Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Kartik and Naira have a bitter argument

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik saying how did I get Naira’s phone. He answers a call. Surekha comes to Dadi and apologizes. Dadi says the family members are not respecting me now. Surekha says no, I m tensed thinking about Mansi, I m her mum. Dadi asks does anyone else not worry for her. Surekha says I m scared, no one even asked about her proposal, even when we have a big status, no one got proposal for her because of the accident case, society can never forget it.

Kartik comes to Naira and says have your phone, maybe we picked each other’s phone. Naira gives his phone. He asks do you want to say something, why did you call me here urgently, there is no need of creating suspense. She says I told you that Anmol has changed now, he is serious about Mansi, I asked you if you trust

me. He asks what’s the point. She says you asked an agency to find about him. He recalls Suwarna’s words and says yes, its my duty to know everything about him. She asks can’t you trust me. He says I wanted to know in detail, what’s the issue. She says you always have issues. He asks what issue do I have. She says I told you everything. He says agency isn’t biased. He says you mean I was biased. He says if you have a problem, I don’t care, when did you tell me when I asked you about Shubham. She says you brought that matter again, how long will you taunt me. He says till I get hurt. She says you are hurting me. He says you have done this to yourself, Shubham is no more because of your stupidity. She says I m not responsible for his death, I wanted to save him, why don’t you trust me.

He says I don’t trust you. She says whatever is happening is right. He says yes, divorce is right for us. She says yes, relation can’t stay without trust. He says you didn’t trust me when your dad was kidnapped. FB shows the moments. She says I didn’t know you that time. He says at the time of your mum’s accident. She says I did a mistake, you also…. He says I have always trusted you. She says yes, but you didn’t trust me when you had to, not just Shubham, our relation also died. Kartik says you killed him. She says we have just one way now. He says yes, divorce. She says yes. He says we won’t have to think this time when we go to sign. She says yes, decision is made. He says this is right for us. She says maybe. He says not maybe, surely. Winds blow. They go either ways. They get in their cars. Yeh rishta….plays….. The car tyres get stuck in mud. They race their cars and leave.

Kirti says I think there is still hope, Kartik and Naira went to lawyer, they didn’t sign correctly. Naksh says I don’t think so. She says one should always have a hope. He cleans flour from her face and says I know, we won’t talk about this and quietly support them. She says this happened before too, they have patched up before, I know they will come together, I m quite convinced about this. He smiles. She says don’t smile, have this kheer, maybe this time their patchup is stronger.

Rukmani stitches a chunri. Devyaani says nothing is final yet. Naira comes. Rukmani asks Naira will Mansi like this color and chunri, whatever is happening between you and Kartik should affect their relation. Naira says yes, keep us out of this, do what you feel is right. She goes. Kartik comes home. He takes a wine bottle and stops. He calls Sharma and says please send the divorce papers home by tomorrow morning, I will sign it and send it back to you. Mansi comes. He says everyone is tensed because of me, I m not a kid, I know everyone is upset, they were angry on each other, I have seen them, only if you and Naira were together, everything would have got fine. He says don’t worry. She says I won’t marry anyone else, you can understand that one can’t live without the person whom they love, help me, think this is my Rakhi’s gift. He says fine, make a new relation with Naira, her relation with me will end. She says I will make a new relation with her when you get divorced, I have a feeling that this won’t happen. He says it will happen soon, I m signing papers tomorrow. She goes.

Naira stays sad. Naiitk comes and feeds her food. He says life isn’t a science experiment to give everything step by step, we should do something random so that we don’t get bored. Naksh shows her childhood video. She calls his hairstyle funny. He says its funny, I m thinking to sport this hairstyle again. Naitik jokes. They laugh.

Its morning, Kartik gets the papers from lawyer. Suwarna comes home and looks on. Manish says give it a proper thought. Kartik signs the papers. He says there is no need to think about it. Suwarna holds him. He says I m fine, don’t worry. Surekha says we shall meet Anmol’s family. Dadi says just I will go to talk to them, none of you can manage the house responsibilities. Kartik sees Mansi. He says I will come along. Suwarna says no, why do you want to go there, Dadi is going. Dadi says you stay here, I don’t want you to get hurt. He says I m fine, I want to go for Mansi’s sake. He goes. Manish asks why is he going there, has he lost it. Suwarna says no, he has thought well, when we break relations by heart, we don’t care by that person’s presence.

Naira asks why did you call me in haste, tell me, what happened. Mansi says we couldn’t tell this to anyone else, actually I…. Naira gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Please unite kaira as soon as possible…its too boring without them together…

  2. Soofia bhatti

    Hey I’m soofia I really what naira kartik to sort out there mazzive misunderstanding patch up really soon because it’s that fun without naria kartik living with other and naria should go an live with kartik she shouldn’t divorce kartik and kartik shouldn’t divorce naira naira kartik r made for each other they love each other so much

    Kind regards soofia

  3. For the first time i comment on these site…I think after watching todays episode kattik may be going to deeply regret for his behavior towards naira..I m not against kartik but in these whole sepration track major fault is off kartik…I mean he literally blame naira for shibham death wwithout knowing the whole truth…I mean he literally blame her for swiss track…He says that he has forgiven her for her mistake but he counted thst mistake at these fight…It means he has still grudges in his heart. ..Thang god naira shows maturity by not counting his mistake likr teej saumya death truth and keerti marriage…I don’t want kartik should be forgiven by naira so easily…His guilt mode should be atleast for 2 3 weeks…

  4. Be good enough to forgive someone but don’t be stupid enough to trust them again

    Kind regards soofia

  5. But naira overstretched the matter and her whole trust issue thing is also wrong remember in keesh wedding,kjg track and shuvham death mis understand ing happened because she hid the truth she always does from kartik .cmmon yaar i agree kartik shouldn’t blame naira for shubham death bt i agree with kartik that she doent trust kartik.

  6. I also feel like that…..Karthik will regret for his mistake…..he must be punished by naira…..

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