My wife, Yuvani part 7

Yuvraj came home, her words were echoing in his ears, he was thoroughly disturbed. He felt blessed to have her on the same time he was guilty that he didn’t notice what she is going through. They way she breaking down in front of Sharad… For him she was always an angel, who takes away all his miseries, makes him smile, encourages him and always keeps a smile. In a way he failed to notice that she too was human, that she too has feelings that she too will cry!

He came to room, but stopped at the door seeing her crying. She cried for a while thinking about him and then washed her face.

Suh: (taking a long breath) No Suhani, you can’t fall week, not now, even if he won’t know about his…his chances, now he will start to fall weak eve more soon, so you can’t fall weak.

She smiled and came out. He hid immediately as he didn’t want her to see him. He then went to her as if he came from outside.

Suh: You came early, what happened?

Yuvi: I, I just felt

Suh: Weak? It is fine, your medicine’s dosage is increased yesterday, so it should happen, no worries you will manage it.

She smiled at him, he looked at her painfully. She hugs him dearly, taking away all his pain. At that moment he forgot everything, his pain, guilt everything, like always he found his solace in her hug and wished the time to stop. Because nothing other than this is right.

She broke the hug and cupped his face.

Suh: Don’t worry; everything will be fine, that too soon.

He couldn’t say her anything he just left.

Suh: He is really affected, wait a sec, did Sharad Bhaiya told him about the results to persuade him, no, no, NO.. I just hope he didn’t… He can’t but will he?

She called him and asked whether he met Yuvraj.

Sh: I, hm, yes,

Suh: What the hell is wrong with you? Why did you tell him about his reports? Do you know how upset he is? How would you know? Why would it matter to you? He is already upset with is decaying health and now! Now you told him about his limited time, great!! Friends should be like this. Forget friendship, are you really a doctor? Doctors usually hide the details about diseases from patients, and you! Yeah right I forgot, you CARE about his health na, so you thought that by telling him about his reports he would stop playing, you did the emotional blackmail again right. I know you did, that is why he is this upset. You…you… you good for nothing fellow!!

She cuts the call in anger; he looked at the phone and sighed.

Sh: Madam, I didn’t talk about his health nor did I do any emotional blackmail, all did was to talk about you!

Bhavna laughs.

Bh: Poor thing, she is really worried about him,

Sh: I know, I just hope he understands her.

Yuvraj saw Suhani scolding Sharad and felt guiltier. He wanted to tell her that Sharad had actually helped him, but he before that he wanted to know everything she had gone through in the past one year and hence decided to read her diary, because by any chance, she won’t tell him anything.

Later at night, he told her that he will make her sleep. She was surprised by this.

Yuv: Usually, it is you na who makes me sleep.

She just nodes, whenever he is deeply upset thinking of him, she comforts him and make him sleep, like a mother does to her baby.

Yuv: Now come,

She lay down and he patted her head comfortably until she slept.

He then went to chair, took out her laptop and started to read her diary.



I am sorry for the dealy, i thought to post this a bit earlier, but something and the other came up.

First I thought of wriritng Suhani-Sharad convo, but then I felt like I will directly go into their padt. So from now, it is past and mostly it will from her diary, and wherever I feel like only her pov isn’t sufficient, I will gives things in third person’s pov.

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