Muskaan 20th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Muskaan learns Sir ji’s drama

Muskaan 20th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jaya asking Ronak what will you get by killing me. Ronak says I will kill you and end this matter. He aims gun at her. Shalu comes and hugs Jaya. She asks who is this guy. Ronak gets shocked. FB ends. Ronak says you have done this with my mum, how did you just think about it, did your inner conscience die, what did you find lacking in the family that you have done this, you have a daughter with Jaya, I hjate this, I wished to take my life by seeing this, how much evil did you do, tell me, Gayatri is waiting for you, you are a devil, you cheated her a lot, she just prays for you so much, its better if you had a heart attack and died today. He cries and says how did you take the seven vows, when you are having another woman in your life, I knew this, you didn’t get any shame, I

told you so much and explained you, you don’t understand, I don’t want to see your cheap face. He goes. Sir ji cries. Gayatri asks how is he now. Ronak says he got conscious. Gayatri says we will go home and complete Ronak’s marriage. Sir ji shouts no. Ronak comes smiling and looks on.

He says I m unwell, no need to repeat the marriage now. Ronak asks Muskaan are you happy now, I told you I will stop this marriage by making Sir ji refuse, now he won’t talk about marriage again. Sir ji says its all formalities, marriage is complete in my sight. Ronak asks what will we say if people ask why didn’t groom take the seventh round. Sir ji says I don’t agree with this, marriage happens with just 4 rounds. Gayatri asks why aren’t you call him Papa. Ronak says I called him Papa and he got a heart attack. She asks him not to joke all the time, marriage talk ends here, I don’t need anything if he has accepted the marriage, I have always respected his decision. Bua says I just want my brother to get fine and return home. Ronak asks them to go home, he will get discharged and come home in morning. He insists and sends them. Muskaan asks shall I stay back. Ronak asks her to go as well. Everyone goes. Muskaan stops to talk to Ronak.

Muskaan asks is there anything serious, is Sir ji fine. Ronak says you are worried for that devil, I can’t believe you. Muskaan says I m not worried for that devil, I want to see him dying, I m worried for Gayatri. Ronak thinks she is thinking for mum so much. He says I regret that mum has to bear the pain of his drama, don’t know how much drama she has to tolerate. She asks what drama. Ronak says it was a fake heart attack, he was acting. She gets shocked. Ronak says I will tell you everything later, mum shouldn’t know this, let this go on.

She says sorry, my trust got shaken up, I felt you got ready for marriage, I forgot you do what you say. He says yes, I keep my promise. She says I knew, forgive me, you stopped me from cheating Gayatri. She holds his hand. He says everything happened in a hurry, I was afraid and had no plan, everything will get fine, don’t worry. His sleeve gets stuck to her bangle. He untangles it and asks her to go. She goes and turns to see him. He turns to see her. They wave bye to each other. Ronak goes to Sir ji and asks him to come for medicines. Sir ji says stop this drama, everyone is gone. Ronak shows the wine bottle. He serves drink to him. He asks how will you end this matter, did you think of it.

Ronak asks Sir ji to tell truth to Gayatri. Sir ji refuses. Ronak says if you don’t tell her in a week, then you will be responsible for whatever happens. Sir ji gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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