MMZ-That’s how we happened series–Shot 8

Salaam everyone… How are you all?? Missed THWH?? I missed all these characters so much…
In this chapter we will get to see Karthik’s story, how is he going to overcome his inner demons and also how Sarah is going to help him…
So without any delay, let’s move on to the shot… Happy reading amigos…
Quick recap (because it’s been like 3 months I’ve last updated this series) : Karthik is arrested on false rape allegations and was proved innocent with the help of Adv. Sarah…
^^Shot 8: Twilight [The period between daylight and darkness]^^
It’s been a week since Karthik was released from the jail after finishing off all the procedures of the court. He doesn’t talk to anyone like earlier, if he was asked about the reason, the only answer he gives is he doesn’t want to bother others with his problems. The family members were disheartened to listen to these words. How can he ever think they will be bothered if he shares his pain? But the pain he is going through is unbearable too. Two hard months of jail term without a bail does take a toll on one’s mind. And the nightmares he gets every night are adding up more pressure to his mind. He didn’t want to discuss about his nightmares with anyone. What will everyone think about all those? He cannot even voice out those nightmares. He wished no one in the world should face a situation like he is facing now. He was unable to concentrate on his work too. Once upon a time, his work is his God. Now the only memory he has of his work is the allegation. Where did he go wrong? Is it his fault to be born in one of the richest and powerful families? How can anyone stoop so low for mere money? Doesn’t character hold any esteem in their lives? Even if it is not for them, he holds his character in high regard. He cannot face any of his employees. He is afraid to look into their faces, because he fears to see an inch of doubt in their faces. Where should he hide his face after all this? Will he be able to come out of this shell ever? What is to be done to get rid of these feelings and to forget his nightmares?
He even talked to Zaroon about this matter. But the only explanation he got from his chote papa is it takes time for the wounds to heal. The wounds may be physical or emotional. In rare circumstances it is the physical wounds that take time. Emotional wounds are hard to heal; it depends on the strength of the person who is facing the challenges. He asked Zaroon to keep this conversation secret as he doesn’t want to create another chaos in the house and they have suffered enough because of him. Even though Zaroon is not ready to accept this, Karthik’s pleas made him to do that. But Zaroon discussed this matter with Anjali. She said to Zaroon to give Karthik some time. After that she will talk to Sam and her sister herself about all the nightmares. But for now, Karthik is in dire need of a companion who can understand him but not judge him. She also said that she is waiting for that companion for Karthik.
In the meanwhile, Sarah has become close to Vincent family because of her association with Joseph and also she is the one who proved Karthik innocent. Without her help or her ability to take risk, they would have not been able to win the case. Karthik kept his distance from all the family members and that extended to Sarah too. At first she thought to give some time. But if she doesn’t involve herself in the matter, Karthik will not be able to find surface from his problems.
Next day Singhania’s came to Vincent’s house. Sarah is in the mansion already.
‘Now the circus starts, trust me on that.’ Said Dia to Sarah who saw Goutham and Aham.
Sarah who knew the love between Dia and Goutham just nodded her head. Aham made his way to Monica and hugged her tight showing his love to all of them.
‘We all know you love her a lot, there is absolutely no need to show your love so much.’ Said Dia rolling her eyes.
‘Why are you so angry Dia? My brother loves you a lot too; it’s that you never allow him to show his love in front of all, that’s why he kept silent. Or else by now you would have got a hug and kiss from my brother.’ Teased Aham.
‘Firstly call me Bhabhi {Brother’s wife}. Next your brother is not afraid of anyone. He just acts that way and there is no other reason. When did I ever say I don’t like hugging him?’ said Dia and bit her tongue when those words left her mouth.
‘Really? I didn’t know my girl likes my hugs so much.’ Said Goutham.
Both the brothers are shameless, alright.
While this banter is going on, Karthik made his way out of the hall to the lawn of the mansion.
‘Someone has to make him talk his heart out.’ Said Dia sadly unable to bear the pain her brother is going through.
‘I can do that.’ Chimed in Sarah.
Dia half-heartedly agreed to this. Sarah may be her friend but will she be able to trust her friend with her brother is the biggest question.
‘Do you think she will be able to do that?’ Dia asked the question to no one in particular when Sarah left the hall to lawn.
Aham and Monica kept quiet because they knew Goutham is bubbling with an answer right then.
‘Of course she can do that. She fought for Karthik and proved him innocent, after all. Now don’t run your over-excited nerves wild and spoil the fun. I think today I can see my sister in Sarah.’ Said Goutham.
Dia who is in another trance took some time to comprehend the meaning of his words. When the light dawned on her mind, she started chasing Goutham.
‘How dare you say I have over-excited nerves Goutham? Stay where you are, I’m not going to leave you today.’
‘Why will I stay in the same place? To get beatings? No way in hell I’m staying where I am.’ Said Goutham all the while running and continued… ‘As for leaving me, you cannot leave me in any way. Didn’t you say you like hugging me?’
