Balika Vadhu 14th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 14th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krish wishing Karuna on her birthday and says he is keeping jazz before the jagrata. Triveni wishes her best and says she has loving husband and son, and prays that nobody evil eye should fall on her. Rudaalis’ come inside while crying. Triveni asks who has called them to mourn on this happy day. Abhayram says I asked you to call Jagrata women and not Rudaalis. Triveni accuses Nandini for wishing Karuna’s death. Nandini says she didn’t call them. Abhayram says Karuna is so good, why did you call these women and says you would have called them to mourn for me, but not for her. Krish tries to talk. Abhayram asks him not to interfere and says they have bear enough now. Nandini says I called on the number which you have given me. Abhayram says why I will give number of Rudaalis’ instead of jagrata women? He accuses her for trying to separate Karuna and him. He says if even death comes infront of my wife, I will step behind her. He asks her to call that number and confirm. Karuna says no, and says she knows who is her well wisher and who wants bad for her.

Triveni says it is good that these Rudaalis are under veil and says I have to sprinkle gangajal in the house now. She insults Rudaalis. Sudha gets up, lifts her veil and says it is enough. Nandini and Krish are shocked to see Sudha as Rudaali. Abhayram says Nandini’s sister is Rudaali. Now it is confirmed that she called her. Krish asks Sudha, have you gone bad? Sudha asks what is the big deal? Shall I have shame to sell fake emotions. She says I am Rudaali and I am not ashamed of my work. He says some people bring such mourning in someone’s house, that they do mourn all their lives. She says you are a Maasi and have killed my baby. Nandini is shocked. Sudha says I am earning money and is not sitting idle like you.

Shankar comes to Nandini’s house for Sudha and hears her talking to Nandini. Sudha blames Nandini for killing her baby and tells Krish that you couldn’t see her true face as you loves her. Nandini says I would have searched a good job for you. Sudha says I don’t want any of your favor. Dr. Amit tries to interfere. Sudha tells that you haven’t married her, but behaving as joru ka Ghulam. She says hospital staff and everyone are telling that she has kill my baby intentionally. She says that’s why her degree is snatched from her. Dr. Amit says who told you? He says I have taken the blame as I was with her in the Operation theatre. He says Nandini got her degree back, and as I have taken the responsibility on my head, I can’t practice now. Nandini asks why did you sacrifice for me. Shivam gets angry on Nandini. Dr. Amit tells Sudha that Nandini never thought anything bad about the baby or her and she don’t hate her. Sudha thinks this is not justice, the culprit is letting free. She goes and asks Shivam to take her from there.

Nandini hugs Dr. Amit and asks why did you do this? Dr. Amit says you deserves to be in the hospital, and Suryodaya needs you. Dr. Amit tells that he did what was right. Krish thanks him. Dr. Amit asks Krish to love and care for Nandini and reminds of the promise which he did before marriage. Krish says I will and says Nandini is lucky as you also cares for her so much. Nandini says you are my mentor and guru..and cries. Abhayram angrily thinks that although she has won her degree, but nobody can’t stop whatever is going to happen.

Nandini tells Abhayram that she will expose him today. Abhayram holds her neck and is about to shoot her. Krish comes and holds his hand.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  2. yeh serial pehle bohot achha tha ab kita kharab ho gaya hai

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