Muh Boli Shaadi 23rd February 2015 Written Episode Update


Muh Boli Shaadi 23rd February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The show starts with Anmol driving car with her cousin sister Nidhi. Her friend starts arguing with her and in while speaking Anmol drives car in wrong way. A man Nikhil is sween driving his bike and then stopping and playing football with local football with his friends. Anoml’s car brakes fail and she panics. She sees traffic jam and takes car into the road where Nihil is playing with his friends. She shouts at them to move. Nihil escapes accident and Anmol crashes her to a compound wall. Her seat belt does not open. Nikhil sees fire breakout in car and tries hard to free her up from seat belt and succeeds finally. Anmol falls on him on the floor and he gets mesmerized seeing her beauty. They both fall for each other. He asks if she is alright. She says she does not know.

Nikhil’s friends yell at Anmol and Nikhil takes her side and says her car’s brakes failed, else she would have applied them long ago. Anmol is flattered with his gentleman behavior. He says she will find a mechanic in the corner shop and leaves in his bike.

Nikhil goes to a tea shop. Shop owner asks where is he going. He says Muradabad on official work. Owner says his dirty shirt and asks how will he go. Nikhil says he has to go, else he will lose his internship job.

Anmol and her friend are in rickshaw and discuss how Nikhil saved them on time. Anmol stops rickshaw and runs saying she has to thank the guy. On the other side, tea shop owner shows lipstick marks and saks if he is in love. Nikhil gets sad that he cannot go to Muradabad now and leaves back home. Anmol goes to the spot back and does not find Nihil. She reminisces his bike number and rushes to RTI office.

Anmol’s cousin Nidhi reaches home and sees her relatives at home and tauji/uncle. She hears uncle asking about Anmol and gets nervous. Her dad sees her out and asks why is she doing out. She confusedly tries to speak, Tauji asks her to speak where is Anmol. She says Anmol is fine, but car met with an accident.

Nikhil returns bike to his friend and thanks him. Friend says there is no need to thank and asks about his CA exams. He says results will be out soon. He then gets into rickshaw and leaves. Anmol also comes there in rickshaw searching Nikhil, but is busy looking at bike isntead of Nihkil. She sees friend with bike and is about to ask him when she gets call from home asking to return back soon and rushes home.

Nikhil’s dad Ashok prays god. He sees his third son and scolds him for getting injured in fight. He asks to call second son Akhil. Akhil comes down. Ashok asks if he got back pooja items. He says no. He yells at him. Bua comes back from marriage and orders Ashok to get Nikhil married soon. Nikhil comes home and says he fell off from bike. Dad scolds him for losing 1 day’s salary and says he would have gone by bus.

Anmol and Nidhi are in car again and discuss about Nikhil. Anmol says she got his address and smiles.

Nikhil is busy washing his shirt and asks why girls apply lipstick on their face. Dad hears sound, goes out and is shocked to see neighbours throwing his water tank. He asks who did this. Anmol’s dad comes out and says it is his house and he should not have fixed tank in his house. Ashok starts fighting with him. Dad insults him that he is not that rich to speak to him, etc. Nikhil comes out of balcony and asks Ashok to calm down. Anmol and Nidhi come home and are surprised to see that Nihil is their neighbour. Ashok and Anmol’s dad’s fight continues. Nikhil comes and takes dad in.

Precap: Anmol comes ot Nikil’s house and says she came to take water. He asks where is utensil. She says servant is bringing it and she came to check if water is potable.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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