MMZ – Unexpected Love (Episode 8)


MMZ – Unexpected Love (Episode 8)

Radhika waits for Arjun in the common place and she felt so embarrasing to face him and is doing so many rehersals how to talk and behave to him. But more than this her nervous speaks all over her body. A strong and intense voice disturbs by calling her, “Radhika”.

Rads did not look at him but she knows whose voice it is. She just lifts her head up and gives him a look and rolls her eyes here and there. Arjun also did not say anything and sits opposite to her. Both are silent for sometime and then rads breaks the silence asking, “So you are Arjun Mehra who ran away from the marriage?”

Arjun gives her a stern look and replies, “Yes i am and ran away like you”

Rads gets shocked by his reply and gets irritated also and says, “Why did you run from the marriage? Atleast you should have tried to meet me once na? And what made you to run from the marriage?”

Arjun glares her and says, “I also have the same question for you? Will you be able to answer?”

Rads puts her head down and says, “I am really pissed of now. Dad is shouting like anything. I don’t know what to do now.” she makes a pout crying face.

Arjun glances her once and says, “I LOVE YOU RADHIKA”

Radhika is shocked hearing him and stares him and says, “LOVE YOU TOO ARJUN. What i should say now? We both ran away from each other and fallen in love with the same person. My mind is not working at all how to convince Papa” she continues her blabbering but arjun puts his index finger in her lips and says, “Chup. Now listen what am saying”. Rads nodded her head like a kid.

Arjun, “Past is past. Now we love each other and want to marry. Both of us have different reasons and that’y we ran but now we both have only one reason and for that we have to convince our dad. We have to think about that only now.”

He takes her to the park beside that place and they both sit in the bench and stares the people there. Arjun keeps his hands on hers and assures that nothing to worry. At that time rads get a call from her dad and answers the call.

Dilip, “Choti, where are you now?”

Rads, “I..I came to meet Arjun”

Dilip, “So you will not listen me right and you went to meet him against my words”

Rads, “It’s not like that papa…pls listen me once.”

Arjun looks at her tensed face and holds her by shoulder.

Dilip, “I need you in home in another 30 mins.”

He did not wait for her reply and disconnect the call.

Rads tells everything to Arjun and he consoles her and drops her home in his bike. Dilip looks at her getting down from arjun’s bike, his BP is getting higher than before and stares Mala angrily. Mala gets laugh seeing her husband and daughter game but controls it and rolls her eyes simply.

Arjun notices Dilip starring them from hall, he intentionally pulls radhika to him and touches her cheeks and pecks it. Rads is shocked and wipes it by looking at dilip. She waves bye and runs inside to face dilip’s attack. Radhika senses some gut feeling thinking about Arjun and seeing Mala smiling at her.

Dilip, “Is anything pending or finished?”

Rads understand his taunts and turns back to see whether arjun left or not and replies, “For now it is over papa…he left”

Mala giggles which makes him more furious and stares mala angrily. Mala hides her smile and moves her vision somewhere.

Dilip, “Radhika, i told you that i am not gonna allow this marriage again. Then why u went to meet him. You decided not to hear my words is it?”

Rads keeps silent and dilip continues, “This time i am not gonna listen you and i have decided your life. You should accept it whether it is by your wish or by force. I don’t care but i wont let you marry that Samrat Mehra’s son.”

Rads looks at Mala for support but she signs her to be quiet. He continues, “I have got an alliance for you and this is his photo, He wants to meet you in person and you have to meet his tomorrow for sure. Atleast now just see this pic and accept for this marriage. I m just telling not asking you. Remember this.” he kept the picture in the table and leaves.

Mala takes the picture and says, “Wow..choti…you are so lucky you know..your papa is getting handsome guys for you everytime but see my papa not even shown your papa’s picture. i am very unlucky.”

Rads laughs at her mom’s words and says, “Maa…let mr.dilip misra knows that i am his daughter and i will not get defeat so easily. Ok show me the pic”

She sees the picture and says, “Not a bad taste maa. Papa selects really a nice guy like my Arjun” she blushed saying his name and to her surprise she gets a call in her mobile and which is Arjun.

Rads hear what he said and laughs saying, “No scene have changed from here to there. I have that groom picture in my hand”

Arjun, “Hmm.. that’s good. Here mom is also teasing me seeing my tension but she is very supportive for me. What about aunty?”

Rads looks at Mala who is staring the picture, “Same here.”

Arjun, “Ok then we will meet at the coffee day at 5 PM with our moms. OKay”

Rads, “okay”

They both kept the phone and informs about their meeting to their respective moms, initially they hesitated but after that Mala and Nandu accepts for their children’s good life.

Evening 5 PM, @ Coffee day

A corner table is booked by them. Mala & Rads sits one side and Nandu & Arjun sits another side. They have kept both the pics at the center of the table and stares it.

