Suvreen Guggal 11th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 11th February 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 11th February 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts in the college. Yuvraj wishs happy birthday to Alisha. Suvreen asks: Do you want to wish or scary us? You don’t know how to wish? He says that he don’t know how to wish and he asks if she can teach him. Alisha says that it’s really funny and she thanks Yuvraj for the wish. Alisha says that it is the third time he wishes her.. Suvreen gets jealous. Then Yuvraj says that he didn’t give her flowers. He gives her yellow flowers. Yuvraj says that he loves birthdays and wishing people.. He asks Alisha where she goes. She says that she goes shopping. He says that she can go with him and his car (laila) She says that she was going with Suvreen. Yuvraj thinks he should not say that he will bring Suvreen and Alisha with his car. Yuvraj says to Alisha do eat anything

you want but wear dresses what everyone likes it. Do you remember that girls are thinking different. She asks do you remember it?? He says yes. I remember everything we talked about. And he comes closer to Alisha. Suvreen gets jealous. Alisha says that she wants to go with Yuvraj for shopping. Yuvraj and Alisha are leaving Suvreen alone..

In the next scene Rehan is at home. He looks at his calendar and he forgot Alisha’s birthday party. RC imagining that when Suvreen was asking him to come to the party.

In the next scene everyone is in the college and decorating for Alisha’s birthday. Suvreen is sitting alone. Rathi and Mannu blow up the ballon. Suvren gets scared. Rathi says that Yuvraj phoned him that he will come with Alisha later. Suvreen gets angry. She asks why they are talking about Yuvraj coz she did not ask them about him. Zorro asks to Annie why Suvreen is behaving like that. Annie says that Suvreen was always excited at partys. Suvreen says that she don’t want to talk about Yuvraj and goes. While she is running away she collides with Rehan. Suvreen says sorry to him. Suvreen is glad that he come. But she says that the party has not started yet. Rehan asks where Alisha is. Suvreen says that she is not there but she will come later. RC says that he will wish her coz he can not come to the party. Suvreen asks why he can not come? He says that he has to go for a meeting. And then Rehan goes.

In the next scene Yuvraj is talking to Suvreen’s picture. He says that he was looking only to her picture when he was going shopping with Alisha. He says that he is not only missing her but also dream of her. He says that he is dreaming about herwith opening eyes.. *Day dream* He says that he thought that he would go shopping with Suvreen. He would take her shopping bags. Yuvraj says that he was really hurting her. He comes closer to the picture and says that her smile is important for him.

In the next scene Suvreen is talking to herself. She says how he can be her best friend? She says that he has to understand her feelings. She says that RC is doing everything for make Suvreen happy. She says that she can not understand how two people can be different? She says that she don’t want to think about Yuvraj today.

In the next scene Alisha is talking to herself. She wants that Yuvraj holds her hand. She wishes to herself and says that this birthday party will be the best party ever.

In the next scene Yuvraj says to Rathi and Mannu that Alisha helped him very much. He says that he couldn’t say thank you to her. After a while Suvreen, Annie and Naro are coming. Yuvraj turns around and looks at Suvreen. *EYELOCK* Yuvraj says that he planned a surprise for Alisha. Annie ask him what is the surprise. Suvreen says that it’s Alisha’s birthday she should feel special. And then Suvreen goes.

In the next scene Rathi and Mannu are saying that the Spotlight is not working to Yuvraj. And the Rehan comes. Suvreen sees him coming. She runs to him and says sorry. She takes off her mask and says : It’s me! Rehan says thank god she has taken off her mask otherwise he could not know who it is.. And he begins to laugh.. Suvreen says that she is so glad that he come to the party. He asks Sureen where Alisha is. Suvreen says that she will come. Rehan says that he has brought something for her. At that time Yuvraj did open the Spotlight. Rehan says that the gift is from Vivaan. Yuvraj is behind the spotlight and looks to Rehan and Suvreen. He is jealous.

PRECAP: Alisha hugs Yuvraj and says that she has only him. And she says that she is in love with him. (It looks like Yuvraj didn’t hear that coz the music was too loud.)

Update Credit to: nazomel

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