Muskaan 24th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Tabassum sends Aarti away

Muskaan 24th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aarti asking her sisters to go to Muskaan. She asks Tabassum to beat her, but he won’t get away from Muskaan. Tabassum says if you don’t go, I will send Muskaan away, either of you have to leave. Aarti says you and Rakhi raise her, don’t make me away from her. Tabassum says I have told my condition to you. Aarti says I know my daughter, she is not born to walk on wrong paths. Tabassum asks her to leave. Aarti says Muskaan will always move ahead, even if you stop her. Tabassum says I will raise her, you have to leave, what’s your decision. Muskaan says don’t send mumma. Rakhi takes Muskaan to room. Aarti agrees to leave. She says let me meet Muskaan once, I will go wherever you say. Tabassum says you have met her already, pack your bags and leave. Aarti cries and hugs Muskaan’s


Tabassum asks Muskaan why didn’t she think before running away. Muskaan says I want to go to my mumma. Tabassum says you should stay here, if you break rules, if you cry and shout, your mumma will be punished. Muskaan says don’t punish my mum. Rakhi says I m also like your mum. Muskaan cries and says mum can’t leave me. Aarti writes a letter for Muskaan and asks her to fight and win the last game, but she has to fight alone. Her sisters see her and cry. Aarti asks the teddy to talk to Muskaan and love her a lot. She cries and gets leaving. Suzaine gets angry on Tabassum. She says you don’t lie that you are our mum, you are just this place’s owner, don’t do any drama, you are not our mum, we don’t mean anything to you. Tabassum says its fine, your decision is right, I m just your owner. Chadda comes. Tabassum asks Ghosh to get Aarti.

Muskaan asks Lord to make her meet Aarti once. Aarti prays for Muskaan’s safety. Aarti thinks of Muskaan and cries. She apologizes to Muskaan and says I couldn’t complete your education dream. Ghosh calls Aarti. Aarti cries and leaves from her room. Muskaan and Aarti see each other. Muskaan asks her not to go. Chadda asks Aarti to go. Tabassum asks Aarti go silently leave. Suzaine taunts Tabassum. She asks Aarti to be strong and win the game. Lumi feeds her the curd. Aarti hugs her sisters. Muskaan looks on and cries. She asks Lord to fulfill her wish and make her meet her mum. Aarti stops and looks for Muskaan. Tabassum stops her and asks her to meet Muskaan from far. Muskaan and Aarti cry seeing each other. Tabassum says if you try to cross this limit, I will cage Muskaan here forever.

Tabassum asks Muskaan to do whatever she says. Muskaan agrees and asks her to get Aarti back. She obeys Tabassum.

Update Credit to: Amena

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