Muskaan 26th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Muskaan wears the ghungroos

Muskaan 26th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suzaine and Lumi asking Ghosh to make aloo paratha for Muskaan. He agrees. Rakhi says Muskaan’s wish can’t be fulfilled, she should know that everything happens by your permission here. Tabassum says no need to make parathas. Muskaan says make anything, I will eat, we should eat whatever we get, Aarti says so. Suzaine hugs her. Aarti wakes up. A boy gets tea for them. Aarti calls her son. He gets glad and says everyone scolds me here, but you called me son and made me emotional, if you have to send any message, you can tell me.

She says no, I don’t have to tell anything, do you study also. He says yes, I complete my studies, I just help my dad. Aarti gives her money and asks him to keep prasadn in nearby temple. He agrees. Tabassum gets ghungroos and asks Muskaan to wear

it. Muskaan gets shocked. She thinks about Aarti and refuses to wear it. She says if mumma knows, she will get sad. Rakhi says I will slap you. Tabassum says I can return your toys and complete doll house so that Aarti comes back, else Aarti will be punished. Muskaan agrees and wears ghungroos. Aarti gets troubled.

Tabassum gets happy and makes Muskaan dance with Sapna. Suzaine, Jaya and Lumi look on sad. Suzaine taunts Muskaan and calls her owner. She asks Rakhi not to talk to her in loud voice. Rakhi asks her not to talk between them. Tabassum reminds them that they all are chained, even if their chains aren’t visible. Lumi and jaya ask Muskaan to remove the ghungroos. Muskaan says its fine, the problem is I will be caught in hide and seek game now. She goes to Rakhi’s room. Rakhi asks her to have food. Tabassum stops Rakhi and breaks the stick.

She asks Rakhi not to hurt Muskaan, they can mend Muskaan the way they want. Muskaan goes to Aarti’s room and hugs her saree. She cries and misses Aarti. She covers herself with Aarti’s saree. She says I will not break down, I want you here, I m getting your courage by having your saree with me. She sleeps. Suzaine and Jaya see her and get sad. Aarti cries and thinks of Muskaan. She asks the boy if he has a phone. He says I will help you. She goes with him to make a call. Suzaine and Jaya remove the ghungroos from Muskaan’s feet. They ask her to complete the doll house and get Aarti back. Muskaan shows Aarti’s saree. She wishes her mum comes back soon.

Tabassum says you won’t be able to meet your mum. She starts training Muskaan and smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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