MMZ – Unexpected Love (Part 3)


So how are you guys, i know you all missed this ff..sorry for making you all wait…WIthout any delay will go into this episode

MMZ – Unexpected Love

Arjun drops radhika in her flat and tells her to get ready by 10 AM tomorrow and leaves from there. Radhika stands freeze and looks at the way he left. Radhika felt so happy and feels something is blossoming in her heart, she couldn’t come out from the lovely feeling. She runs to her flat and hugs her friend shalini and says, “Shalu my dear…i am so so so happy today…you know what…i met arjun at Times square and he…”

Shalu closed radhika’s mouth and says, “Just take a breath and have this coffee”

Rads nodded her head like a good girl and takes the coffee cup from her hand. Shalu, “Hmm… now start your radio”

That’s it immediately radhika started and saying all the incidents happened in that evening till arjun drops her. Shalu silently looks at her who is breathing and smiles innocently looking at her darling friend.

Shalu, “So that’s it. He did not say anything after dropping you?”

Rads, “What to say? he told me to be ready at 10 AM tomorrow to go out”

Shalu, “Oh…that’s great. but still i thought he will propose you today”

Rads gives a shocking reaction and says, “What? Don’t misjudge our relation Shalu”

Shalu, “Hey i know you very well and you are such a dramabaaz..nautanki…i know your interest on him”

Rads gets embarrassed and bows down her head and smiles at her. Shalu, “Tell me onething radhu, if he propose you, what will you do?”

Rads is silent and blinks at her and says, “I..i..really don’t know.”

Shalu, “Hey…look at me. Don’t be too smart. If he comes to you now, i am sure you will run away with him”

Rads gets blush hearing her statement and hides her face with her hands.

Shalu smiles seeing her blushing and hugs her. Then they both starts preparing for dinner and chatting. Radhika gets a call and she goes to check. Its been 10 mins shalu did not see radhika and goes to her room to check and finds her talking in the phone wiht full blush.

She silently goes near her and over hears her talking.

Radhika, “ what are you doing?”


Rads, “what are you preparing?”


Rads, “Oh so sweet.. i love it”


Rads, “Then…when you will give it to me”

Suddenly shalu shouts saying, “Hmm after your marriage”.

Rads gets scared of hearing her voice suddenly and blinks at shalu who is standing keeping her hands in her waist and staring her.

Rads, “Shalu..actually..yeah… call” she stammers and finishes her statement.

Shalu takes the phone from her and says, “Mr. Arjun, i request you to leave my friend for at least today night, so that i can spend some time with her and anyways tomorrow you both are going out and whatever you want to talk…talk with her tomorrow…so now shall i borrow my friend from you?”

Arjun laughs hearing her and says, “ok ok cool cool shalu…permission granted and ya 1 more…but it should be a secret don’t tell it to her and you have to do it for me”

Shalu, “What is that?”

Then shalu did not respond anything and just said yes to him. Rads gets confused seeing her and stares her continuously to understand their conversation but she couldn’t because shalu was pushing her away from overhearing their talks…and that was very funny.

Shalu keeps the phone down and looks at radhika starring her and asks, “What you both spoke?”

Shalu, “Did i ask you what you spoke with him? No na..then don’t ask me too”

Rads opens her mouth widely and keeps a pout face and goes to kitchen to continue her work. Shalu laughs at her and says to herself, “I am sure these both are in love with each other.” she also follows radhika and they both chat, finishes their dinner.

They both slept together in radhika’s room. Once radhika slept, shalu wakes up and opens her cupboard silently.

Next Morning, Rads wake up by hearing her mobile ring and in sleepy mode itself she takes the mobile and attends the call and it is of Arjun’s.

Arjun, “I will be at your parking area in another 1/2 hr. Be ready”

Radhika jerked and got up immediately and checks the is 9:30 AM.

Rads, “Oh shit…i got late. Shaluuuuuuuuu what were you doing? Could have wake me up na?”

Shalu is getting ready for her office and says, “Baby…you should be more conscious dear..not me…you are sleeping like a lady kumbakaran…i tried waking you at 1 hr before itself and you kicked me. Now you are asking lazy girl. Don’t waste your time in talking with me. Your arjun will be here at anytime”

Rads gets panicked and runs to washroom. Shalu laughs seeing her. Radhika finished her bathing and is getting ready at jet speed and often gets panick whenever she hears a horn sound.

Seeing her running to balcony and her room, shalu commented, “Slow slow.. don’t jump directly from balcony”. Radhika doesn’t mind her comments and is getting ready.

At exact 10 AM she gets a call at her mobile and but without attending she goes to balcony and sees Arjun waiting for her with white shirt and white jeans & wearing a coolers. She stuns seeing him and forgets what she suppposed to do. Shalu comes and shakes her and sends her down with her bag…radhika wonders why she given her a big bag and asks why, but shalu ignores her questions and sends her out. While she gone out, shalu runs to balcony and shows thumbs up to arjun…who also shows the same to her and looks at radhika coming out from the lift in the parking.

He forgets himself seeing her..actually the right word is he mesmerized, bowled over seeing her in sky blue gown upto her knees. She looks like an angel for him. He removes his coolers and stares her continuously till she reaches near him. She waves her hands infront of him and takes his coolers from his hand and makes him wear it and says, “You look good having this”. Both smiles at each other and arjun asks, “So shall we go?”

Radhika nodded yes and looks at shalu who still looking at them, she waves bye to her and gives a flying kiss also. Shalu too gives kiss to her and murmurs, “Perfect jodi. made for each other” she bids bye to them.

Arjun drives to the way of Los Angeles. Radhika enjoys each and every moment being with Arjun. She looks at her bag and also arjun’s bag too finds it big like hers.

Radhika, “Arjun..i don’t know why shalu gives me this big bag just for 3 days. And you also taken big one…y so?”

She asks like a cute innocent kid..arjun likes her that innocent look and smiles at her and replies, “Because…we are not going to return here for another 30 days”.

Radhika opens her mouth in shock and widens her eyes and stares arjun continuously. She still in shock and slowly asks him, “What do you mean?”

Arjun, “I mean…you will be leaving to india on 31st day from till your 30th day, i will be with you…or in other way round…i want you to be with me all time in your stay in US”.

Radhika did not know really how to react for this. Whether he is doing anything mad or really he meant it. Radhika keeps a pout face and asks, “But why did not say anything to me earlier?”

Arjun breaks her pout face by pressing her cheeks by his hands and says, “To see this your surprised face”

Radhika rubbed her cheeks where he touched and smiles gently hiding her blush but arjun notices it and gives a lovely and s*xy smile to her.

They both enjoying the trip and they are almost sure that this will be the most memorable trip and turning point in their life.

Precap: Ardhika enjoys the dance in the pub and arjun gets into a fight with a person who tries to touch radhika.

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    Ooh my god that qs a cute arjun for a cutie radhika . U make a kind of jolly when u write the ff I loved it and ardhika were fab and more was shallu who asked arjun permission to leave her for 1 night . Lol. Nice update the next part soon and also the other ff of urs. I know im a bit greedy but update soon yaar

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