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Hello everyone. I know last update was long. Actually that episode I had written I my mobile. So was not able to write properly. So that is why today I will update to episode. Hope so that you are liking the story line. Coming back to the episode in last episode I was going to open suspense but due to short update I didn’t open that suspense. In today’s episode I will open that suspense. And thnx friends for reading my fanfiction. And special thnxs to silent readers. I request you to comment on the episode it encourages me. So now let’s start with the episode. May be today there will be some dhamaka in the episode.

Raunak: Swara call Ragini here.
Ragini: I am here only Bhai.
Rithvik: So fast.
Ragini: Actually I saw both of you coming. So I also came.
Swara: Ok. Now leave all this. Tell me did you get any information about Laksh {Real Laksh}
Rithvik:No my mens are finding clues.
Ragini: From last these years we are not able to find him. Don’t know where he had kept him.
Swara: Raunak Bhai why have you asked about Laksh ?
Raunak: Actually when I was coming here. I saw laksh in parking lot. I listened his conversation. So I got doubt on him. He told the whole scene of the parking incident. { SO THE PERSON WHO HAD LISTENED TO LAKSH CONVERSATION WAS RAUNAK GADODIA }
Swara: This means that duplicate had fallen for our Ragini.
Rithvik: Swara we had to make full proof plan. And before this marriage we had to fing the real Laksh.
Ragini: And we had to get to know who is helping that bastard from Maheshwari family.
Rithvik: What someone from Maheshwari family is helping him?
Swara: Yes. Its confirmed news. Soon we will get to know who the person is.
Raunak: But why from Maheshwari family will help him.
Ragini: Someone will get benefit from it.
Swara: I got news that Shreya , Purvi , Anuupurana ji , Sujata ji , Parineeta Bhabhi and Adharsh Bhai are innocent. They are not involved in this matter.
Ragini: But Anuupurana aunty and Durgaparsad uncle knows that the person living with them is not laksh.
Rithvik: But why they are not telling anyone.
Ragini: May be that fake one has tortured them or made them keep quiet for the family sake.
Swara: Yes now only Ramparsad ji and Durgaparsad Ji and Sanskar history is left. Very soon we will come to know who is the traitor in the family.
Raunak: But why is he taking revenge from our family also.
Swara: Because in past Maheshwari’s Gadodia’s and Goenka’s were business partner.
Rithvik: What?
Swara: Yes its true. Arnav and Khushi had finded out this information.
Raunak: Its means there are many secrets that will unfold slowly.
Rithvik: But some secrets will open on Ragini and Laksh Wedding. I means Fake Laksh wedding.

Someone knocked on the Swara’s Cabin door. Arnav & Khushi came in.
Swara: Come Arnav Bhai and Khushi.
Arnav: Swara we got to know that this fake Laksh came from Switzerland. He was studying there.
Khushi: Ya. And his real name is Sahil Singhania.
Ragini: Singhania??? I had listened this surname somewhere in our family.
Swara: Do you know from whom?
Ragini: Swara I am not able to remember.
Swara: Its ok. Arnav Bhai you find out is there any connection of our families with Singhania. And Khushi you come with us to our home. We had to do lots of prepartation for destroying this Fake Laksh Maheshwari.
Khushi: Ya sure. Why not. Anything for you guys.
Arnav: Swara , Armin was also coming in this meeting ?
Swara: Ya. But he went to dinner with his new found love Purvi.
Rithvik: Did he know what we had to do next or is he doing only romance with my sister.
Ragini: Jiju he know. What he had to do.
Raunak : Ok so what is your next move.
Swara: To bring you back in SWARAGINI MANSION.
Rithvik: How will you do that?
Excuse me I will do that. Armin replied from back.
Ragini: Do you got the time to come here.
Armin: Sorry Mishti. Firstly I meet Purvi then I made the cd and send it to SWARAGINI MANSION.
Rithvik: CD?
Swara: Yes CD which will give entry to Raunak Bhai in the Mansion.
Raunak: Swara tell me clearly. What are you upto.
Armin: My dear Big B I will explain you. Actually we made a CD in which it will be shown that everything was planned against you. And you was innocent. And everyone will except you back.
Rithvik: Ya. That’s a good idea.
Ragini: Wait Raunak Bhai. You don’t get much happy.
Raunak: Why?
Armin: Because you have to show some attitude to them.
Swara: So that they should realise there mistake and should not repeat this mistake in future.
Raunak: To irritate all of them I can do anything.
Ragini: That we know. Rithvik Jiju what are you thinking.
Rithvik: Ragini, Angel wants to meet everyone. I want this chapter close as soon as possible. So she can get back to the family.
Armin: Don’t worry jiju. Everything will be sort out soon.
Khushi: And from last 3 years we are tolerating all this for the happiness of the families only.
Swara: Once we get the real Laksh then we can give punishment to fake one and that traitor from the family of Maheshwari. I will not leave both of them once I got hold of them.
Arnav: I think so we should move know. We have to do many things. And I had to meet Angel Di also.
Rithvik: Ya come we will do there only. Swara , Ragini & Khushi you three be alert.
Swara: Ya sure Jiju.
Veiled Lady: Do you get some information about him?
Person: No mam. We are not able to find him.
VL { VEILED LADY } : I got him at any cost.
Person: OK Mam. We will find him very soon.
VL: Ok now you leave from here.
The person left from there. That lady talked alone with herself. Don’t worry I will save you. Because I promised my husband. You are his best friend and my saviour. I can do anything for a person you helped in my bad times. This all is happening in our lives because of Sanskar Maheshwari. I lost everything because him. May be he forget everything. But I will make him remember everything. It’s a wife’s , a friends promise to you both.

Who is the girl ????????


Credit to: Noor

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    N ya i m the same Nita who is commenting from beginning

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