Satrangi Sasural 1st January 2016 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 1st January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Vihaan attends to kyra’s wounds, and dresses them up, while she looks overwhelmingly. Vihaan attends to kyra’s wounds, when she asks wherehad he gone, and disappeared so suddenly. She continues on her rant, as to how she was tensed, and then says that she knew he was pretending to support mili in there to catch her off guard, and she knew about it. then she starts talking about how weird it is, that mili suddenly left the house all on her own. he doesnt respond and keeps bandaging her and then giving her medicines in a monotonous manner. he asks her to go to bed. She asks him to sleep too, as he must be tired. he lies against the wall, while she clutches him and then doses off.

Scene 2:
Location: Isolated location
Mili eyes herself in the mirror through the mask, and then keeps it aside. Mili meanwhile thinks that kyra can enjoy this momentary marital bliss as after that she and her family shall be surrounded in gloom and despair. she asks her to watch what she brings for them in this new year, a new year terrifying them to the bone. She says that she would create a world of illsuion, and they would all be trapped in it. She says that they are all masquerading as god people, and she shall expose each and every one of them, and then ruin this entire family, thats responsible for the loss of their family.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Vihaan’s mothers find him extra cheerful and exuberant, as he prepares food for all of them, and how they are all happy and excited in the new year, and shall bring back their old home. They are happy to see him so happy after such a long time. All are happy, that their old days shall return. they all start fighting for him, while he asks them to go, as he just comes with breakfast. they dont budge at all.

Later at night, vihaan, hypnotised by mili’s magic, puts a finger over the bandage of kyra, and keeps piercingly presing till blood starts gushing out it, while she writhes in her sleep. He thinks that she shouldnt have behaved like this with mili, and now she would have to pay a price for it. Kyra wakes up, the next morning, writhing in pain, and is shocked to see the amount of blood, and then finds mili smirking in the doorway, at her plight. Kyra understands that mili is behind this. Mili leaves. Kyra says that she knows that she is playing games with her, and rushes out, but finds that she isnt there. then a nail pricks in her leg, causing her more pain, while mili watches amused from a distance. Kyra sees her and tries to go after her, but her leg is severely wounded. She starts hollering for vihaan, hearing which he and the mothers are tensed, clutching at her leg. He rushes out, and the mothers follow suit too. She then starts talking to vihaan about the blood in her leg, and he sees that its completely fine. Kyra is shocked, while the mothers are apalled. she vehemently protests wat she had seen, but they find it disbelieving. Narmada and harpreeet continue to taunt her, that had mili come, she would have met them also. Vihaan asks kyra to try and stand straught and asks if its paining. kyra says that it isnt paining at all, and then finds all the blood trails absent. nilima asks her to calm down. She then takes them to the bed, but finds that the bed is clean too. She is aghast. he says that it might have been a dream. She is sure that mili is behnd this, and she knows noone shall believe her, as harpreet and narmaeda smirk. narmada talks about vihaan’s cheerful plans that she totally ruined. he says that he is right and it must have been a nightmare and apologises. he composes her, and says that illusions can come when she isnt well, and its natural, and asksher not to worry. kyra is boggled and tensed. he then begs the mothers not to create anymore problems for her too now. they all smile, and comply to vihaan’s wishes. He suddenly rushes out thinking that his breakfast would burn down.

Later, as kyra gets ready, vihaan comes and hugs her, while she is shy and taken aback. they both smile. In the mirror, she notices a knife in his hands. he says that he has a brilliant idea for them, and then heats the iron red hot, while she is shocked to see what he is upto. She asks whats he doing. she says that there is no pain, and suddenly the pain starts badly, and vihaan casually says that he knows what he is doing. She asks what would that do, as this isnt right. he eyes the knife, and then approaches her, while she screams that she doesnt need all this. she keeps retreating while he approaches her, as she says that she is scared. he tries to say that its for her own good. She asks him not to come close, and rushes out. The screen freezes on his angry face.

Precap: For the new year celebrations, vihaan and kyra dance to gerua, while the mothers watch.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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