Mood swings short 5

Shot 5

Sorry for delay, ? I’m so much busy these day. Even I wrote this in hurry, seriously don’t know what I wrote hope u like it?. Finger crossed ✌✌.

It’s lunch time Swara’s office. All the ladies of the office r in washroom. Some of them are gossiping, some are cleaning their face. Some putting extra make up. But Kiddo is just blushing, thinking about her last night. How Sanskaar lost his control? Everytime his kiddo makes him crazy for her, greedy for her. She even couldn’t describe in words how’s it feels beneath him. The moment he was in heaven she was just looking at his face, she enjoys seeing that smiles, that feelings on his face when he reaches to the climax. It proves her how much he loves her, what she matters for him.

“What r u looking at me, Kiddo? Aren’t u liking this? Shall I stop.” She cupped his face.

“I love this happiness on ur face and don’t want to miss it.”

“Only u can give this pleasure to me.”

She is reminding each and every moment… But her beautiful thought was broke by a loud noise.

Girl: “Omg Rags what happened to ur lips.”

Ragini: “Offo, Tanu dear. My hubby loves me a lot. Only married woman can understands it. Am I right Swara.”

Swara doesn’t reply?.

Ragini: “Oh, sorry how can I forget ur hubby is busy in loitering around Kavita these day. Has Sanskaar ever been loved u? I guess no. Then how can u understand it.”

Swara: “Lucky kissed u or chewed ur lips. I guess u makes tasteless food that’s why ur hungry monkey chewed u. Huh?!!!”

Ragini: “My hubby is not hungry Monkey?. Ur Sanskaar don’t even touches u.”

Swara (shows her hand✋): “Oh please, my hubby cares me. Because we don’t hurt our precious thing. He loves me without hurting unlike ur Husband???. I think u r not precious for him. Chewed u like animal. That’s why I called him monkey??.”

Ragini: “Mind ur Language Swara.”

Swara: “U started…”

Ragini: “I know u r broken because ur hubby doesn’t even care for u?”

Swara: “Oh please Ragini. My Sanskar is loves a lot… Unlike ur unemployed, brainless monkey. Go bring some bananas for him else he will chewed u. Huh?.”

She goes outside.

Swara: “Cool Swara cool???. Don’t spoil ur happiness. She is like this only. I know my Sanku loves me a lot…”

Sanskar: “Thinking about me.”

Swara turns back. She jumps in happiness and hugs Sanskar.

Swara: “Sanskar, I missed u so much.”

Sanskar: “My kiddo ate anything.”

Swara nodes no.

Sanskar: “Come today I’ll feed my Kiddo.”

They leave for Dominos. ??

Swara is eating pizza and while eating continuously blabbering what she did in office. Sanskar is not even understanding what she saying, and he don’t even care his eyes is just fixed on her lips submerging in cheeses. She spoiled her dress, her cheeks hands…

Sanskar: “U want more Kiddo?”

Swara: “I’m full now. (Then she looks towards her hand and dress.) My hands became sticky..”

Sanskar takes a napkin and cleans her hand.

Sanskar: “Kiddo u eat like kid. See u spoiled all napkins.”

He asks waiter for more napkins.

Waiter: “Sir this is ur napkins. (He looks towards SwaSan. Sanskar is cleaning his wife cheeks, hands…) Sir, it happens kids generally spoils their clothes.”

Swara gives him death look and Sanskar chuckles.

Sanskar: “She is my wife. But u said true kids don’t know how to eat…”

Swara makes big pout. Waiter leaves. Sanskar wipes her lips but she turns her face.

Sanskar: “Kiddo, look here.”

Swara: “No, u just insults me nothing else. Am I a kid?”

Sanskar kiss on her palm.

Sanskar: “Kiddo, who said u r a kid. During night u becomes my wild cat… (Swara blushes thinking about yesterday night.) Look someone is blushing…”

Swara( blushes): “No one is blushing??.”

Sanskar kiss on her hand.

Sanskar: “Kiddo, did Ragini gave u any paper, I mean resume of Lucky.”

Swara: “No, if she will then also I’ll not help her. ?. But Y r u asking.”

Sanskar tells her everything.

Swara: “May be that cavity knows about it.”

Sanskar: “May be possible. . Ok leave them… (He hold her both the hand.) My Kiddo missed me.”

Swara nodes her head.

Sanskar: “How much!!!”

Swara: “Very much. U know Sanskar today Sir praised me.”

Sanskar kiss on her cheeks.

