This is my new ff. Hope u guys support my this ff like other ffs. And this ff is dedicated to my darling(Meera). She wanted me to write a story with arshi and swasan. So here i am. Darling hope u like this.??

And one more thing if u guys feel like u were reading the same thing before then i will tell before itself i have written this story months before but stopped bcoz of low response. Just posted 4 parts. Now i changed some story line and started again.

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Episode 1

A lavish mansion is shown. The mansion is full of hustle bustle. A man in middle 50’s is roaming here and there and instructing servant something. A lady of early 50’s saw this and smiled seeing him. She went near him and tapped his shoulders and said,”Ramji relax urself first. And everything has been done perfectly. U don’t get hyper.”

“Sujatha u r saying it very coolly. The person who is coming is my sweet daughter. I want everything perfectly that too it should be of my daughter’s choice.”

“Ramji u r exaggerating the things. She is coming to her home only. U r behaving as if some guest is coming.”

“Sujatha even if guest come to our house i won’t behave like this. But it’s my daughter. That too she is coming after 2 years finishing her pg. I am very excited to see my daughter. And u stop wasting my time. I have ordered her favorite sweet. I will go and see whether it came or not. U go and see whether the dishes are ready.” ram said and went to call sweet shop. Sujatha smiled and went from there.

A stylish car stopped in the airport. A man of middle 20’s came out. He is very dashing. The girls who are there saw him like they will eat him. The man ignored everything and went inside the airport after the formalities. He was waiting for someone. Suddenly there is an announcement that the flight has landed and his face turned to a smile. After 10 minutes he saw a girl of early 20’s coming and he waved his hand. In return she too waved her hands happily and came down from the escalator and went and hugged the man.

“Sanskar bhai i am finally back. Back to my india. Back to my Kolkata. Back to my home and finally i am back to my sweet and cute family.”

“Ha ha kushi lets stop ur radio here and will go to home. U know papa is making everyone tensed. And he called me thrice whether u arrived or not. So lets go home and talk everything there.”

“Aww that’s y i love papa so much and i missed him so much. And bhai there are my luggage so go fast and bring it soon. I will be waiting in the car. Come soon as I have to meet ma and papa okie.” kushi said and ran from there. Sanskar sighed and went and brought her luggage. Then both went to maheswari mansion.

Ram is standing outside waiting for his sweet daughter impatiently. Sujatha saw this and hit her own head and went to him,”Ramji this is too much. U have waited for 2 years. Can’t u just wait for 30 minutes.”

“No i can’t. For this only i told i will not allow her to abroad. But no one listened me. U all made me accept. But now i can’t.”

“I can’t change u. Atleast come inside na.”

“No i won’t. Till my daughter comes i won’t come inside.” ram said and sujatha nodded her head in sideways like he won’t change and went inside.

After 15 minutes a car came and ram became happy. He went and opened the car door and saw kushi and he pulled her outside and hugged her affectionately. Sanskar saw this and is shocked to see ram’s behavior. He knows his dad misses his sister but didn’t know he miss her this much. Then smiled and went inside. Seeing him coming sujatha understood Kushi came and went out with aarti plate. She saw ram and kushi talking. She went and hugged her daughter and said,”Give some time to ur mother also Kushi.” hearing this kushi too hugged her. Then sujatha did aarti and everyone went inside.

Ram went and brought sweets which he ordered specially for her and feed her. Kushi is overwhelmed seeing his love. She hugged him and with tears said,”Papa u r the best. I love u soo much. U still remember my fav sweet. How many birth i take birth u should be my papa.” kushi said emotionally. Ram too became emotional and hugged her and kissed her forehead. Sujatha and sanskar saw this and they too joined the hug.

Enough of their introductions. Let them celebrate their family time. Now lets move to other leads of the story.

A man is seen entering inside his home. Seeing him anyone could guess he came from jogging. After he entered inside he straightaway went to a room. There he saw a girl doing some office work and near her in cradle a cute little baby is sleeping. But when the man comes near the baby it started to cry. The girl smiles seeing it and man smiled sheepishly and took the baby in his hand. After the baby went to his hand the baby stopped crying. This is the signal the baby gives to her mamu. She wants to be in her mamu’s hands.

“Aww my doll loves me soo much…” the man said and kissed the babyvs forehead.

“Haan haan Arnav bhai ur doll loves u soo much than her mumma. Right baby.” swara said and baby shakes its hands and legs like saying yes and smiled.

“See bhai ur doll too accepted it. Okie okie now come to me ur mamu has to get ready for him work.” swara said and took the baby from Arnav’s hand.

“Okie doll ur mumma is right. And be a sweet girl and let ur mumma also get ready. Even she has to go office na.” arnav said to the baby and went to get ready. Swara is already ready. She went down with the baby and put it in the cradle. They have two cradles. One for upstairs while one for downstairs. At that time swara saw shomi and just smiled lightly and wishes morning but shomi just nodded her head and went to the baby. Swara is hurt but it became usual for her. She went to the dinning table and took the tea and drank it.

After some time arnav came down and went and took blessings from shomi. She hugged and kissed his forehead. Swara saw this and felt happy but still she is hurt as her ma is not talking with her. She wiped her tears before anyone could see. Then arnav,shomi and swara went to inhouse temple and shomi did pooja. Shomi gave prasad to arnav and he in turn gave prasad to swara. Then shomi went to the dinning table. Arnav side hugged her and said,”Don’t worry everything will be fine.”

“I know bhai. Ma is just angry on me but i know soon she will love me like before.” swara said and wiped her tears. Then both went to breakfast. After breakfast arnav went to his room and brought his bag while swara took the baby and fed milk from bottle. Then arnav came and kissed the baby and bid bye to everyone and left to his office in his car. After baby drank the milk swara gave the baby to sharmistha and she too left to her office in her scooty.

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As it’s just introduction of the characters the chapter is small. From next chapter it will be big. Hope u guys liked this story. Support me like other stories guys. Comment ur views.?

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