Muskaan 6th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Suzaine sees Muskaan

Muskaan 6th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Muskaan playing with Sapna and Sujoy and lying that she can live anywhere as she is a ghost. She asks them to play hide and seek. Rakhi comes there. They hide from her. Rakhi takes water and goes. Sapna says we will make you meet our friends at night, will you come. Muskaan agrees. She meets their friends and says we are just playing a game. Rakhi gets angry and goes out to get her children. The men praise Aarti’s beauty. Aarti thinks to keep Muskaan away from this. Muskaan says my name is Priya. Sapna ties her a cloth on eyes and asks her to catch her. Aarti dances on Mujhe rang de…… Muskaan plays with everyone. Rakhi comes there and asks who are you. Muskaan sees her with face pack and laughs on her, Rakhi says this is my kerchief. The man compliments Aarti. Ghosh asks

the man to pay money for the show. The man asks Aarti if she wants him to stay back. Another man says if you aren’t here, the night will get dark. She answers the man and goes with Ghosh. Rakhi scolds her children for taking her things.

Aarti says I will just come. Ghosh asks her to be careful and come soon. Jaya goes to Aarti’s room and calls out Muskaan. She checks the doll house and looks for Muskaan. She thinks where did she go. Muskaan gets Aarti’s call. She says I m in your room, when will you come. Aarti says I will be late, just have food and sleep. Muskaan hides in cupboard. Jaya sees her and asks what are you doing here. She hides Muskaan and makes excuse with Suzaine. She says Aarti will come back in morning, come with me. She makes Muskaan sleep. She asks why did you meet Sapna and Sujoy, you will lose game, Aarti will worry. Muskaan says I m making you sleep, all worries end when person sleeps. Some men offer lift to Aarti. She gets angry and reminds their families. The men leave. Aarti stays there and wishes goodnight to Muskaan.

Its morning, Jaya says I will make food for you, we will have it together. Aarti calls Muskaan and asks her to stay in room, anyone can see her. Muskaan agrees and thinks what to do now. She listens to songs. Tabassum jokes on Rakhi. Everyone laughs. Tabassum asks Rakhi to mind her own business. Jaya says I had tea, I will make breakfast for everyone. Muskaan dances in room. The man says you didn’t pay electricity bill since three months. Tabassum says Aarti has paid it, I will get the receipt. Jaya says her room is locked. Rakhi says break the lock or be without the electricity. Jaya tries to stop them. Tabassum opens the lock by her hairpin. She asks Suzaine to get the electricity bill. Jaya worries. Suzaine enters the room and gets shocked seeing Muskaan dancing. Jaya worries seeing Muskaan. Muskaan turns and gets shocked.

Jaya says Muskaan is Aarti’s daughter. Suzaine says but she…. I don’t understand, I will tell mum. Jaya asks her to stop. Muskaan cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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