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Muh Boli Shaadi 1st June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Nidhi introduces herself as Sushant’s wife. Anmol and Nikhil get shocked. Nidhi tells her everything and cries miserably hugging her. Sushant smiles. Nidhi tells that she is very happy for them. She says everyone has accepted you. Anmol asks what about you? You doesn’t love Sushant. Nidhi says one day I will fall in love too. Anmol asks Sushant, so you are my jijaji. Sushant says what to do as you ran away from the mandap. Anmol asks him not to punish Nidhi for her mistake and praises Nidhi. Sushant says he will take care of her. Nikhil asks him to remember that Anmol is his wife. Ratan Singh calls Anmol, so she goes downstairs. Anmol asks Ratan Singh, did you call me. Ratan Singh takes Nikhil to talk about something. Ashok calls Anmol and asks her to come home. Madan says

he will drop her. Anmol says she can go. Anmol reaches home.

Ashok says he wants to talk to her. He says he is really happy as he couldn’t find girl like her. Ratan Singh says he wants to say him something. Ashok tells that you are not the first girl in Nikhil’s life as he used to love Payal in class 11. He says you brought him out of book worlds. Ratan Singh cooks up a fake story that a astrologer told that Anmol’s marital life will be tough at the beginning. He says I didn’t tell her. Ashok says I am a father and that’s why worried for Nikhil. Doesn’t know what he would do at any time. He says he might leave you like his education.

Ratan Singh tells that astrologer is right. He asks them to do special puja. Anmol promises Anmol that she won’t let any hurdle come in Nikhil’s education and he won’t leave her under any circumstances. Nikhil says Papa. Can I call you Papa. He says his love is very strong and they can face any problem. He says he don’t believe in astrology. Ashok smiles. Ratan Singh is happy too. Nikhil tells Anmol that he is tired of seeing saris and asks her to wear the saree and come out fast.

Anmol comes wearing some saree. Nikhil stares her beauty. Anmol asks him to make it a habit and says life is about these small moments, Nikhil gets closer to her and says these moments make memories. He praises her beauty and says his wife is hot. Anmol asks what? Nikhil says he didn’t use these kind of words, but it spell out from his mouth. Anmol says it is okay and calls him hot. They hug each other. Anmol asks him, what did Bapuji told you. Anmol lies to him. Anmol asks him to tell about loving someone before. Nikhil says he already told her everything. Anmol asks him to tell about his past. Nikhil asks her to say first. Anmol says girls don’t tell their secrets. Nikhil says okay and acts as uninterested. Anmol says she wrote love letter to her classmate when she was in class 7. He says I went bunked my class and watched cricket.

Anmol asks him to tell about the secret. Nikhil says he didn’t have any secret or crush. Anmol says it is okay, I don’t have to hear. Nikhil tells you are the most important person in my life. Anmol acts as angry. Nikhil says you made me Deewana. He is about to kiss Anmol, but just then Akhil and Sahil come, and says they came to sleep. Bua ji asks Ashok, where they will sleep. Ashok says they will sleep here. Bua ji asks are you mad? She gets worried. Anmol and Nikhil come outside. Bua ji asks why did you come here? Anmol says she has come to have water. Seema teases them. Bua ji asks Ashok, where they will sleep? Ashok says they will sleep in store room. Nikhil and Anmol get tensed.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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