MMZ-Written on Stars!! (Chapter 21)


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I’m moving on

My life was moving on and my old life in Goa was now becoming a distant memory. It has been almost two years since I left Goa and New York was becoming more like home.

I’m not saying that I didn’t miss Malhotras , my parents or some of my friends, but it was becoming easier to see myself and my future here…my mind would constantly wander back to the moments before I got on that plane to come here and my conversation with my fear were completely gone.

My life was hell busy coping with classes and studies. Kriti finished her Masters and waiting my masters to finish. She was busy applying for PhD.

Both Radhika and Kriti were still constantly bugging me about Armaan. He still remained single and it was the amazement for the people who knew him. Since he too completed his masters and working with one of the famous publication house in NY. What surprised many that was he still visited the campus to either drop me or to take me for lunch. It was nice to have Armaan as friend, though we appeared like couple to many, we both were just friends.

So, this wasn’t a day different than usual. As I exited my class, I saw the man sitting on far bench from the door.

“Hey Beautiful…..” he smirked as he spoke..

“Hey Armaan…”

“So what do you want for lunch?” he asked as he grabbed my hand to lead me across the campus.

“No Idea….” I mumbled as I pull out my phone to check what’s app..

“Then we will get idea Sirji…” he said with chuckle.

“Hey Armaan…..”

We both turned to see two girls approaching us. I didn’t pay much attention to them. Armaan was rather famous in his department, especially with his old female classmates.

“Hey….Joe..Christina…..”he mumbled as they came near

The girls were beautiful. One was tall and leggy blonde, and other was little shorter with slightly brown curly hairs. Both had perfect skin and flawless features. I didn’t raise my eyes to look at them and continued with my text messages.

“You spend so much time here..why don’t you get doctorate?” asked the one who I guessed was Joe

“Nope..i’m done with I’m looking forward for different things…”

“So you found your girl Armaan….” Asked the blonde in her American accents

I glanced up for second, and pressed my lips try to control my laughter…That two girls were staring at was normal people staring me when Armaan was around.
“No..i’m waiting for her….” he stated , not even blinking an eye.

I walked a little distance from I wasn’t going to listen to him talking about me when I was standing beside him.

I turned back to see that he was arguing with them. I walked back towards him a little. I went close enough that I could hear their convo..My curiosity increased

“why do you spend your time with that little girl, Armaan, when you could have a women?” asked the blonde

“it’s none of your business who I spend my time with.Plus she is the ten times the better women than you are…”

“She is never gonna give her time back…” sneered Joe

Those words cut me deep in my soul. I knew why I couldn’t give my was my feelings for Neil that was keeping me being anything more than friend with Armaan. I was worried I could lose a friend if I keep avoiding him.

“You want to know something…..i’ll wait forever for her because she is worth it…” he yelled

He turned and grabbed my hand before I could realize and quickly he was leading me away from those rude women who were glaring draggers at me.

“I’m sorry Sam…”
I turned to look at his eyes which were filled with sorrow and regret.

“It’s nothing Armaan…we are friends…if they can’t’s their problem..not ours…”


I knew what he was didn’t take rocket science to me to know, since it wasn’t anything new…his mind ws always in comes to this turn when it comes to me, and I doubt it would ever change..

“Sam, people see us always together and they think we are couple…why can’t we be? I know that I’m not him..but….”

He knew how I don’t like to mentioned Neil’s name….i finally broke down a year ago and told him about Neil and since then he has done nothing but try to prove to me that he isn’t Neil, but someone better than him. No one could replace Neil in my life, even if he was being a complete jerk at the moment.

“Sam, I have loved you for so long, and to see you all the time, and not get chance to touch you….it drives me crazy…” his voice turned almost seductive

We had stopped on the sidewalk and he reached his hand to place his hand on my face. His touch was warm and sent butterflies in my stomach. I didn’t know it, but I was leaning into his touch. And as soon as I realized I quickly moved away from him, trying to act that I didn’t react to him.

“ know Neil is not the reason that I won’t date you….i don’t want to ruin our friendship…” I stated, hoping now he would drop the subject.

“You sound like Neil when you said that…”

“What??” I exclaimed

“You told me that he didn’t want to date you because he don’t want to ruin your friendship now you saying same thing to me…the same Love you wanted from Neil, when I asked same love from are shutting me down…”

His words hurt me, but he was right…I always thought Neil and I would be best thing could happen to me but he didn’t give a I was doing same thing with Armaan…I was always tried avoiding him this whole year…but he didn’t budge..but did I really want to take that chance with Armaan? Did I ready to make it go further?

