Muskaan 14th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Muskaan tries to talk to Ronak

Muskaan 14th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sir ji coming home. Gayatri asks him to get ready, its Ronak’s marriage today. He says but where is Ronak. She says he is missing, he isn’t answering calls. He thinks where is Ronak, he should have come and told Gayatri. She asks him to get ready, guests are coming. Suzaine blesses Muskaan to get much happiness. She says Durga Maa has sent you in this house, always fulfill your duties well. Muskaan nods. The man says baraatis have come. Sir ji gets ready and comes. Gayatri says I m angry on Ronak. He says I will see him. Ronak comes. Sir ji asks Ronak to go and tell Gayatri, stop the marriage. Ronak goes to Gayatri. Sir ji looks on.

Gayatri scolds Ronak and says you had to be here. Ronak says I have to say something. She asks him to go and get ready. Sir ji asks her

to listen to him once. She says mahurat is close, groom should get ready, its time for puja. Sir ji asks Ronak to go to Gayatri, she will be alone in temple, we have decided this. Ronak says you know I don’t want to marry. He cries.

Sir ji asks him to gain courage. Ronak goes upstairs. Suzaine says I m happy for you, we won’t meet again, I will always try that our worlds don’t meet, take care. She hugs Muskaan and goes. Lovely comes to Muskaan and sees her decked up. Muskaan asks did Ronak come, make me meet him once. Lovely says you have already trapped him, he is marrying you, he has come, he is getting ready. Muskaan thinks why didn’t he come to meet me, he didn’t tell the plan. Lovely says I m checking if you got ready as per our family standards, I will tell mum that you are ready, you are looking good. She goes. Muskaan thinks to meet Ronak somehow. Suzaine tries to leave. Sir ji catches her and takes her aside. He scolds her. She says I have come to meet Muskaan and make her ready for marriage. He calls Tabassum. He informs her about Suzaine. She gets shocked.

She says I will break her legs this time. Suzaine says you can punish me, I will just pray that my Muskaan becomes bahu of your house, and Ronak’s wife. He gets angry. She says you can do anything to stop this marriage. Muskaan thinks did Ronak change his mind, does he want to get married. She knocks the door and asks him to open the door fast. He goes to open the door. Bua takes Muskaan with her and scolds her for meeting groom before marriage. Gayatri compliments Ronak. She asks Lovely to go and call Muskaan. Sir ji signs Ronak. Muskaan comes. Gayatri ties pagdi to Sir ji. Muskaan helps her. Sir ji asks Ronak to talk now. She says its a happy day, I will tie sehra to my son now. She ties pagdi to Ronak as well. Ronak sits silent. Gayatri says you have given me this happiness Ronak. She asks Muskaan to go to her room and wait for baraatis. She asks Sir ji to come with Ronal.

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