Tu Mera Hero 1st June 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with the lady comedian entertaining everyone by her comic poetry. Everyone say wah wah. She says her name Rajnigandha. The guard stops Rekha and she argues with him. Titu hides and Golu says she has gone. Golu and Titu show the passes and go inside. Rekha says how will we go inside now and says we will do what we did to get in Panchi’s college reunion. The man calls the fourth poet Gulgule. Gulgule says what will happen now. The man says Gulgule has won for last three times. Titu comes there and says his lines to Gulgule. Gulgule starts dancing and goes on the stage.

Rekha and Vaishaili dress in Burqas and say she is mum of the poet, and gets inside. Gulgule gets shock by the mike and asks them to make connection good. He says Titu’s lines and introduces himself as Gulgule. Rekha and Vaishaili take their seats. They remove the veil and sit. The real mother and wife of the poet come and guard says what, they already went inside. Golu says Titu did great work, he is the real star, as he is the writer.

All the poets go on the stage. They get the honor. Everyone clap for them. The man says about the judge for the competition, and says we will wait till tomorrow, it will be first round, and he wants to call two people who made this event possible. He calls the event manager Mukund. Titu is shocked. Rekha and Vaishaili clap for him happily. Mukund gets the honor. Titu beats his head and says all family is coming here, I can’t help Gulgule, Mukund will know my words. The man says he wants to call the second manager. Golu says its him and greets everyone. Gulgule thinks where did Titu o.

Golu gets the honor. The function ends and the man says the round will have a surprise. Golu says where did Titu go. Mukund comes to him and asks what is he doing here. Titu says he had to send Golu, as Mukund is his brother. Gulgule says what. Golu says Titu is finding work, so I have come here to work. Rekha and Vaishaili come out and the guard catches them. He calls them cheaters. Gulgule says what to do about surprise round. Mukund tells the guard that they are his family, they forgot the invitation card at home, sorry.

Gulgule says Titu has to work to get money. Titu comes to the temple. Golu asks why did he come here so soon. Titu says he is thinking how to solve this problem and gives a story of husband and wife. He says he is tensed, he can’t ask Mukund and free Panchi, what should we go, how to know about the next round. Surekha comes and says leave it alone. She says his work will be done being lonely, and asks him did he think anything to free Panchi. Titu says trust me, I m doing some work. She says Govind is annoyed with you, do something to free her. She gives them Prasad.

Titu and Golu come home. Titu tries to hear Mukund. Rekha says great, you are manager of the event. Mukund says he wants to praise Rajnigandha, and get big orders for Govind. He will impress Govind. Titu stands on a barrel to hear them. He does not get to hear anything. He says Mukund is not saying about work. Mukund says he got tickets for tomorrow. Rekha is glad and asks whats special tomorrow. Titu tries to hear. Mukund says walls also have ears. He tells in her ears. Titu says Mukund is saying so low. Rekha says great and laughs. Govind comes to Titu and holds him. He pulls his ears and scolds him. He asks is he doing something to free Panchi. Titu says just 4 days, I will free her by my hard earned money.

Panchi talks to Cheeni and wishes Titu does some work soon. Cheeni says she is thinking to make something for Golu. She is also lazy and says she will buy anything readymade for him. Titu says job has found him. Govind says what nonsense, if he does not free Panchi, then he will do something big with him. Titu says you love me. Govind says no way. Titu asks do you trust me. Govind says no, work hard and free Panchi, I want her at home in 4 days. Titu says me too and worries.

Panchi talks to Cheeni and agrees to help her. Gulgule prays in temple, Titu and Golu are present there.

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