Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 12th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 12th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dr. Aman saving Nivedita from committing suicide. He brings her home. Nivedita feels bad about her doings. Aman asks her to maintain the goodness which she has realized just now, and asks her to walk on the right path. Aman asks Nivedita to freshen up and says he will drop her to hotel. Nivedita says she can’t go to hotel as they kick her out after she failed to pay the amount. She says she will manage somehow. Aman asks her to stay in his house and says there is one problem as his cook went to marry for third marriage. Nivedita smiles.

Aman comes to Pam and RK and tells them that he has convinced Nivedita to stay in his house. He says he stopped her from committing suicide. He says she is repenting and her tears are genuine. Pam thinks she might be acting. RK says she might be upto some conspiracy. Aman says Nivedita is surely feeling bad about her doings. Pam says we are not interested in her life and says Ragini had bear enough because of her. Just then Pam receives legal notice. She reads that Neil and Ragini have to go to court to meet magistrate else this house will be seized. Pam says we are in debt, who will run our case now. Nani says I will run your case. Aman asks them not to worry and says he will talk to his lawyer. Ranbir comes and asks what happened? Pam tells that they need a lawyer to fight the case. She asks are you sure Dr. Aman. Aman says yes.

Karthik tells we have to get the money. Ranbir tells Dad and mom have to go to magistrate court. Kids get tensed. Sunny Tai gets angry at the agent and says we have to defeat him. She suggests that they shall steal the papers. Ranbir says then we will get jailed. Karthik says Sunny Tai is right. Ranbir says she gets only criminal ideas. Sunny Tai says we have to do something wrong to do right things, and says we are saving ourself from that man. Ranbir asks did you think how to execute this plan.

Aman is talking on phone. Nivedita asks do you have any problem? Aman tells Neil and Ragini’s court case. He looks at the food and is surprised to know that she has made chicken dishes. Aman says I don’t eat non veg food. Nivedita says I know and that’s why I cooked veg food for you. He is amazed and asks about the dishes she knows to cook. Nivedita says she is not a born lawyer and knows cooking as well.

Sunny Tai along with kids come to the agent’s office. Sunny tries to open the lock. The kids hides. Watchman comes and asks Sunny what she is doing here? Sunny Tai says this is her fiance company. Watchman asks if she is fooling him. Sunny says no, and reasons with him. Sunny Tai says she was feeding wine to the lock and says it is their ritual. She confuses him and asks him to go. The kids come out. Ranbir tells Sunny Tai that we shall not do this as it is dangerous. He asks them to come.

Neil tells Ragini that she has a debt of 70 Lakhs and asks her to start a new life.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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