“Sam…all I want one chance…you are twenty two year old and still you haven’t dated anyone…Give me the chance to be that guy that shows you how a man supposed to treat a woman”

I couldn’t help but to stare his warm, dark eyes. I was speechless and everything he was saying was spinning in my head, confusing more and more..

“Samaira khanna, will you out on date with me?”

I couldn’t bring myself to speak, so I nodded shyly, dropping my eyes to the ground. When finally I look up at him, I saw Armaan smiling at me. He moved slowly towards me and pulled me into his arm. My body was tiny infront of his..he wrapped his arm tightly around me..

“You will not regret , My Sam..i will show you that you are truly goddess on earth…” he whispered into my ears…

For that moment I felt peace..i was happy to be there with Armaan..i found it strange….but I never felt this secure with any man besides Neil, but this man made me feel the things that I never thought would possible with anyone other than my best friend. May be this would turn out good for me…..

When I came home and told Kriti about my upcoming date with Armaan , she was thrilled. I hadn’t seen her that much excited ever.

“I told you that you eventually gonna accept him..i told you..i told you..” she said mockingly.

“Kriti really…yar…I sometimes wonder which one of us is really elder…”
She burst out in laughter and continued dancing around the room. Suddenly my phone started ranging..Kriti ran over to pick it up..

“You are not going to belive this Radz…”

Radz!! NO……I don’t want her to know just now…if she would found she would be tempted to tell Neil about it, and I wasn’t ready for him to know about armaan..Running across the room, I grabbed the phone from Kriti’s hand.

“Hey Radz, how’s you?” I tried to sound innocent.

“what you don’t want Kriti to tell me, Sam?” her voice was full of suspention.


“You are lying ..i know it..spill it or I will call Kriti when you aren’t around….”

I sighed. I knew that when Radz will know about the date she will make me ready like bride..

“I agreed to go out with armaan on this weekend….”

The next thing I heard was loud sequel from other end of the phone…and she was calling Arjun..

“Arjun we are going to NewYork”

“Radhika, no..Its nothing..its just a date….”

“Its not just date..its your first date and that to with the hot guy like Armaan..I am totally coming for this one..and don’t care how much you far from me…who is going to get you ready for it? Kriti? I don’t think so…”

I turned to see Kriti glaring at me….i knew she heard Radz’s compliment about her ability of helping me to get ready..

“ we will get tickets..i will let you know when we are arriving…”

Before I could say anything phone line went dead…I put my phone down on my bed and sat next to Kriti..

“Thanks Kriti…now Neil gonna found about will be difficult….”

“You are worried about the man who hadn’t called except one time and never dropped any massage..Come on Sam…collect yourself….”

I couldn’t take it another bad word for Neil…so I went to my room. Throwing myself on bed, Kriti’s words began to run in my mind..Its shouldn’t matter now..Yes, Neil did try to call me once, but that to one year ago…and lot of things happened since then…I and Armaan became close frinds and now I was going to give him chance..i was ignoring him for so long and kept dwelling on my feelings for Neil a man who didn’t love me back…

My phone rang flashing Nandini’s name..

“Hey Nandu…its been long you called..”

“Yeah was busy in job and Sid…you know what I mean…”

I couldn’t help but laugh..Everyone knew Sid was a handful…no telling how much he was handful for Nandu,,

“So what do I owe you for this call…” I asked teasingly..

“I wanted to ask about your feelings for Armaan…speak truth to me Sam…”

Typical Nandu..she was always cares about my life..

“Its seems everyone in Goa is interesting in my love life….” I chuckled

“Sam you know that everyone of us want you be with someone..we want you happy..if it is with be it….”

“Does he know?” I had to ask…I wanted to know that did Radz announced my date with Armaan officially on there….

“No….Radz just told me…and she gonna say that she was going with Arjun to Mumbai….”

“I’m glad ..”

I could feel pondering of my heart due to the thought Neil knowing that I was going to date Armaan…Somewhere my heart felt as If I was betraying Neil, even though he didn’t care.Might be he would be happy seeing me with someone else…that’s only he want…me with someone else but not with him…
“I wanted to wish you good luck in this new phase…I hope he will give you that happiness you deserve…”

That was then I heard sound of crashing something from otherside..

“Nandu..i need your help…” I could hear Sid’s voice..

“I got to go…Sid broken down something..i am going to help rather kill him,,will….bye….”


