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Mohi 24th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anusha coming to Ayush’s office. She talks to Nilesh and tells the actual version of the love story. She tells him everything that’s shown in FB. She tells Nilesh how she has confessed love to Ayush and proposed him, and he jumped excitedly saying I too love you. Nilesh says impressive. Ayush gets to know a lady from Bhuvana has come, and then he thinks its Mahua. Vinay goes home and tells Archana about the girl at Ayush’s home.

Archana asks who was that girl and they should ask Ayush. Ayush gets the lady and comes to know its Mohi’s friend. He identifies her and thinks to talk. Mohi tells everyone that thief has come as gentleman and she has made him leave. Manohar asks what was his name. Ayush comes home and asks what thief. Manohar asks why will thief give sweets,

who was he. Mohi says I don’t remember.

Ayush asks how can a well dressed man be a thief, how can Mohi be so stupid. Why did the family leave house on Mohi, how will she know about city people. Satyakam scolds Harya and asks how could he do this, he will punish him now. He calls out Mahua. He comes to know Nana and Mahua has gone to nearby clinic. Satyakam says how could Mahua let this happen to make Mohi marry that city guy, she did not wait for me.

He says Mohi calls me Baba, Mahua did not let me do my duty. The lady says Mohi has filled sindoor without telling Mahua and tells everything. She says Pratap made them marry by all rituals infront of villagers, if Mohi did not agree to Pratap, Pratap would have killed Ayush, Nana was not here and till he came back, Mohi was gone, everyone is missing Mohi, Mahua’s wish to live ended after Mohi went. Satyakam asks for Ayush’s address and phone number. Harya says Ayush has given number when I wanted to sell sweets in city.

He says Mohi educated me and I was capable to write the number. Satyakam sees the number and says we have some way to reach Mohi. Mohi tells everyone that she was ready to beat the thief, and he has run away. Ayush says what will that man think about us. Manohar asks how was he looking. Mohi says two eyes, nose and two ears. Ayush says its good he was human, not alien. Manohar smiles. Shubhangi asks Mohi does she not remember. Mohi says I m trying, his voice was good.

Ayush says we will not know, she is wasting our time. He says you just know to create problems in other’s life. Rekha says I don’t believe this, that girl threatened Vinay and he gave her sweets, you are impossible. Vinay says that girl was weird but honest. Rekha says its about respect, that idiotic girl stopped you from entering home and called you thief, you find it funny, this shows standard of Gokhales, to hire any uneducated maid, I m sure they don’t pay her salary. Anusha says I met that girl, she is Mohi. Ayush has got her.

Rekha says then what can we expect from her, ask Ayush to throw that girl out, ask Gokhales to apologize to Vinay, else this engagement can’t happen. Anusha and Vinay get shocked.

Satyakam calls at Ayush’s home. Kaki answers the call.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Vinay and mohi had some past.may be he is mohi s real father only its my guess

    1. He is. This serial is based on a Bengali serial called Ishti Kutum.

  2. I love the show but ayush is doing my head in. When he was in the village he was following mohi around now his mean

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