Sanskar: “I’m proud of my Kiddo.”

Swara: “Sanskar today, come home early.”

Sanskar: “OK…”

Swara: “Baba is alone in home and also bring pizza for him.”

Sanskar: “How can I forget him???”

Swara: “Y r u saying like this. U don’t like my baba.”

Sanskar: “U know what he did on our wedding day. He treats me like enemy.”

Swara pulls his cheeks: “My cutie pie, one day he will love u.”

Sanskar: “That day will never came. U come I’ll drop u to the office.”

They leaves…

Sanskar’s Office.

Sanskar looks towards Kavita.

Sanskar (thinks): “May be Kiddo is right, Kavita must know about it.”

Sanskar: “Hi Kavita. How’s u?”

Kavita (smiles): “I’m good Sanskar.”

Sanskar: “Can I borrow ur Lappy, actually mine is not working.”

Kavita: “Sure.”

In the evening.

Kavita comes to meet Ragini.

Ragini: “What happened Kavita?”

Kavita: “U know what Lucky’s resume. U gave to me… Actually dad saw that in my lappy. And he called Lucky for interview.”

Ragini: “What? R u nut? U know I lied to Lucky that company rejected him.”

Kavita: “Now what?”

Ragini: “I need to do something. Like last time I lied that Lucky’s boss misbehaved with me so that he would leave that job. He can’t do work. I want to dominate in my house. He is only suitable for household work. I did all this so that…”

“So that I’ll become ur slave for life time.” Lucky comes.

Ragini: “Laksh… U r here.”

Lucky: “Yes, I’m am.”

Ragini see Sanskar and Swara…

Ragini: “Lucky, it’s their plan, they…”

Before she could complete her words, lucky slaps her…?

Lucky: “Not a single word. Now I don’t want to see ur face.”

Ragini holds his hand: “Don’t say like this. I really love u Lucky, I need u.”

Lucky: “U don’t need me. U need a servant. Now it’s over one with u.”

Sanskar: “Lucky don’t be so rude.”

Lucky: “No, Sanky it’s right. And sorry for not believing u both.”

He cries and leaves.

After office SwaSan are returning back.

Sanskar: “What My kiddo is thinking?”

Swara: “I’m feeling bad for Ragini.”

Sanskaar: “Seriously ?. U want this only to show her low.”

Swara: “I never wanted this, though I don’t like her but I never want anyone to be separated from their love.”

Sanskar: “Do u really think she loves Lucky?”

Swara: “Don’t know, may be yes or her ego overpowered her love but Lucky still loves her. I saw tears in his eyes while going.”

Sanskar: “Leave it kiddo. After sometime everything will be alright. Now smile.”

Swara: “One more question. How did u do this?”

Sanskaar: “I took Kavita’s lappy and I know the basic details of Lucky so I prepare a Resume letter and showed it to boss and he called Lucky. When Kavita Saw lucky in the office She asked me. I told her that boss got his resume that was in ur Laptop and as I thought she directly went to meet Ragini and I said Lucky to give this good news to Ragini. Then he heard everything.”

Swara (pulls his cheeks): “Too clever my Sanku.”

They come out of car and go inside the lift.

Sanskar: “At least I should get a kiss in price. (She kiss on his cheek.) Kiddo u only think like kid.”

Swara(innocently): “U asked for kiss and I gave.”

Sanskar pulls her.

Sanskar: “Kiddo, don’t try to be too innocent.”

Swara: “I’m not getting anything, uff my little mind, is too innocent for ur thoughts…”

Sanskar rubs his finger on her lips.

Sanskar: “God gave u beautiful lips for…”

Swara: “For eating?.”

Sanskar: “No?.”

Swara: “For applying lipgloss?.”

Sanskar: “Nope?.”

Swara: “Yes for speaking too much??.”

Sanskar: “Yes for speaking and u know Y he gave me lips. (Swara nodes no) , to seal ur lips with mine.”

And he kiss her, holding his kiddo so that she could reached to his height. But they forget that they are near the field of ‘Pyar K DHUSHMAN.’ They reached their destination but fully engulf in kissing that don’t noticed someone is staring this.

Shekhar: “Hey RAM?.”

SwaSan comes in reality…

Swara: “Baba, where r u going?”

Shekhar: “Huh?, I know this Sanskaar forced u. He is always like this.”

Sanskar: “But Baba…”

Shekhar: “Shut up… Can’t u have any shame Sanskar… Totally spoiling my innocent daughter. (He holds Swara’s hand.) Shona come ur ma is coming. We are going to pick up her.”