‘I’m definitely going to kill you today. How shameless you have become? And you are even training your little brother to be shameless.’
‘I’m not training anybody Jaan. He is shameless from birth.’
Aham and Monica who were laughing like hell all this while stopped laughing when the arrow was pointed towards Aham. Monica gave him a pity look while Aham was gaping at his brother and sister-in-law like they were some animals in the circus performing his favourite stunt.
Amrutha and Radhika who were in the kitchen came out to see the origin of noise in the house.
‘I bet she did something annoying.’ Said Radhika with a sigh.
‘No, I’m 200% sure that the reason is Goutham. He got these traits from his father. So definitely the reason is him.’ Said Amrutha.
‘Such praises for your dear husband!! Not fair darling.’ Said Varun with a resigned sigh.
When will his wife trust him that he is an innocent!!
Amrutha let his words hang in the air and diverted her attention to the running race. She couldn’t hold her tongue any longer, so she yelled…
‘Dia!! Beta!! Do you need any help with some instruments to chase him? Like broom stick or something.’
‘Talk about being wild.’ said Varun.
Even this time Amrutha let them be.
But Goutham who heard these words yelled back to his mother.
‘Mom!! Which side you are? I’m your son yaar.’
‘Of course I’m on Dia’s side. She is my daughter after all. I got two sons who are worthy only until I got my daughters. Now I don’t want you both as I got my two daughters.’ Said Amrutha.
Radhika who is beside Amrutha all this while is overwhelmed to hear those words from the mother-in-law of her daughters. Of course she knew Amrutha from earlier but the actions speak louder than words, isn’t it?
The words of Amrutha made Goutham to stop in his tracks and look at his mother as if she has grown two heads. That brought Dia to an advantage and she climbed on his back and started beating him ignoring all the protests from her mother.
‘You will get punishment for this on our wedding night for sure Jaan.’ Said Goutham.
‘Goutham, have some shame, you nitwit. Your mother-in-law is in front of you.’ reprimanded Amrutha.
‘Arey!! I heard Arjun papa is more romantic than me. So Mumma should feel proud to get such a romantic fellow as her son-in-law Mom.’ Answered Goutham.
‘See, I was talking about these traits earlier. He is a photocopy of his father in these matters.’ Said Amrutha and re entered the kitchen.
Varun heard all these but thought to shut his mouth this time. He will get his time too and if everything goes well that time is not far away. He will make his wife pay for her every word thought Varun and smirked evilly.
In all this, Goutham saw Aham and Monica were laughing their eyes out. How he wish to put that smile on Karthik’s face. If only that fellow allows him to enter the depths of his heart. Karthik, Goutham, Aham and Shravan have become friends in a very short time. Their common interests are one of the reasons. But then again they were friends for many other reasons. Why can’t he share his pain to him? Had he known that Karthik is going to shut himself from everyone, he would have done something, anything at the initial stage itself. But the guy is talking coolly all the while after his release from the case. What happened now that he shut himself? Is it because he thinks he is not worthy of being able to run a business as he said once that his work is his therapy? Whatever may be the reason, he just hoped that Sarah wins this battle of bringing Karthik out of the bl**dy shell he is constructing around himself.
On the other side, Sarah took her seat beside Karthik on swing. He is looking into oblivion and was seriously thinking something.
‘Penny for your thoughts.’ Said Sarah bringing Karthik out of his reverie.
‘Go away Sarah. I don’t want to talk about anything.’
‘I’m not leaving the place until you talk your heart. Don’t think me as your friend for a while. Just think I am a stranger with whom you are going to discuss your darkest thoughts and also that stranger is not going to judge you on anything that’s troubling you.’ said Sarah and dared to keep her right hand on Karthik’s left hand that was resting on the swing.
‘I don’t know Sarah. I don’t know from where I should start.’
‘Start from your nightmares Karthik.’
‘How do you know? I didn’t even say these things to my mom.’ Asked Karthik who was shocked to hear the word nightmare from Sarah’s mouth.
‘Karthik, if you forgot let me remind you. I’m an advocate. The work of an advocate is not only defending their client but also knowing the mindset of their client so that they can be rid of their problems. About you, I know what a person goes through when he is locked up in a jail for a period of two months. Even though you were proved innocent, those thoughts can haunt your mind for a long time.’
‘I didn’t forget you are an advocate Sarah. It’s just I was surprised to listen the word nightmare from you. I thought chote papa talked to you. He can do anything for his family’s happiness, you see.’ Said Karthik not looking at Sarah even now.
‘So you talked to your chote papa who is in London but not to those who were beside you all this time?’
‘Sorry yaar. I didn’t want to bother them more with my problems.’
‘So you tried to turn rude with your answers?’
‘Yes.’ Said Karthik closing his eyes tightly as if someone has inflicted some injury to him. He held Sarah’s hand tight in his unknowingly.
‘Why are you giving yourself such pain when you are not wrong Karthik?’
‘I don’t know. I just wanted to not to involve my family in this hell. That’s why….’ stopped Karthik unable to speak any further.