Finally I was going to date Armaan..the guy had been trying to get me on date since I was eighteen…I rolled on pillow and hoping to have a sweet dreams..but I got no dreams..but peaceful slumber

The day of date

“Sam get up….” Yelled Radz…

I couldn’t help but to groan..Then I felt cover on me being pulled off and Kriti make me stand on my foot pulling my hand…God this overly excited ladies killing me…From the radz arrival my date become little marriage preparatiom kinda thing…

“Radz..what the hell yarr…it just 7 in the morning…nothing is open yet…let me sleep…..”

“Lots of things to do Sam..come on..get up….”

The idea of going on date with Armaan freaking me out now…exactly at 7 in the eveing he gonna come to pick me up….i always thought that my first date would be with Neil..but having Manya in the picture it never gonna happen..

“Move it..get shower..i made your hair appointment at 1.30….”
After my shower as I came out of the bathroom, this two overly excited ladies made me dress and took me for shopping….After going through a lot of trail of thousands of dresses..they choose “ the perfect outfit” for me…

Next stop was hair stylist…

By five in the evening radhika was helping me with cloths and putting some finishing touches to my make up which was obviously done by her..

Then panick started to fill in me..”I was going on date with Armaan…” this only thought making me nervous as hell…like I would stop breathing with that thought…my palm went sweaty….

“C’mon Sam…you are looking stunning and Armaan gonna like it…” Radz said as started to pace around the room…

It was then the door bell rang..i turned to look at Radz and she sense that fear in my eyes so she nodded and went to open the door..

When the door opened I could see him from corner but he couldn’t see me…my heart started flattering like anything…dressed in dark button down shirt that showed how defined his masucular chest was along with the tight pair of jeans…if I was the type of woman that fainted, I probably would could someone look like him wanted someone like me?

“Hey Radhika..i didn’t know that you are going to be here…” he asked to radz

“I missed Sam so thought to visit her…” Radz replied

I kept watching him and it was clear that he was searching for me in the room..Radz moved from th door and let him enter…and when his eyes met mine…I felt my knees went week…his eyes travelled along my body to examine me..

Radhika picked this black dress that was very classy but a little shorter with black high heels stilettos..Hair stylist curled my hair which gave me really different look…with light make up Radz made my skin glow…..the only colour was really noticeable was pink shade of my lip gloss which radz insisted me to put on…

Armaan stood in silence for a moment and then walked towards me..i could see he was giving me the energy that totally different from his friendly nature….i can see love for me in his eyes…

“Hey beautiful….” He whispered and reached out to take my hand

When his hand touched mine, I felt a shock like his energy travelling into me…I looked up to meet his deep but warm eyes..

“You ready?” he asked

“Yeah…”I said..i was facing trouble to utter a whole sentence in front of him..

As I followed Armaan, I saw Kriti and Radz smiling at me and mouthing me “Good luck”…

Armaan took my hand in his onc again, led me to his wasn’t fancy but comfortable…opening the door for me, he make me slipped in passenger seat..
When he got in, the feeling of nervousness came over me again.. I was surprised why I was nervous.. It wasn’t like I don’t know him…

As he pulled the car on road , music filled the silence…As my favorites song by The Chainsmokers started playing on radio , I started humming it…I quickly realized that Armaan was watching me and I stopped suddenly….i felt my face went crimson and so I just looked down to stare my shaky hands to keep him staring how I red I was going..i need to behave comfortable around him like always…stop getting blush by doing crazy things Sam..i warned myself..

“ Don’t stop….i love listening to you….”

I looked to him to see the sparkling joy in his eyes…it was obvious he loved me..i again started looking at my hand and then I felt he touched one my hand with his massive one..

His touch was different..touch that I wanted to love me….it was similar to touch of HIM…..but it was not his..

Armaan gave me soft smile..he pulled the car in parking lot…He quickly getting down, open door at my side door and extended his arm…

We came to one of the famous restaurant in Manhattan..
“I have reservations for two…for Mr. Arora….” He said without glancing at the beautiful hostess at restaurant who was checking him out..

Looking down at the screen she checked, and led us two our reserved table…Armaan never leaved my hand…As she left when as we got seated, a waiter came to ask for our order and quickly went back to retrieve it..

I didn’t want him to notice that how much I was blushing…so I tried to keep my face hidden behind the menu card..just being with there made me hell nervous….

The waiter came and served us iced tea and Armaan’s glass of wine..i couldn’t bring myself to look at anything but my I sat more there, I could feel my nervousness was visible as I was just stirring my iced tea..

“Don’t be nervous, Sammy…”

I got shocked..Damn..He noticed it…

“I’m not nervous…”
He chuckled as he reached for my hand across the table..

“You haven’t been able to look at me for more than a minute but kept staring your hands and your stirring you iced tea…It’s just me Sam…you know that..i’m not different than guy whom you are friends with from one year….”

