Strangers (Part 3)


The next day our college re- opens for the last semester of my engineering in electronics and communication, of course I was never into it though… then I got busy with my college and friends and bunks and a lot of random stuff , the next few days passed away like the wind, but there was never a day he din’t cross my mind, god!!! I saw him just ones and talked to him once and I already have a crush on him!!! I don’t even know his name, but he definitely looked like the prince charming of my life I really wished our paths crossed again !!!!!
Me and my 3 friends arohi, nikitha and shradha together were a group for the project that we need to do in our last semester. We were doing our project at ecil in Hyderabad, it was the 1st day of our project. we just had the briefing about what it’s going to be and how we’ll be guided and stuff… it was a nice place to do our project rather looked like an outing spot for me . the 1st two weeks there would be totally theory based explanation about d project and 1st 2days of that was horrible!!, yeah, there were a lot of guys from different colleges but none was even worth a look, there was nothing interesting, no one to look at .. we had to listen to those theory classes all day .. damn boring and rather sleepy , I am not the studious types so obviously all this sounded boring to me.
On the 3rd day of these boring sessions something interesting rather fascinating happened!!!!!!! It was him again with the same red shirt… I could recognize him at the 1st look, yes it was him only!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn’t believe my eyes I felt sooo happy, of course I hadn’t much reason to be so happy, I dint quite know him. But he dint see me yet. I was waiting for him to see me and come talk to me. I waited and waited and waited ….., we were in the same conference hall for the whole day but he dint even look at me once. I was so disappointed L my friends were also surprised at this, they said if he did not see you then make him look at you but dont let him know that you saw him:p well that sounded interesting, of course, how can I let him forget me, but for then I had to listen to the boring theory classes , of course, I was giving random glances at him just to check….. When I was randomly glancing at him he saw me!!! I smiled but he acted as if he doesn’t recognize me!!!!!!!! What the hell??? How can he forget me????? He said so many good things to me and now he’s pretending as if he never saw me , boys are such jerks!!!!!… This was rather weird!!!!!! well I din’t like it at all, so I din’t look at him for the rest of the day and after the class was finished we were heading back home walking towards our car when someone dashed into me .. it was him “Mr. red shirt” again, well I named him that .he said “I’m really sorry I am in hurry” and went away !!!!
We were just about to leave , I opened the car door when he came running towards me……………, I thought he finally recognised me and came to talk to me!!!, “hey your pen fell down, here it is and sorry again” this is all he said and was gone !!!!!!!!!!!!! I was sad really sad and wen im sad I stop being sad and be awesome instead ———–well ul know what that means in the next part

Credit to: Bhgi

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  1. Wow yaar I guess ur dream story !! M I right ???

    Hey pls bhgi keep it up n continue riting !!☆☆¡★¡

  2. Wow it’s lovely bt why he didn’t recognise her strange bt i liked it. I think he wanted her 2 recognise him 1st. Plz reveal d name of hero. Update nxt part soon

  3. Awesome buddy..i like ? it..S I too have experienced this that sometimes People on the first meeting impress us but on the second time they behave completely weird..i too want to know whether they r acting or actually there memory is Weak….?
    Nice narration but still didn’t get the hero’s name..Waiting for that….
    Interesting story waiting for next part…
    Pls update daily yaar and post a big update too..? take care ?..

  4. What is this…. i hate this type of boys

  5. Bhgi nice story…

  6. Good going . Keep writing. Take care bhgi.:-) 🙂

  7. Nysss .. shirt..sounds soo funny.bcm a bg bg bg fan of ur narrtn dr

  8. thnx mansi i vl continue

  9. sabar ka phal meetha hota wait fr him @aparna

  10. thnx Aaliya it means a lot i vl try to update they r posting very late keep guessing his name

  11. he is weirdo type of guy wait fr twist n turns hayathi

  12. thnx lulu advita vl continue

  13. thnx hg it means alot to me

  14. Nice story ma ..really these incidents will happen at least once fr an individual ma
    …keep rocking

  15. fabulous yaar…lvd it…eagerly waiying for next part

  16. thnx harani and ruby:)

  17. Sry 2 ask…..but Wat story is di…….I mean Wat is d root story 4 dis fan fic

    1. it is not a fan is bhgi’s own story

  18. its jz an imaginary story abt a grl and her love story jz go through 3 parts of the story thnx uma:)

  19. Interesting, please update the next episode soon

  20. ty roma vl update soon

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