Shekhar takes Swara with her before he leaves he turns.

Shekhar: “And yes, Sanskar prepare something for us. Mishthi is coming, she will be tired so food must be ready when we come back and some juice also.”

They leave.

Sanskar: “Hitler… I hate this man.”

Poor boy already tired enter inside the room. And shocked to see the scene before his eyes. Whole house is badly scattered.

Sanskar: “I know he intensionally did this…”

Sanskar cleans whole house. Then prepares the food. He totally becomes tired and takes rest on bed. After sometime shomi comes.

Sanskaar: “Ma, how’s u?”

Shomi: “I’m good Sanskaar. Tell me r u fine? I mean this Swara teases u.”

Sanskaar: “No, ma. Kiddo doesn’t tease me.”

Shekhar: “Because u troubles my daughter.”

Shomi: “Shekhar, he is ur son in law. Behave properly.”

Shekhar: “So what? ?. I gave my precious daughter to him.”

Swara: “Baba I’m feeling hungry. Please…???.”

Dining Table???????.

Shomi: “Sanskaar u made this much for us.”

Shekhar: “Or u ordered it from some hotel.”

Swara: “Baba, please?.”

Shomi: “Let’s start.”

Shekhar: “Yuk, too much oil???.”

Shomi: “Shekhar, it’s nice… If u don’t want to eat then U can go. And at least my son prepares better food than u.”

Sanskaar: “Thanks ma.”

Shekhar make faces???.

Shomi: “Swara u should do household work. My son alone doing everything.”

Sanskaar: “No ma, Kiddo too helps me.”

Swara: “Yes ma. U know Sanskaar says I make best cupcakes??.”

Shomi: “Good girl.”

After the dinner.

Shekhar: “Swara, u love ur ma baba.”

Swara: “Yes, baba.”

Shekhar: “Tomorrow we both are leaving. So today we want to sleep with our daughter.”

Shomi: “Shekhar, what r u saying?”

Shekhar (cries): “OK, I can understand now Sanskaar is more important so…”

Swara: “I’m ready Baba.”

Sanskaar(thinks): “If he could, he will snatch my Kiddo. Don’t know when this Hitler will forgive me.”


Sanskaar is staring the stars and moon ?. He is not getting sleep. He looks towards Swara’s side. She is not here, his Kiddo is not with him. Now who will sleep in his arms, who will cough in midnight and ask for water. He looks towards Teddy.

Sanskaar: “Say to my Kiddo that I’m not getting sleep. Call her.”

After fighting with his thoughts he plans to kidnap his Kiddo. Sanskaar care fully opens the door. He see, Swara’s head is on Shomi’s lap. She is sleeping taking the support of wall. Sanskaar go near them and carefully holds Swara, but Shomi wakes up.

Sanskaar (in low voice): “Sorry ma.”

Shomi(smiles): “She is urs Sanskaar.”

Sanskaar holds Swara in his arms like little baby. She nuzzles her face in his neck…

Sanskaar: “Thanks ma.”

He takes his Kiddo back and engulfs her in his secure arms. He pecks on her lips.

Sanskaar: “Good Night Kiddo.”

He sleeps…???.


Sanskaar breaks the kiss. He see tears in Swara’s eyes.

Sanskaar tries to cups her face.

Sanskaar: “Kiddo… I’m…sorry…”

Swara jerks his hand and run from there.

Sanskaar: “What u did Sanskaar ur Kiddo will never talk to u?? Sorry Kiddo…”

After kiss Swara is in heaven. She returned back to home but her heart and mind left with Sanskaar. Since she is looking at mirror. Whenever kiss scene is coming before her eyes, she is closing her eyes with palm.???

Shomi: “Shona…”

Swara hugs her. She can’t able to stop blushing.

Shomi: “What happened Shona?”

Swara: “Don’t know ma. But I’m so happy.”

Shomi: “Tell me everything clearly.”

Swara tells her everything.

Swara: “Ma, I should slap him to kiss me. But u know I… I can’t able to stop him. As if he owned me, he was controlling me.”

Shomi: “Swara u r in love. U said he belongs to good family then, I have no objection. I believe ur choice.”

Swara: “Really ma, I love him?”

Shomi: “Look at u, u r blushing… Tell him everything after that I’ll talk to ur baba.”

Swara: “Yup, but ma he is boy he should propose me. Y would I?”