But Sarah is not going to stop there today. He needs to speak his heart out. He stocked up those emotions for very long.
All the Vincent’s, Khurana’s were standing on the other end of the lawn listening to the conversation. Everyone had tears in their eyes when Karthik said that he didn’t want to give his family any further pain.
Why should he bear the pain all alone? Sam was going to make her way to Karthik but was stopped by Rivannah who just got there after Dia called her.
‘And I am unable to concentrate on my work either.’ Continued Karthik oblivious of the people who were watching him and listening to the conversation. ‘All I can see is doubt hanging on their faces. May be, just maybe that’s my imagination. But I can’t help it. I was unable to look straight into their eyes and give them orders like before. What should I do now? As you stated, even though I am not wrong, I bore insults on my character Sarah. Character and work are my main priorities besides my family. When my character is stained, what do you expect? Stand up and do jungle dance?’ said Karthik finally coming back to his older self after speaking to Sarah.
Sarah let out a small laugh at his joke but became stern faced again.
‘But Karthik, you need to speak to your family about this.’
‘I can’t.’
‘You should.’ Said Sarah sternly this time.
‘Don’t order me Sarah.’
‘Or else?’
‘I’ll kiss you.’
‘You heard me right.’
‘Idiot!! Here I’m trying to help you out from the problem and you were thinking about kissing me?’
‘Why not?’
‘You cannot.’
‘Why? Don’t you think I am your standards?’
‘When did I say that?’
‘So you don’t mind kissing me?’
‘What the hell is wrong with you Karthik?’
‘There is nothing wrong with me Sarah. I am just trying to make a point. No girl in her right state of mind will marry me. And that includes you.’
Sarah had enough of his ramblings now. What does he think of himself? He will say that he will kiss her and she will accept. Ah!! That is another matter; she wants to kiss him right now. That bl**dy idiot thinks he is not her standards. She will show his standards now. To hell with his sorrow. He will be hers now. She fell for him when she first saw him in jail. Not a romantic set up, okay, she knows that too. He looked hot in his dishevelled hair and slight beard yaar. But the only setback is his eyes that lost their twinkle because of the case. She pushed herself to get all the details. She takes every case in the same serious manner. But this case involved her heart. So she made sure her heart doesn’t break during this whole ordeal.
Now he is talking nonsense about any girl not taking him as her husband. In the name of Lucifer, he will now know to whom his heart belongs, he will definitely do. So she did the only thing she is thinking to do from a very long time. She grabbed him by his collar and kissed him hard on his lips. Karthik was shocked, flabbergasted and was feeling many emotions at the same time but not fear.
The elders who were witnesses of this wild kiss shut their eyes but the youngsters were nowhere shy to watch their brother and Sarah kissing. They are enjoying the kiss watching where on the other side Karthik and Sarah were enjoying kissing.
After releasing him from the kiss, Sarah asked him to say something. Instead of saying anything, he bent his head for another kiss but was destroyed by over-excited Dia.
‘Now stop it both of you. Get a room and continue your kissing.’
Goutham dragged her to him, but the girl is not in a position to listen to his words.
‘Jaan, you will not allow me to kiss you in public. Why are you spoiling other’s fun yaar?’
‘Shut up Goutham.’
‘With pleasure.’ Said Goutham and bent his head all the while looking at her lips.
Dia who got his intention freed herself from his hold and ran inside.
‘Now you both can continue what you are doing. We are leaving.’ Said Monica and ran after Dia followed by Aham and Goutham who were laughing their heart out because of Dia’s expressions.
‘Good job bhai.’ Said Aham.
‘As always.’ Said Goutham with a wink.
Karthik and Sarah looked at each other and burst out laughing. God!! That kiss turned out to be bliss that day.
Finally made it to the end of the shot… I can’t believe my eyes that I am writing eighth shot in this series. When I started writing the first shot, I thought that will be my first and last shot… Hehe, seems my thoughts were wrong about this series…
Anyways, coming back, there is more for Sarah, Karthik; Aham, Monica and Dia, Goutham… I think Shravan’s story will take time… Bachha hai bechara…
Happy Pongal to all of you… I just can’t wait to eat all the sweets… How many of you are excited like me???

@Jessie: Sister, you asked me a question on the previous shot of THWH series, about Human Rights commission granting mercy to the people who wronged many other people… Here is the answer for that- Right to life is the most important fundamental right in our constitution. So no one is allowed to take another person’s life on any ground. In India, the punishment of hanging till death is implemented only for 7 times or so (I don’t remember the number properly). So based on this fundamental right, Human Rights commission forms their opinions and try to save the people from the death penalty. [I thought to say this to you from very long, but I’m forgetting it everything, so sorry for being such a forgetful sister.]

Do let me know your takes on this shot… It’s been a long time, so if you forgot anything, feel free to ask me… I’ll try my best to answer the questions…
Next update will be obviously Misconceptions… That may be on Wednesday, I guess… Till then, keep your comments coming in on this shot…
Love you all and have a great holiday ahead…

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