Rads keeps her palm in her cheeks for support and stares nandu & Mala and thinks what they are staring. Suddenly both Nandu and Mala lifts their heads up and looks each other says, “IDEA”

Nandu, “Well, are we both thinking the same?”

Mala giggles and says, “I think so” they both gives hi-fi and looks at their mad children.

Arjun, “What idea?”

Rads, “Maa..pls tell fastly..what you planned?”

Nandu & Mala tells about their plan to Ardhika (muted) which makes their face more bright than before.

Rads, “Will it work?”

Nandu, “Don’t worry..will make it to work. I cant think anyone else than you with Arjun. So the final victory is for us”

Mala, “I agree with You Nandini ji. My choti will be happy only with Arjun. I don’t want to go with her papa’s angry. We will work this plan together”

All 4 gives hi-fi to each other and decides about their meeting to the person whom their papa suggests.

Next day, Arjun gets ready and reaches the place where he suppose to meet the girl and Radhika also gets ready surprising dilip and leaves from home to meet the guy.

Arjun meets the girl and she introduces herself as , “Hi Arjun..I am Sam..Samaira Khanna”

Radhika also meets the guy and he introduces him as, “Hey beauty…i am Neil..Neil Malhotra”

The screen freezes on having both the couples.

Precap: Suspense….:P

So how was this episode guys. Hope you al like it. Pls give me ur comments for the same…

Guys, here Nesam is playing a guest role and it will be more fun from now. Hope you will enjoy.

I know it is a very short one.. I don’t have lap and writing this in mobile which is the worst thing for me… Pls adjust it

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  1. Brin

    Awesome episode, waiting for the next update. 🙂

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Brin ???

  2. Dipika

    Wow satzzzz darling its going to be super funnnnnn n interesting….. Your head is full of sweet sweet ideas yarrrrr…..mala is so sweet here..hw cutely complaint abt her father..haha..n yess rads is very lucky getting arjun….hehe….loved m on my toe to meet nesam….loads of love

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much dipu darling ??? I told na who resembles Mala aunty…. ????

  3. Jessie

    Yay!!!Nesam… super twist..Arjun.. naughty boy.. kissed her b4 dilip n dilip asking anything pending.. Ada kadavule.. hahah..eager 4 d next dhamaka.. seekiram post pannunga..

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Jessie ???

  4. Manha

    Lol. Satz. Loved it. ?????. Mala saying see ur papa bringing all handsome guys photos. lol. So gud. Arjun pecking radz cheek before dilip. Haha. Arjun bahut naughty ho gaya hi. Dilip asking is anything left. Lol. wow. Superb family bonding. I loved it. Radz n mala convo on neil. It was hillarious. 4 some planning. Idea striked. Lets see how it works. update was awesome sathyaaa. Loveee u so much. It is super gud. im laughing reminding those scenes now. Update fast. Cant wait now. Jaldi jaldi.

    1. Sathya

      ??? I can see ur smile…. BTW thank u so much dear ???? vl update next soon….

  5. Jnana

    I remembered in a movie the sphygmomanometer blasts due to unbearable raise in a person’s bp in that dilip scene.never thought nesams entry like this. I loved it.waiting for the plan to be executed.

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much jnana ???

  6. S.v

    I was giggling all the way yaar sathya you made me smile. Love you so much and aaha super nesam and fun part gethu . Next part soon.

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Sv my darling ???

  7. Myra

    Nice sathya….i think i am have a little clue as to what is running in your mind… are gonna get nesam to fall in love…..which is gonna to convince ardhika’a dad a bit more….right? Love you….update soon…

    1. Sathya

      Thank u Myra… Ur guess is right but not exactly…

  8. Gauri

    Sathya Awesome I litreally laughed at their nervousness and conversation 🙂 dono papa mogambo ban gaye … and you ended on the suspense …leaving me hanging 🙂 waiting for next next blessed 🙂

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much gauri ??? suspense vl be revealed soon…

  9. Dev

    Haha….now nesam time

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much dear

  10. _Ritu

    Superb Sathya 🙂 ArDhika lol.. Their nervousness made me laugh.. ?? complaining Mala..aww ?? and NeSam entry..what a twist..? now I guess they are planning to get NeSam together 🙂 It was awesome dear..I enjoyed a lot..waiting for nxt..plz posts ??

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much dear ???vl update soon

  11. Satya its really really nyc one 🙂

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much neetz ???

  12. Kavina

    Loved it

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much dear

  13. Shubhadha

    Wow satya…so nice

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much dear

  14. Superb update…waiting for nxt one post soon 🙂

    1. Sathya

      Thank u dear

  15. amazing episode…….

  16. Satz my darling.’s so cuteeeee. ..ardhika n their mom’s planning is awesome. ..nesam came….it’s really superbbbb. you loads

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