Manan ff: Humdard (chp 31- Married)

My phone rang and I woke up holding my head, I received the call seeing Manik’s name flashing on my screen. “Hallo,” I said slowly. “Hallo baby, were you sleeping?,” he asked. “Yes, but it’s ok if you called, I don’t mind,” I said. “Feeling giddy?,” he asked and I could hear him giggle. “Yes, I told you our drinks were spiked,” I replied. “Hmm, when will we get married? I miss the nights we spent together,” he said naughtily. I blushed at this. “I also, we can’t meet today, only today and one more day left, then we’ll be married,” I told him and smiled.

One more day passed quickly and the day for our marriage came. I was wearing a maroon blouse with white net on it and white sleeves with red embroidery on it paired with a bright red lehnga skirt of floor length with silver work on it’s bottom and white net clothe with golden ribbon attached on it which came till my knees. The girls were setting my dupatta and my hair were curled and in front of my shoulder. After sometime, mumma came to take me to marriage hall. “My daughter is looking so beautiful, I m glad we got to know about Pundit’s reality before marriage happened, and you got such a caring husband else don’t know what might’ve happened, sorry,” she said with tears flowing down her cheek. “No mumma don’t cry, I m getting married to the man of my dreams and you should be happy about that,” I said wiping her tears and she smiled and we went downstairs towards the gate and sat in car for our destination to marriage hall.

I reached the marriage hall, I was wearing a red kurta with white brooch paired with white churidar and red pagri and got down the car and saw Nandini’s car there, she got down in a beautiful red lehenga and was looking down, we went towards each other and she held my bicep. “Aww my cutie pie is very eager to marry me, same here,” I said and she smiled looking at me and we went inside the hall. We went in the mandap and after some rituals we stood up to take pheras.

Her mother and my mother tied the knots and we took the pheras. After that we took blessings of elders and went outside towards the car, we sat on the backseat and the driver drove the car. I saw her peeping out of the window cryingly, I held her hand squeezing it and she looked at me and smiled while crying. I gave her a side hug. Later the car stopped outside our house and we got down the car, I held her hand and took her inside the house, mom was there with rice pot and kumkum plate, she kept it on the entrance, after all this, we went to room. I recalled our every old memory and smiled. Finally we are officially each others’.

Will they be happy? Or will the troublemaker come again? Keep reading.

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  1. Aswini Durga

    Hope stories never goes in smooth way… But get dis pundit out of der life

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