Humsafars 23rd February 2015 Written Episode Update

Humsafars 23rd February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Anam telling Alvira that she knows that she was behind Zeenat’s accident as she has that video. Alvira gets her in. Anam says if I am trapped then I will take you too. Alvira slaps her and says so you will tell Sahir about me. Anam says she doesn’t have any other option. Alvira says she can help her as she is pity on her. She asks her to give the video recording and then she will think what to do. She asks her to sleep in her room and warns her.

Arzoo brings water for Sahir. He thanks her. She tells that she can feel his pain hidden under his smile. She says I know that you are upset as you couldn’t fulfill the promise made to Zeenat. Sahir asks her to look in his eyes and says deal was important to me before, but now anymore. I went to meet Zeenat before going to the deal. I realized that what I was doing, trying to fulfill the deal for that Zeenat. He says now I am independent and cares only for you and your happiness. I told Zeenat that I will sign on the divorce papers sent by her. She says when I saw that video tape then I left the deal. Arzoo gets touched by his words and says her ears was yearning for those words. She says you have to save this house and uncovers the evil minds. She says if anything happens to Ammi or Zaki, then we can’t forgive ourselves. I want you to do your duty and once everything is fine then we will go far. She recalls Anam telling her that Zeenat is feigning her coma. She tells Sahir that Zeenat might be acting to be in coma.

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Sahir says he got the reports checked by the top doctors. He says Anam cares only for herself. She doesn’t wish for our betterment. Anam is sleeping in Alvira’s room and thinks she is suffocated. She thinks what to do? She thinks what will happen if I gives the proofs to Alvira. She will kill me once I handover the proofs. She then thinks to tell the truth to Zeenat, but then thinks Zeenat is more dangerous than Alvira. She thinks I am nothing to Zeenat. She goes to her room and takes out the pendrive. She turns and sees Zeenat.

Zeenat says I can’t believe that you can betrayed me, you backstapped me. Anam says you are nobody’s friend. you used the people and then throw them like a garbage. You can’t be anybody’s friend. She says I supported you for 8 years. Zeenat says you married my brother after I slipped into coma. She says you are like me and can’t love anyone. Zeenat says she wants to know the reason. Anam says when Sahir was after you, then you was after Vikram. Now when Vikram is after you then you are after Sahir. She says Vikram is not Sahir, if he comes to know that you are using him then he will press your neck. Anam says ok, I will call and tell him that you are here. Anam says ok, tell him. You will never get to know who was behind your accident and who pushed you in coma. Zeenat says you knows well, but didn’t tell me. Anam asks her to go to her room as she is in coma. She asks her to tell Vikram to clear all the accusations from her. She leaves. Zeenat calls Vikram and tells about Anam knowing about them. She asks him to change the plans.

In the morning, Alvira wakes up and then wakes up Anam by spraying water. Anam asks what are you doing? Alvira says everyone will wake up soon. she asks for the recording. Anam gives the pendrive. Alvira asks for the copies. Anam asks her to trust her. She says I brought the recording for you as you are my husband’s ammi. She asks her to move tha magic stick and get her relieve from the accusations. She sleeps again.

Zeenat calls Vikram and asks him to kidnap Anam. She asks him to get the info of her kidnapping. She hears the footsteps and lie on the bed. Arzoo enters and says Zeenat I wants to talk to you. She sees the incoming call on Vikram’s mobile and looks at the caller saved as Jaan. Zeenat opens her eyes and snatches the phone. Arzoo gets shocked.

Zeenat asks Arzoo to leave Sahir. Arzoo says Sahir doesn’t love you as we are humsafars. Zeenat says if Sahir can’t be mine, then I won’t let him be of other.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Very nice episode, Sahir and Arzoo scene was very heart touching. I love this show from the core of my heart. I hope to see happy ending of SaAz :-). It was very short journey of our lovely pair SaAz/HarShiv. I want to see them again and again together in more shows and also in movies… May ALLAH bless you with lots of happiness and success in the future projects… Love you SaAz/HarShiv… be together forever my Humsafars… Miss u a lot….

  2. Thank you so much for update H Hasan….

  3. amar chaudhary

    Arzoo really bad u are acting as a muslim…and when u went on date with sahir u wore sari…the sari was of net…u were nude from ur all back …Gul khan at least if u are writing drama on Muslim background then take care of this thing too.I told u before…arzoo u should feel shame doing stupid and shameless things…keep in mind Muslims girls are not like this they wear full it

  4. Well amar I m Indian but somewhere I agree to u…u are really right…I noted her that night…

  5. Nice comment amar like ur thoughts bro

  6. amar bro jai ho…gud…like or thoughts…truely said

  7. Keep it up amar nice….u said whatever was true…appreciate u really

  8. Well today I didn’t get to watch the show today online, but instead I read the episode , maybe later in the week I will try again. After the show is done, I write some side note for myself cause I love this show, and in one of my side notes I wrote down that it would be nice to see, in the ending of this show, that 1: Sahir will find out who is behind this mastermind madness, his step mother and Zeenat. 2: Arzoo will find out that she is pregnant but she doesn’t tell anyone cause she is fearful of what will happend to Her and Sahir. 3: Sahir will put the house in Zaki name and make him the V.P. Of Sayyaar and maybe if it make sense Anama President. 4: Sahir and wife Arzoo go back to live with Arzoo parents in Lucknow. Talk to later. Peace Out

    1. Hey congrats yaar! You might be the upcoming director/producer of Humsafars Season 2!

  9. its better not to talk about religion becs its fashion world. and i think gaur khan is muslim too

  10. wil any one tel me plz when did humsafars air yesterday?

  11. Girls, Muslim or not, can wear whatever they want. Broaden your line of thought and focus on something other than the lead’s body/clothing.

  12. appu 7:30 pm only on HD

  13. k, thanx ju.

  14. Can any body tell me plz… Humsafars new time?

    1. as ju said, 7.30, only on HD

  15. agree with ju and heforshe.

  16. Oh no… Only on Sony HD? i can’t able to watch this last week’s episodes…. so sad!

  17. Anyways, i luv this whole Humsafars Journey… i never miss a day (show) from the beginning. But, from yesterday onwards… i have missed a lot…

  18. No problem if i don’t have hd but I have Sony bravia tv which has a special feature called Sonyliv which can display all the shows of Sony through net

  19. Didn’t get u, Kashis. Plz elaborate.

  20. @amar, I don’t agree with your comments on Arzoo’s clothes on her date. I’m also a Muslim girl and I don’t find anything wrong with her dress. It’s fashion in India and every single Indian show has this in trend. So just let it be. But I do have objections for Anam’s clothing, her clothes are really embarrassing. I didn’t like her any dress. Well, everyone has their own opinion and I think Shivya did phenomenal job in this show. Love you SaAz/HarShiv….. always always gonna miss you….

  21. You can see the show on YouTube or on All episodes are available there. 🙂

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