Mr and Mrs. Maheswari Raglak -Intro + Episode 1


A middle aged man was sitting next to a women who was lying on hospital bed surrounded with several machines and with oxygen mask..
That man holds he hand and cries ..his teae drop on her hand brings ger to senses..
She opens her eyes and looks arround..
She tightens ger grip on his hand which brings him to senses..
He immediatedly cups her face and calls for doctor..
After some time doctor comes out and says she is out of danger and needs rest..
Doctor:- mr. Ajay saxena jii plss meet me in my cabin.
Ajay nodes his head and goes after him and sits with him.

Ajay:- is their any problem doctor
These days ifen she is getting attacks.

Doctor:- you have to be carefull mr.saxena ..your wife health is spoiling day by day not only that sonething is disturbing her mentally that causing her health effect physically to.

Ajay:- what i should fo then shall change place.

Doctor:- take that mental stress what ever she is having automatically she will be ok and dont your daughter is a cardio doctor right did he doesnt suggest you that she shoukd be happy.

Ajay:- we have few problems doctor .we cant say to knew how sge reacts when it comes to family and loved ones..

Doctor:- still i suggest you to discuss with her.

Ajay nodes and goes out and sees a man standing their immediatedly comes to him..

Dev saxena:- what happened dad is everything ok what doctors said..shall i see when ragini will reach..

Ajay holds him and sits with a thud on kneels infront him and says plss dad be strong.

Ajay:- how dev you knew i cant see your mom
Like that why gid is punishing me for my one mistake. I cant live without her dev.

Dev:- atleast now to us dad what botheting mom so that me and ragu can help you..

Ajay nodes his head and rests back his head on hospital wall..while dev sits next to him.

A operation theater is shown ..
A middle aged girl around 25 , 26 comes out removing mask and says..peopke standing outside not to worry as operation is successfull and clots are removed..

They thanked her fir which she says that its her duty..
Saying this she immediatedly runs from their.

People to nurse..

What happen why she is running like that is their any another emergency..

Nurse:- haa but now she is ok. When she entred in your father OT then only her mother to admitted due to heart attack.our others doctors treated her mother now she is out of danger.

People:- god bless her and her family..

Here dev gets up by removing holds of his father and runs towards ragini who is coming towards them in doctor coat..and hugs her brother.

Ragini:- how is mom bhai..

Dev:- they are saying that she was out of danger but still her health at risk..

Ragini:- where is dad .is he ok.

Dev:- he too stressed ragu and relaxing and show her towards their father who is resting by help of wall.

Ragini:- ok once i will check mom..

Dev nodes..
Ragini goes inside and sees her mom condition and gets teardy eyes and remembers soneone saying if you surrender to emotions at energency think then you lost..once you win cry your heartout by seeing that you saved a family.
She wipes her tears and checks her mom as a doctor and smiles seeing her good condition.

Rags comes out and says same thing to her brother and both shares a good bonding hug.

They both were staring out of window.

Ragini:- what might they both are hiding from us bhai..from childhood we tried all ways but never find anything.

Dev:- thing is sure its relates to oyr parents past before marriage ..we teied to knew about our family but dad never allowed and even failed our trails..

Ragini:- this time dad have to say bhai otherwise we wilo loose our mom.

This time even i am ready to say everything as my past is not important tham my wife and my children.

Both turns and looks at their dad..

Ajay walks with them and makes them sits and starts saying truth

After sometime

Ragini and dev hugs their father and wipes his tears..

Rag and dev:- we promise you dad we both will make everything fine…

Precap:- rags and dev discussing about whatever ajay said ….

Mahewaris characters intro..

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