Why you Cared for me?

Hello to all swasan fans introducing a interesting, fun filled , little suspense and full of romance fanfiction of our Swaragini..

Title: Why you Cared for me?

The story start from the night when everybody in house got to know about ragini’s evil deeds…

Gadodia family is going back to their house after the end of drama where Durga Prasad announced of Lakshay and ragini’s divorce along with Swasan…on the request of Sujata (huh…she is so stupid…hamare swasan ko alag kr diya…)

Shekhar asked swara to accompany them. Swara takes blessings of elder before leaving and everyone wishes her a good life ahead and thankx her for bring the truth out.

Swara comes to Lakshay. Lakshay has a pain in his eyes of not trusting swara and guilt of marrying ragini in his anger.

Lakshay: Swara….i know….. I do a mistake of not trusting you and believing that video. I am really very sorry. I hope you forgive me someday for my mistake.

Swara: its ohk lakshay….i already forgive you and I don’t have any issue with you. But I want something from you.

L: Plz Swara tell me what you want? I will even give my life to you.

S: no Lakshay I don’t want your life…I just want you give one more chance to ragini…she is not bad…she just do that bcoz she loves you…

Swara fold her hands to request everyone in house to forgive ragini and accept her as their bahu..

Everyone is shocked.

DP: Swara….i respect you for what you did for my family…but the thing u r asking on behalf of it is not right. We can’t forget what ragini did?

Anu..: yes swara he is right.

Ragini is also looking towards swara in shock…she realise in her heart what she did to her loving sister…just for her love. Sujata in shocked said to herself… “ye Swara ab kya krna chah rhi hai”.

Lakshay: No swara no….it can never happen…I can’t forgive her. What she did is not mistake it was a sin…she makes a joke of marriage.

Shekhar: yes swara…Lakshay is right..

Dadi: Dekh Chori…ragini galat hai mai manu…jot ere sath hua vo galat tha…par jot u eb khe rhi hai vo bhi na ho ske….

Sarmistha: Shona….is saying right I am with her in her decision. Marriage is not a joke…we can’t break it just by signing a piece of paper.

Swara: and moreover we should not forget that ragini doesn’t foce lakshay to marry her…it’s the lakshay’s decision to marry her. And whatever ragini did..? the worst she did with me…if I can forgive her than…I thought you all can also forgive her.

Lakshay is so helpless…he don’t know what to do now and how to react over swara demands. He was also shocked on her behaviour. He starts feeling that swara is punishing him for not trusting her.

Sanskar is just watching the scene in state of dilemma whether to support swara today or not.


Credit: Priyanka.

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  1. Priyanka will u plz write everything in english… i can’t understand hindi…
    Swasan forever… pls unite them fast…

  2. Wow priyanka yaar dil jeet liya swasan fans kaa bcoz I m one of them !!★★★

    Hey priyanka I guess ur watching swaragini daily !! N pls cmnt on d swaragini telly update page we want more swasan of swaragini so dat indeed they bring love btw swara n sanskaar !!!

  3. Pls mak raglak 2gthr n brng sum sweet momnts

  4. Hi dr its a good start keep continuing bt one request pls dont make ragini to a negative character

  5. U are doing good !!!!keep it up

  6. nice and carry on

  7. By the way i m very scared as the result of my test exam is going to be published today plz pray for me.

  8. Nice one

  9. Can someone tell me how to post fan fiction

  10. Nice one and carry one
    Waiting for next one

  11. thanku very much guys for liking it….
    @mahathi i’ll keep in mind to write in english…i just worte those hindi words to give dadi sketch a unique image…
    @mansi…yup i soon join u guys there also…
    @liya yes….i’ll keep raglak and swasan together….
    @preethi…yes dear i also don’t like the negative shade of ragini…so i’ll try to make her sketch like the earlier ragini…sweet and innocent…
    @cutie pie…ol da bst for ur result…i pray for you…
    @saanvi….i’ll try to update that too soon..

    thankx again for appriciating this…

  12. Awesome ma ..swasan forever….pls continue priyanka ..bt wer is sanskar …u didn’t even give him a dialogue sooo sad ? bt anyways keep rocking dr

    1. thankx Harani…wait dear i’ll give dialouges to him also…:)

  13. keep gng priyanka

  14. Wowv nice ff can any1 tell me how can I change th2 photo? Of my ff?????

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