Shomi: “What if he thought u don’t love her. U ran from there, may be he go for another…”

Swara: “No, he is mine?, I’ll not allow anyone to steal him.”

Shomi cups her face and kiss on her forehead.

Shomi: “All the best.”

Next day Swara is ready to confess her feelings. Sanskaar is sad thinking that Swara doesn’t love him.

Swara: “Sanskaar listen…”

Sanskaar: “Sorry Kiddo, no I mean I’m sorry Swara?.”

Swara: “No Sanskaar.”

Ragini comes: “Sanskaar boss is calling u both.”

Sanskaar leaves. Swara becomes sad.

After meeting.

Sanskaar: “Swara, few more test cases left. I’ll give report evening…”

Swara: “Sanskaar listen to me.”

Sanskaar: “Swara, I know u don’t love me. Sorry…”

He leaves while wiping his tears. Swara again becomes sad. Shomi calls her.

Shomi: “Shona, what he said.”

Swara: “Ma, he thinks I don’t love him. (She tells her everything.) What to do? Ma I can’t bear this, u know he is not calling me Kiddo.”

Shomi: “Aww don’t be sad. My Shona can’t accept her defeat so easily.”

Swara: “Yup ma, before he go back I’ll say my feelings.”

Ragini and Kavita hears everything.

Kavita: “Ragu, Sanskaar is mine. This Swara???.”

Ragini: “Don’t worry. I know week point of Swara. I have two plans… U don’t know Swara’s dad.”

Ragini tells her, her plan.

Here Mr Maheshwari is busy in working. Swara comes and sits beside him. Sanskar is fully busy in typing. Swara holds his hand.

Swara: “Sanskaar.”

Sanskaar: “Swara, I…”

She keeps finger on his lips.

Swara: “Not Swara, it’s Kiddo ur Kiddo.”

Sanskaar: “I can understand u don’t love me. U r feeling pity for me.”

Swara: “No,…”

Sanskaar: “No Swara, I know…”

Swara: “Sans…”

Sanskaar: “U need not worry two days more after that I’ll not show my face to u…”

Sanskaar keeps blabbering, and his Kiddo sealed his lips with her. Sanskaar becomes shocked, his Kiddo is kissing him.

Sanskaar: “Kiddo, what u did!!!”

Swara pulls his cheeks: “My cutie pie, I kissed u.”

Sanskaar: “Y u kissed me??.”

Swara: “Because I hate u soo much?.”

Sanskaar: “Don’t hate me Kiddo.”

Swara: “Uff??? stupid, stupid… Idiot duffer…”

Sanskaar: “Who??”

Swara: “Me??.”

Sanskaar: “Oh, but Kiddo I don’t find u stupid, duffer, idiot.”

Swara: “Eeehhhh????, oh God, u made my Sanku too stupid??. Since yesterday I was restless because u and you don’t even trying to listen me… Neglecting ur Kiddo, u don’t care for ur Kiddo u. Can’t u see…”

She keeps on blabbering and Sanskaar captures her lips…

Swara becomes Shocked

Sanskaar: “I Love you Kiddo.”

Swara blushes???

Swara: “I Love You too, three four…. And infinity.”

They hug each other.

Kappa Coffee Shop.

Shekhar: “What Rubbish u r saying Ragini??”

Ragini: “Yes, uncle. Swara’s boyfriend is a playboy.”

Kavita: “Ya, uncle he was in a relationship with me.”

Shekhar: “My Swara can’t do anything wrong.”

Ragini: “Uncle Swara is not wrong that boy is wrong.”

Shekhar: “What’s his name.”

Kavita: “Sansk…”

Ragini: “Sanky.”

Shekhar: “What kind of name is this??”

Ragini: “Uncle he is not Sanskaari boy that his name would be Sanskaar. He is ruined boy Sanky.”

Shekhar: “It’s good u opened my eyes Ragini beta. Now I’ll save my daughter from him.”

Ragini and Kavita smirks??.

Evening is leaving time.

Sanskaar: “May I drop u Kiddo!”

Swara: “No,baba is in the house. Today I’ll tell him about us?. Then.”

Sanskaar: “Then what Kiddo?”

Swara: “Then we will get married.”

Sanskaar turns to leave but Swara calls him.

Swara: “Listen.”

Sanskaar: “Anything left.”

Swara kisses on his cheek.

Swara: “Bye.”

She runs from there.

Sanskaar: “My mad Kiddo.”?

Preacp: SwaSan Marriage and Shekhar’s Drama

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