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The Episode starts with Manohar coming in living room. He greets Vinay and says he was sleeping after taking medicines. He asks whats going on. Everyone tell him about Mohi’s study till 11th and they want her to continue studies. Manohar likes the idea. Sharad says Shanta got angry by this idea and left. Manohar asks why, whats the problem, where did Shanta go. Sharad says to her room. Ayush says Mohi should not study, she came here for work. Anusha argues with him.

Mohi asks them not to argue for her sake, she got her real life and much love from this house. Ayush asks her to stop it, and just say whether she wants to study or work. Mohi recalls her dreams and promises made. She says she does not want to study. They look at her.

Manohar asks whats the problem, why is she saying this,

Mohi said heart should not be stopped, you have desire to study, why are you refusing now. You can work and study together. Anusha asks Mohi what does she want, is she afraid seeing the situation in this house, does she not want to study. Mohi says I don’t want to study and cries. She leaves. Kaki tries to stop her and says I think she got tensed by everyone’s words.

Anusha goes to Mohi and takes her to temple. She asks her to not truth infront of Lord. I have argued with Ayush just for you, whats going in your heart, tell me. Mohi says I can’t study, maybe this is my fate, I was helpless to come here, I came to earn for my mum and Nana. Anusha sys you can work while studying. Anusha pacifies her and says she is like her sister, and it’s a sister’s promise, tell me will you study now. Mohi agrees. Anusha asks her to call Didi from today. Mohi gets thankful to her for regarding her as sister, she is really great. Anusha asks her not to thank her. They hold hands and smile.

Anusha tells everyone that Mohi is ready to study. They get glad. Anusha says I will teach her. Manohar claps and says great. Manohar says Mohi will study and Anusha will help her. Ayush gets annoyed. Everyone clap. Madhur asks Ayush where is he going. Ayush says I can’t waste all day like this, I have imp work. He leaves. Anusha asks everyone to cheer up. Vinay says we have to come to fix Anusha and Ayush’s marriage date fixed. Madhur says we will not talk about it today, we will talk tomorrow on Diwali. They all smile. Manohar invites Vinay and his family on lunch tomorrow. Anusha goes to Shanta and apologizes. She says we should give one chance to Mohi and takes her blessings. Shanta blesses her. Anusha smiles and leaves.

Mahua reads the news and says Vinay has left me and Mohi, this is your father Mohi. She gets sad.

Update Credit to: Amena

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