He was right..and me too was telling the same to myself…it was hard to belive to come on date with the guy whom I swore to never date…

“Yeah..but still its different…” I said

“Good different or bad?you are not sure?” he asked trying to make me comforatable..

“Good different, armaan…” I smiled

Our food was brought and we talked on everything..he talked about his friends in goa..and I talked about mine…

It was then soft and romantic music started to play in the restaurant..many people stood and stepped on the dance floor..

“would you dance with me…?”he asked as he stood extending his hand..

“Armaan..i’m really bad at it….”

“Please..i will keep you safe…”

I gave my hand in his and he led me to the dance floor..Armaan’s arm wrapped around me and he began to move on the music..i couldn’t help but look at him entire time..his eyes kept watching me like he was searching something deep in them..

After three or four song, he paid the bill and we left from the restaurant, down the street..

“where are we going?” I asked out of curiosity…

“I want to take you one my favorite place here..”

He didn’t say anything else, but kept driving until we reached to the Hudson river park.. as we got out from car he placed his hands on my eyes..

“I want to surprise you..” he whispered in my ears..

Armaan’s body pressed against my back as we walked slowly when we come to sudden stop..

“Ready?” he asked


His hands moved from my eyes and we were standing at the gazebo of the river park..Out of the water across you could see the shimmering stars reflecting back at me..

And not far a fountain was sprinkling like talking to heaven and that looked like stars were originating from it…

“How’s it Sam…?”

“Armaan, I didn’t know this place is so beautiful at night…”

I ran towards the railing and watched that shimmering water with amusement..

I turned around to speak to Armaan and it was then I slammed across his stone-like chest and he wrapped is arm around me..i met his eyes they were filled with something…like love….desire…..he touched my cheeks by his left hand..

What happened next was changed everything..he leaned forward and brought his lips to mine..

At first, I was shocked, unsure of what to do…I had never even kissed was my first kiss..i felt Armaan leaning on me, his warm and soft lips were brushing against mine..when shock finally got over, my body started reacting to his touch…I wrapped my arm around his neck and pulled him closure…allowing my lips to move in sync with heartbeat was irrational…

He finally pulled away, breathing hard and leaned his forehead on mine.. I too was breathing heavily

“I always wondered how soft and sweet your lips were…They are delicious…” he said seductively

I couldn’t speak anything as I went blank at that moment…and couldn’t a form a sentence…I just knew that I just experienced something that I thought I would never experience it..

“Say something My angel…” he begged


That was the only word came from my mouth at the moment..he chuckled and leaned down to kiss the tip of my nose..then my cheeks and then my eyes…every place he kiss, left a tingling sensation that I had never felt..

He pulled me against his chest and we stayed their watching the fountain like forever…finally he took my hand and we got into car and drove back to my apartment..

Walking with me up the stairs to the apartment he stood with me outside the door.. and I knew that Radz and kriti weren’t far from the other side of door to hear what we said to each other..

“Sam, I don’t know how much you know what this date meant to me…I hope we will go again…”

Did I want to go again? What about Neil?

Forget him…My mind screamed…Now it was clear that Armaan was going to be my future not Neil…Armaan was guy whome any woman wanted him..and most imp he liked me..

“I enjoyed it Armaan..ofcourse we will go again..” I said with blush

He wrapped his arms around me and I wrapped mine around him.. this was that I supposed to feel tears…Just happy feelings…feeling of someone want you…

“So, what do I call you when people ask me what are you to me?” he asked his eyes still full of adoration and playfulness..

“Ummm..don’t know..what do you want to call me?”

“My Girlfriend…” he huskily whispered

I pulled back to look at into his eyes and I saw how hopeful they were..

“Okay…I guess I’m okay with It…” I said with smile…

He squeezed me and leaned into crook of my neck for a moment..i leaned against him, taking deep breath, taking in his scent..

He pulled back and stare at me for a moment, and kissed me softly….he wished me good night and walked back down to the stairs…I touched my lips and stares the empty stairway..

This one day changed my life, I was moving on..Neil wasn’t in my life…

As walked into the apartment, I could hear Kriti, Radz and Arjun talking in the kithen and radio plying in the background….i couldn’t help but to laugh when I heard the lyrics….
“I’m moving on……” How funny…the song had great timing…

I tossed my purse down and headed to the kitchen for my interrogation which was stored for me…..I couldn’t help but to feel the lyrics..

The song was right..I’m moving on…


So how’s it?? Now sam moved on in her life…what will be sam’s reaction?? will he be hurt?
we will find out..

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