what she did Mohan. Guru immediately turns his back on Megha as Megha looks to see him.

Precap: Mohan asks Rimjhim that what is she doing. Rimjhim tells Mohan that she is looking at the brochures of other schools as she doesn’t like the current school. Mohan exclaims that leaving the school is not an option. Rimjhim is surprised and Mohan corrects himself saying that leaving the school is the second option, first let him talk to her teacher. Guru is worried. Mohan dials Megha’s number. Megha is busy in the kitchen so, Navika tells Megha that she has got a call from Rimjhim’s father. Megha shows that her hands are full of flour so, Navika holds the cell for Megha as she responds.

Update Credit to: prachurya

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