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The Episode starts with Vinay bringing Mohi to Gokhale house. He says Rekha has booked suite for Anusha and Ayush, Mohi wanted to come back. I asked her the reason why she is adamant to leave, and she said she is missing Manohar. Manohar says we also missed Mohi a lot, house looked lonely. Sharad taunts saying Mohi is everything for Manohar, we don’t matter to him. Everyone look on.

Madhur and Manohar stare at Sharad. Satish asks Shanta did she call her. She asks him to send the cards by courier, and see what happens tomorrow in Gokhale house. Mohi thinks to write a letter to Manohar. She sits writing a letter.

Swati gets a call from Anusha. She asks Anusha how is she. Anusha says I m fine, I had to say something and ask. Swati says yes tell me. Anusha gets hesitant. She says mom booked a

suite for me and Ayush. Swati laughs and says Vinay told us everything, when he came to drop Mohi, Rekha did a great thing, you both should spend time together. Anusha smiles. Satish and Shanti talk about Manohar not caring for brothers. Sharad hears them. Shanta sees Sharad and talks in Sharad’s favor. She says I feel Sharad has no identity in this house. Sharad comes. Shanta says sorry if you felt bad. Sharad says no, I did not feel bad, wrong is happening with me, now Manohar has to answer my every question. He leaves. Shanta laughs.

Manohar and Madhur have a talk and laugh. Madhur wonders where is Sharad. Sharad comes there and acts annoyed. Shanta comes and hears them. Sharad says I felt I m not important. Madhur asks what are you saying. Manohar says don’t know who filled this in your mind, what are you thinking, there is nothing like that, talk and clear it. Sharad says it happens what you decide in the house. Kaki looks on shocked. Sharad speaks against Manohar. Manohar and Madhur get shocked. Manohar asks what do you mean Sharad, I control you all, do I rule here. Sharad says you act well, this shocked innocent expression is your fav. The truth is you control all of us, you make rules for us, no rule works on you.

Manohar asks Sharad to trust him like before. Sharad argues and asks him to show all details of the loan, then he will decide to trust Manohar or not, else Manohar will fool him again. Shanta says maybe Manohar has some reason to not tell you, I should not talk, Manohar stopped me from talking in between. Swati comes and looks on shocked. Sharad says you all see, Manohar asked Shanta to keep quiet, he does not respect Mausi and expects me to respect him. Manohar says enough, you trust me or not, I will not tell you about this loan. Mohi comes and looks on. Sharad gets angry and says you have to tell me, else I will find out myself, I know bank name, I will get all info from there. Don’t forget that land has my share too, and its my right to know. Manohar gets unwell and holds his chest. Everyone cry and rush to Manohar. Madhur holds Manohar and they all worry for Manohar. Sharad looks on shocked. Manohar faints. Mohi pumps his heart and gets shocked….

Mohi calls someone and tells about Manohar. She cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. dragging serial. wen will the truth be in the open

  2. Story getting interesting. When will shanta gets exposed?

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